Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H Calling Firmware Installation - JB 4.2.2

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Ciber Tomas: gracias por el aporte,,, de mas de 50 videos el q funciono realmente y revivio la tablet fue este gran video
claro sencillo y funcional
muchas gracias

Ifish JGJA: First my lenovo bootloop.. I follow this tutorial..and now..work again BUT imei is invalid..i dont have imei. And lenovo a3000 is dual sim, but in box, only 1 imei, what should i do, i try repair method but after reset Imei is invalid again, how to make permanent

Anime Stuff And Everything Else: at 1:19
there is no mt65xx preloader
it is showing unknown device
what to do?

Fats A.Maboud: Hi i followed a solution which said that i need to use (format and download) whic helped me proceed , however after everything was completed the tablet refuse to turn on :( ,,, any suggestions ?

Ahmed ghonaim: my lenovo tablet always restart and i cant connect it to my pc
and i have message on the screen "tool id image fail!"
so, what can i do :(
i cant flash any more

islam shark: I can`t install it it stops at 39% and doesn`t continue please reply

Wled Wael: لو سمجت عاوز الفلاشه

Mohammad Syazwan Hakimi Syazwan: kene buang bateri x?? kat device manager x naik la ,,camne ek

vicky gupta: thank u brother... your video really helped me. I tried this to my non- calling tablet Lenovo S5000-H... all process were same but I have to search for calling feature firmware ( S5000_A422_004_082_140402_CN_3G )

medo Elwan: ربنا يجازيك كل الخير

Daniel Luque: hola,me sirve la rom par una lenovo A-3000-F. gracias

Βασίλης Πάλλης: Your directions are wrong. You have to mention that the tablet must be turned off and without turning it on push VOLUME+, keep it pressed and then connect the tablet to PC. Otherwise, all people are assuming that they have to boot the device normally.

Maureen Ndeda: Kindly assist me Azam. My tab is configured in Chinese I want to change the firmware to use English.
Thank you

Aufa Yudhistira: when i hit "download" it don't want to move
can u help me?

Juan David Sanchez: NO SIRVE PARA NADA

Anup Khadka: i had done everything and when the tablet starts it shows the language choose option when i press on us it says timeout failed.. what should i do? i had repeated the process for 10 times. but the problem still remains

Amir Nagah: When I upload the "Scatter" file , the "CAF" doesn't any location so it's unchecked..also when i click " Download" a message appears says,,,,," Not all the Images are correct...." would that damage the new update ?

Драгия Табаков: when i click download it is searching and nothing is happening

Victory Naikaku: Hi azam, i need help please my idea pad A3300-H does not show MT65xx Preloader when i conect it, what do i do or please help with team viewer

archlab007: hI. After I get to (at 1 minute 37secs on the video) the point where the window labelled "Update Driver Software  MT65xx Preloader", I am supposed to 'Browse' for the Driver location.  PROBLEM:  I have no Idea where it is.  Where should I tell the computer to look (is there a way that the computer can just look for itself?)?  I'm stuck at this Driver Update phase.  Your help is appreciated.

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Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H Calling Firmware Installation - JB 4.2.2 5 out of 5

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Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H Calling Firmware Installation - JB 4.2.2