Baja Doodle Bug Minibike 97cc

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Nhan Le: what type pf fuel does it use

Mason Haugsness: how fast does it go

Ben Mccarville: what was the shaft lenght one the motor that is on the bike in this video

Rodney Altman: hello i need some help with my doodle bug mini bike its not picking up speed but it starts up what can i do to fix that

paisteboy: no

Lucas Hart: Did u sell it?

paisteboy: A new clutch is around 50 bucks.

sarter11: i have one just like this but its black, the clutch on it is lose and some times the chain will get on the spacer, how much do you think a new one would be?

paisteboy: With the stock motor it won't be very fast with a guy your size. Perhaps get a 6.5 HP motor from Harbor Freight, then it will move quite well. See my Doodle Beast video series that show how to change the motor.

chico rabbani: I just got one for free I'm about to clean the carb and get it going again, would it push me a decent amount? I'm about 205 pounds? What Dip you think based offf of your weight just wondering

paisteboy: Check out my Doodle Beast engine swap videos. The little bike was pretty fast after that. Not as fast as an 80cc 2 stroke dirt bike, but not bad.

Georgie Davis: Blew it away

Georgie Davis: Not really 97cc my old 80cc dirt bike bl

paisteboy: If it's not in one of my videos then no. I swapped out that motor. Check my Doodle Beast motor change video series. It may be in there somewhere.

Conner Butler: is the doodle bug cheap like the motovox mbx10

Joseph Zamora: Mine leaks to

James Stennett: push the engin back as far as it will go tighten it and the cut the chain to sit that spot and that will fix your problem

James Stennett: i got mine 30 bucks off my friend just had to put the motor back on and get a gas tank easy fix i ride it every where

jaden Quigley: yeah there was they would leak and catch on fire and burn people

Tater Tot: i think the seal is not made real good

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Baja Doodle bug Minibike 97cc 5 out of 5

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MINIBIKE/ Baja 97cc/ REVIEW!!!!
MINIBIKE/ Baja 97cc/ REVIEW!!!!
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Baja DoodleBug Review + Test Drive
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Baja Doodle Bug Mini Bike 97cc
Baja Doodle Bug Mini Bike 97cc
Baja Doodle Bug Mini Bike Review
Baja Doodle Bug Mini Bike Review

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Baja Doodle bug Minibike 97cc