Mossberg 930 SPX

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JEFFKILLS1: Can't wait for mine to get here! Ordered it yesterday!!

Jailson Rg: essa calibre 12 e muito boa fácil de atirar não precisa fazer manejo acada disparo

Freddie Slaughter: Where did you find your Mossberg 930 SPX without a pistol grip?

Matthew Fant: Absolutely awesome shotgun! Great shooting too. You and the wife!

usmc2076: that's an interesting way to go fishing

roger kern: Got to be the most unsafe shooting I've seen in a while, from the hip poor stance?! Really wow and let's top it off by shooting in water everyone knows how stupid that is.

bigbadnewman: Very unsporting way to fish! :)

Vic Cudiamat: good for zombie outbreak

jjohnston94: Jesus H.! What are you shooting at 3:24? ........ I love the sequence from 3:30 to 3:47. You're pretty good with that thing.

Larry Walden: Wow that wasn't your video I was referring to and it posted to yours. You gave a good review. There was a video I watched after yours a guy was shooting right at his truck. I haven't a clue as to why it posted to your review. You gave a good one. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. I'll delete the comment. 

SDandRnRoll: This is next and last in my 5 gun arsenal. No pistol grip for me either in a shotgun. Last one was an NAA Pug check those out if you havn't. Nice review.

Beansand Franks: This thing just shoots out bad ass rock music!

Beansand Franks: So this is where catfish bites (appetizers) come from?

Tom Petty: Damn this guy is having fun...great video.

wildmanjeff42: Thanks for the video, I am not much of a shotgunner myself, I have an 870 express, but I am selling it and buying this shotgun, I am more of an auto guy.

GKAtascosa: A buddy came over to shoot some high brass slugs in his 930 SPX  at my shooting range. His has the pistol's a shotgun..his choice, so be it. 3" long brass cycled fine..bird shot, a few FTE FTF....I asked him, when was the last time you cleaned it? He thought too long. We field stripped it and his gas tube cylinder piston was caked with carbon. A little steel wool cleaning and Hornady, or whatever your choice, dry lube and it ate bird shot loads like a champ. The gun was broken in, he just didn't follow the cleaning regimen.

GKAtascosa: I always clean a new gun. AR, shotgun..don't matter. Nice Video

MaxFit 68: That 50 gallon drum is now A 5 gallon bucket!

henry holliday: I would like to see someone shoot shoot kent fasteel bb size birdshot out of the mossberg 930

Mossberg 930 SPX 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 930 SPX