Last Chance Survival Rifle Prototype

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stormcloud34992: Great concept need to tweak a few things tho, 1. Since it is semi auto engineer the front stock with 1-2 cavities that hold spare mags for quick reloads. 2. Adopt a stock design similar to the H&R survival rifle that has a hollow buttstock chamber for ammo or gear. 3. The ferro rod in the pistol grip is great addition should have a striker included or otherwise built in. 4. Consider a red or green light mounted on the front under the barrel for low light read nite time hunting in surv. Situations. Stormcloud out

Pat Bajorek: Sweet ...well thought out.

kenneth worde: Get a short barrel, ruger 10-22 comes to mind, add back up sites,also co-witness, Chance for a lazer, use smaller scope with q-release. Saw a way increase accurate you can get 22cal sizer its a caliper (Midway &Natchez) You can sort 1-6. 22 varies alot, more in winter, extend forearm for storage, box of 55rds of 22? also more area on stock, look up what other have done there  

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Lyef123: built in iron sights , and over under whit a 410 single shot would be perfect , shut gun is excellent solution .

Paul Whitehead: To PrepareToPaddle any more information on the last chance survival rifle have not found any more about it on the web

assassinblackop: You should wrap 550 paracord around the stock.Orange would be best for signaling and makes you stand out during hunting season.

R CR: AWESOME! How do we get one? and how much?

Steven S.: Excellent Job! Now how do you get one?

kybushcraft25: where can i buy one and how much.

svriderpokey: I like the it. I have a couple of ideas for you. If you're having the barrel custom made anyway, how about having a cantilever scope rail with a built in flip up aperature sight, and an integral tritium front sight. A single point sling mount (1 on each side?) would be a great addition imo. A threaded barrel would be nice on a survival rifle. Lastly, I'd add that if you modeled the pistol grip after an existing popular design with removable grips, the user could opt for a Crimson trace laser.

Sand Stone: Just stay with a stock 10/22...all those mods look cheesy. I doubt Ruger is impressed.

SSGTWinters: agreed AR-7 is just everything you need if the us army and airforce still uses the thing its used for a good reason and should be picked up when one has a chance.

matang lawin: how can i buy one off that survival rifle are they going to send here in philippines and what paper work i need to ??? and how much money to pay including shifting ???

A Johnson: Looks like a cool idea, but my AR-7 Henry US Survival Rifle works great and is inexpensive and light. Super easy to field clean too. Cool looking .22 though.

yauguru: Wouldn't it be better to leave the factory barrel on? comes with sights but... is it lighter?

ai Humlae der: The naked steelwool will rust, perhaps have that in a plastics bag.

D Toe: agreed, the ruger takedown is pretty sweet

mathew1929: BEST IDEA YET!!! A few things though. If you're going to use the hollow tude for ammo you might want to put something in there so it cant rattle around when you're walking or moving. I'd would also put a rail more in the middle of the barrel to put like a light weight angeled grip. Other than that, the rifle is awesome!

rionmoonandroid: ABSOLUTELY!

Last Chance Survival Rifle Prototype 5 out of 5

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Low cost ideas and DIY projects for getting your kids involved in archery.
Low cost ideas and DIY projects for getting your kids involved in archery.
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Last Chance Survival Rifle Prototype