Minecraft: Death Swap W/ Thinknoodles! Game 7 - Witch Hut

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Madelynn Wingate: 2015? Graser's voice is so weird!

Gare Bear: if you get a lava bucket without right-clicking there is a glitch where you will have infinite lava :)

Streetballer _22: ,,

Killjoy Pilot Falling Out to a Disco!: I refuse to watch graser his friends swear I would get in trouble if I did watch him...

Sumira: u moissed so much iron


Leah Mountford: Graser u escaped it by swimming up the water

Callie Eason: I miss this :'( +Graser10 

Pancake Bufalo: No but he found a witch hut

DarkVampMagic: why did you name it witch hut its not about the witch hut

Veinaru71: Make a room where ur surrounded on all sides of u then jump and pour lava on top as far as u can. the moment u do put a block 2 stop the lava from getting in. if u do it where the bottom of the room is empty like tehre is space for a fall. The lava will be all over the room and it will be engulfed. on top the sides and if he digs down lava. Could not be possible because swap time but if u can do it just right it may instant win.

Jayson Brenia: Not swich presher plate

Jayson Brenia: And red stone torchs
I mean

Jayson Brenia: Use a piston red sone and red stone and a swich to smoosh echuther

Laurens Scheers: Just go 2 blocks up and crouch on the edge of that block, so that he will fall into the lava and cant get out!

Kayla Wright: what you should do is mine some obsidion then put lava above but place a sand block on top of you then a sign before placing the lava so he cant get out if you know what i mean                             lol

Heather Yaughn: lol he complety noticed:)

Isabella Boza: what you should do is put a block in the middle of the lava so he can't get out with out going into the lava

Fernando Mallari: Happy Halloween bwahahaha

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Minecraft: Death Swap w/ Thinknoodles! Game 7 - Witch Hut 5 out of 5

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Minecraft: Death Swap w/ Thinknoodles! Game 7 - Witch Hut