Testing K&W FiberLock Part 1

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Walter Jeudevine: That crap does not work at all if u have a blown head gasket just change it out.. that crap will clogged up ur engine

jeffrey baxley: The bad apples that had the composite intake gaskets v-6 and the vortec 8 gm had to blame the antifreeze dex-cool as cause of failure yes use distilled water but in reality it was design failure of gaskets and the intake bolts over-stretched beyond spec they escaped a big ass recall passing the blame to the second guy

John Jones: It stopped my complete radiator up.......... I wouldn't recommend it.....

Rich Nostro: Because of your videos Stan, I purchased a bottle and my only complaint is that the instructions are very small print. The product however...used properly and precisely is amazing! 2.5 Altima motor running hot, slight milky substance in oil, no heater working, no misfire, no smoking. I took a chance and after babysitting, test driving and monitoring, the car is operating at normal temp, heater slowly started to work, and so far so good. I poured mine in the radiator hose, little less than 1/2 of bottle, oil actually looked better each time I rechecked it and looks like I may drive it more tomorrow then do an oil change at end of the day. I also pulled out all the sparkplugs first, blew out the cylinders and replaced new ones before the procedure. Thumbs up!👍..worked for me

hugh3rdof5: Hi Stan -- impressed by your 3 postings of your test on this Venture, plus your many patient multiple updates. (including the report the fix lasted longer, nearly two years (!) than the van, before it's demise in an accident) I'm dealing with mystery coolant leaks on a Montana (identical poorly designed cooling system as the Venture -- as you note, with the awful thermostat location). Am especially curious by your pouring product into the radiator hose -- just after the thermostat housing, and while the engine is off ! (impressed too that K&W apparently liked your videos -- even though you didn't follow their instructions :-) ) Did your vehicle (via the new owners) ever encounter problems with clogging of thermostat, radiator, water pump, heater, etc.? (Hope not -- yet would appreciate your candor on that, esp. given your initial pouring of full strength product right at the thermostat....)
In any case, your fill approach appears to be a potential solution to a problem where my vehicle is "pushing" out fluid/gas via the radiator neck - soon after start-up..... (rendering loading of the K&W at the radiator cap, while engine is running, quite problematic) PS, I've changed water pump, thermostat, coolant temp sensor, etc, etc..... burped and burped it using all the "tricks" I could find. (including steep inclines, "spill proof" funnels, etc) I've been really hoping it wasn't a head-gasket... in part as I dreaded trying this product again. Last time (on a Lumina) -- it "worked" -- apparently fixed the head gasket leak great -- and yet all sorts of clogging elsewhere. Maybe I used too much.

Jovaun Spirles: It says use only a half of bottle u fool😄

lightotw: My Tip: Don't forget to burp the cooling system if you have drained it. Air pockets in the cooling system can lead to sudden overheating once you're on the road. Search Youtube for articles on burping the cooling system. I suspect many people blaming the sealer blocking their thermostat are actually dealing with air pockets. For my vehicle, the overheating would not happen while idling in the drive way. Four heat up/cool down/top up cycles later, the air is removed and temperature stays steady on the road.

Look up He's Coming: my boyfriend used fiberlock on his BMW and it stopped the leak no more white smoke and the car still running his bottle was also opened there was no seal

Quy Mai: hi if water in the engine how i have to do please?

lamar quick: you dummy your suppose to disconnect the hose from the radiator and pour it into the motor block.you done it ass backwards..

Francisco Andrade: it got stuck in my damn radiator.

gregory t. ferguson: Lol! Blow this! Ha ha 💣

D.Porcell420: it works used it on my 00 impala. before it was smoking engine shacking leaking head. poured it in little by little. in hour was no smoke no shake. car runs good

Pete C: I just tried it. I didn’t drain the system, because it didn’t say to. I had enough room left in the radiator to pour in the 1/3 bottle like it said for my radiator. After closing the radiator cap, idling for 10 minutes, it over heated and some of the stuff leaked into the over flow. I wonder what I did wrong. Can I try it again after it cools down or, will I damage the engine?

RICHFO100: i got a 1999 cadillace deville fiberlock works great i took it to the dealer charge me 894.00 i had to buy fiberlock. stop leaking and overheating too. dealer did nothing just charge me. sent me down the road overheating did not care. i love fiberlock.

Jenny Schneider: I bought a bottle of this at OReillys and used it in a 2003 Expedition 5.4 that had a slight miss in ignition and a very slight leak of fluid. Did not work. Carefully added but all it did was clog up the radiator and blew the top off the radiator due to pressure clog. The Intake manifold gasket was the culprit, had to pull it and replace. Problem solved. Don't know how the money back guarantee works, as there is no reference to that on the bottle. Just the statement on front of bottle. No method of going about it...

woosa42: Why is everyone's review adding the whole bottle? It says right in the directions to add only so much compared to your radiator capacity.

DJohn NineOneSix: After I use that product that it doesn't plug the Gasquet leak besides to plug my heater core the amount of sealer that went inside my cylinders helped damaging my valves due to lost seal..
Particles of the sealer get trap between the valve and the valve seat reducing the contact and allowing the compression to escape and wear the valves... I ended up doing the head gasket replacement and now head gasket and cylinder head...
Not recommend this product..

00whynot: stuff did not work for me. I have a 97 sunfire that has a blown head gasket, keeps pushing the coolant out as it runs.

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Testing K&W FiberLock Part 1 5 out of 5

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Testing K&W FiberLock Part 1
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Testing K&W FiberLock Part 1