9mm Subsonic Ammo Comparison

What do you think about this video?

Jaren Cascino: You can’t really tell any difference on a YouTube video but cool video regardless.

TMHonfire102: Where to buy them OJ Simpson gloves?

kookie4nookie: Where do you live where you can just shoot in your backyard? That's pretty badass

btube325: could you put something like this together for the 40 cal. I know tulammo is loaded pretty soft. also wondering if any 180 hp loads are still subsonic out of my sub2000.

Username47948: neighbors must be super chill

George Foley: "This stuff sucks". lol

Tom Rolfson: I gave you a thumbs-up, it's a fair comparison... but we knew the Fiocchi was better. Thanks for doing the video. I have one question, do you always lean so far forward when shooting? As an instructor I'd suggest standing more upright (to a comfortable balance of course), but as someone who's had multiple back surgeries it almost hurt to watch you bending like that. I'm not slamming the video, not even judging your shooting... if that works for you, just an observation that MAY help you...

I'm curious to ask where you live (I just mean as in city, not address to come rip you off!) because it looks too urban to get away with shooting...even surpressed.. in your back yard.

P.S. At 3:32 your buddy fanned you with barrel nice, he had perfect aim to take your junk off.

Jonathan Ross: Stupidest thing I have ever seen anyone do with a firearm on YouTube.

Do you realize that you have uploaded a video of you committing a felony?

You must be a special kind of stupid

Mike Sweers: REALLY???? Shooting firearms within 450 feet of a dwelling is extremely stupid and highly illegal.

This has to be the worse firearm review channel on YouTube.

Better hope the ATF doesn't see this video

Keith Smith: Are you guys really shooting firearms in your backyard in a residential area?

The law in the United States of America says that shooting a firearm within 450 feet/ 150 yards of an residential area is a felony.

If you are some sort of firearm expert who has went thru the process of getting a suppressor. You would think you would know the law on Firearms.

If you guys don't live in the USA. Then I guess you might be legal. But.... it is highly irresponsible as a firearm owner to be shooting in a residential area. I know you are shooting into a sand pile. But. You have no idea if there are kids in that wooded area beyond where you was shooting.

My guess is. You know that you are doing something illegal. That's why you have a privacy fence & suppressor to hide from your neighbors the felony that you're committing. But. YouTube videos can be used in a court of law as evidence.

Yes I know these laws because I work in law enforcement. I highly recommend taking this video down before the ATF is aware of it.

Rod Gowdy: LOL, what's up with all the negative comments! Too many keyboard warriors. :)

Joe Dirt: How about a new video on 9mm subsonic load offerings ???

Armqus: Hitman

Legendary Outdoor Adventures: I think you should look up the difference between suppressed/ silenced vs subsonic. Very misleading

Matthew Knobel: I am wondering how he is able to legally able to shoot that close to a house.

Georgia GoldenGloves: After studying all your reviews. I'm hoping my $1'200 purchase on my Sig P226 TacOps Threaded Barrel was the smartest one. I'm going to buy a Ti-Rant 9.

JC Crabtree: Just bought some 158 grain for my edc!Thanks guys

Alex Xeon: Have you tried the ppu 158 grain?

Hugh Jorgan: 02:47 "WOW, that was pretty apparent".

Gonna have to take your word for it, mate.

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9mm subsonic ammo comparison 5 out of 5

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9mm subsonic ammo comparison