Internet Explorer 10 VS Google Chrome

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NightFury: I changed to IE after Chrome started crashing very frequently ..I Couldn't handle any more of it .. Internet Explorer is doing quite well , I dunno why they make so much fun of it on the interwebs

cheatcodek: no way this is the real results.on my desktop IE makes it about 11mbps and the extensions are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid so half the screen is covered by it.

owen75: I use both, chrome is fast on my desktop and IE10 is fast on my laptop

EDGARDO GUTIERREZ: my brother you are so full of it that is pathetic

Vikrant Patankar: See the detailed comparison!

Top10s And Tips: idk about you guys but Google Chome is faster than Internet Explorer on my computer,I just got rid of all the extensions and conduit search engine and BOOM instant load!

yahbadz.varok: do you use the latest internet explorer 10? use the tracking protection even w/out adblock it automatically remove the ads from the site ^_^ try it

EVEN' SiXX: Google 4 EVER! :D

The Medic: Latest chrome Win7 64. Total: 147.6ms +/- 2.2%

Oğuzhan Kurtcu: close the lags in internet explorer

sonic2277: You brought those toolbars on IE, definitely fake.

TheSayd007: IE10 is great

RedCobraTM: HAHAHHAHAAH I have 95 in upload speed!

jordan baines: ie 10 is crap why do you like it

Skyline124Hd: Thanks. Internet explorer was the best around the 90's then everyone uses it that's why it got slow. Maybe Internet explorer is better than Google chrome but maybe when there is so much people using internet explorer it might be that fast anymore. Just saying

Rich Gilbertson: You absolutely forgot that IE 10 is BUILT INTO THE OS yet barely beats Chrome. So even with all the advantages the IE 10 gets is barely pull out on top. If you did the same thing with Chrome it would rip IE 10 a new one. Also I never get a dead mouse on a web page that I get on IE 10. In IE 10 I always get spots on the web page that refuse to work by clicking for some time, and this never happens in Chrome. Explain this?

Avery Whann: ha get IE 10 little hater google chrome just isn't good enough

FluffeyMuffey: Im really satisfied with I.E I think its the best :)

Elliot Sawyer: You don't seem like you understand how the internet works.

Michael Capoccia: The chrome version I have is 26.0.1410.64 m.

TOMMY95215: It basically determines internet lag. The higher it is, the worse.

yahbadz.varok: dont tweak too much , maybe its affecting the performance of IE 10

Elliot Sawyer: Yeah, that's not how it works. Lots of people using IE doesn't make it slow.

Derp Man: What does Ping mean? :DD

Rich Gilbertson: It comes down to drivers really. Windows 8 sucks at allowing some drivers and the Windows 8 included drivers only work for a select few models. An example is some HP and AMD models of computers just run like crap using the Windows 8 drivers. The issue is Windows 8 was not ready for release and is still not ready for anything but a few types of computers. This is proven by the 4 computers at my home. Only 1 of my 4 computer runs Windows 8 better then Windows 7.

Leith Alwan: Look at all the bookmarks on chrome, you should make it more fair.

Daniel Benicio: pensei que o vídeo fosse em portugues

Midstr8: I'm sticking with firefox

Boncey Pineappel: Chrome wins in every test when I did it...

DanielAFGamer: I got AMD A8, 8 GB Ram, Maybe not, what about you're internet connection. It's like medium bad.

norbit936: How did you get your tools bar to go across the screen on IE10?

Jed Jedi: lol, you should repeat that speedtest at least few times so that a rational and reasonable decision can be made about which browser is the quickest. Also, remove those crap toolbars, plugins and extensions from both of them, they interact with the loaded page in a manner that could influence results.

Juan Paolo Gillera: what version of windows 7 is that?

wilson0213: What a stupid video, I use Internet Explorer and it's perfectly fine..also, happy 2012 everyone!

Dimitrie Pîrghie: Google Search time doens't have any relation with browser functionality because that time is the time of query google database form results !

Skyline124Hd: Ughh yes what's with the go home grand pa? not insulting? think before you click. Every person has been on a path full of pain and misery and a simple word like that can hurt a person or even kill cause you don't know what they have been through. I insult? i'm saying my opinion and you just came in saying haha go home grand pa. So i'm the scum of humanity? no we are. We are like a cancer because of the technology we made. Tell me why are you like serious of this and finds a fight I did not start

John Rebolledo: at leasr for me (Windows 8 64 bit) Firefox: 201.3 ms +/- 3.1 %, jejeje not so bad i think

SamJigga: avast does the best job cleaning your computer for free with the home edition (no crack needed). Then you can enjoy the speed Internet Explorer offers to the rest of us.

MrEagleGamer: I have 4 up and 0.51 down on speedtest

Rich Gilbertson: IE 10 is set at Software Rendering not GPU (Default). I have a Intel 2.93Ghz Quad Xeon CPU with 6 Gig of DDR3 RAM and 4 1Tb drives. I am using a 4870ATI video card, so for doing JUST internet this is more then a little disappointing performance. Also on my system Windows 8 is slower then Windows 7. Windows 8 drivers suck at best, if using them I get no sound or video. Windows 8 only good on a brand new computer. IE 10 sucks less then it used to.

sibtain ali: the version doesn't have anything to do with the pc being crap. the video is 6 months old and google releases a new version quite often

residentevil4legend: I did a test for myself and i guess Google chrome won for me it took 7 seconds for internet Explore to load up Youtube and just about 2 seconds for Google Chrome.

stickaidan: That's the thing.... almost all of the programs you download are gonna have a toolbar that's auto installed. IE automatically accepts these changes (depending on your settings). chrome ALWAYS asks you whether you want them changed, and whether you want a certain extension installed. The people at Google can be a pickle some times (the new you tube layout for example). But they have made essentially the best browser to date, and from what i can see, a very long time.

eggnose123: Whatever, I don't care if IE is a tad bit faster, chrome is easier to use, smooth tabs, no retarded space-hogging toolbars and even has an App Store.

lightrow: The only obvious troll here is the one i'm responding to. IE10 takes less then a second to start on my computer. Chrome, Firefox and Opera actually take more time. What important features are missing in IE10? Custom app store? What for? Resources? Actually IE10 has the best memory management of all browsers ever existed. Its fast, smooth, clean looking, you don't even notice it.

Marcus Demers: You guys must be mentally challenged not being able to navigate IE, I can navigate through it just fine.

jkbobful: you should do a chrome vs firefox or a firefox vs explorer next

DrakeNinja: if you got rid of the extensions and toolbars on IE10 it would be faster and better

Федя Лебедев: lol! in google chrome i have 120ms total & 240ms in IE10

Elliot Sawyer: Explain what you mean.

Internet Explorer 10 VS Google Chrome 4.1 out of 5

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Internet Explorer 10 VS Google Chrome