How To Wash Your Sewin!

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Beza Degefa: thank you, very helpful doll! :)

Blair DF: i have bought a really beautiful hair in this store,and i think you can have a try

amo garcia: Yes you can wash your braids well. There are ways. Just go to the hair salon, and give your scalp treatment at home. The hair dryer dries the braids very well. there's no point in just washing the weave and having crunchy smelly braids.

Keisha Yuille: your eyebrows tho😍😍

latrice holloway: I like this video 💋 this helped a lot and our hair textures are a little similar so I would invest in those products you used in the video. 😘

Alaya Payne: your so dope you definitely help me with ad hair styles and dyes i love your channel

Tiara Chandler: I looked all over for tutorials on how to restore my hair & idk why I didn't come to your page first. You always have the best regiments

bri hall: very helpful .. i love your videos 

Tribe Dynasty: If i was to keep my sew in for 4-6 weeks how often should i wash it.... and will washing the hair make the entire sew in last longer..... if that makes sense? Lol help

Ashley Seales-Floyd: did you rinse your hair??

PressCtrlG: This is incredibly helpful. Thanks!

595nadia: You don't rinse your hair at all

dedelaflare: ihave a diffuser never knew icould use it like tht lbs!

Tunisia Belle: See, I am going on a cruise,and Ik salt water is really harsh on curly hair...  I will want to wash my braids/net but I dont want a moldy smell. I cant sit under a drier unless I goto the Salon in there. But God knows how much that would cost! Could I simply blow dry it?

Acquired Taste: What do you do when you weave gets itchy? @ivy Powell

Rhamyell Thompson: Did you leave the conditioner in ?

Jordyn Driggins: She has the absolute best tutorials and her hair always always always be on point

Janice Siffort: How did the hair feel afterwards oily?

goldenspark4life: I have a weave with a net underneath and I just wash the whole thing like normal. I don't believe in having dirty hair, it drives me crazy. I wash my hair once a week and everything is fine and it smells great :D Im just saying what I do though. 

Troi Busano: I wanted to know if you still felt the same way? I always use nets with my sew ins but i hate when my hair starts to stink

How to Wash Your Sewin! ♥ 5 out of 5

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How to Wash Your Sewin! ♥
How to Wash Your Sewin! ♥
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How to Wash Your Sewin! ♥