Deadpool Game - All Character Bios

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Mason Cruz: Is that a baby Cable at 3:21?

Angelobo X: song bios ?

The Warrior: Cable's bio wins out of all of them

Fabiana Nascimento: Sorry gais

Fabiana Nascimento: música cable cool

yoboi-julian03 #FutureNFLStar: who the freak is that

Cole Watts: The guy doing the narration for the deadpool bio sounds like terroriser

Carmella Matthews: Sonic boom

Gerónimo Ranz: Psylocke 's song name?

TheComicCrafter: I love that they used actual pages from the comics in these bios. This makes me want to see a "Deadpool Explains the Marvel Universe" series of some sort.

Nano's Side Wallet: 0:21 who is that sexy Mercenary in the Beginning

shyguy778: I'm AMAZED that they didn't make a Deadpool game for the movie. All they needed was a few half decent writers and they would've had the most awesome game on earth.

This is one of the few franchises when nobody gives a carp about the gameplay as long as the game has an ELITE script, 1080p graphics, and guy can teleport and swear. And this script part ain't even so hard. I mean look at this game, didn't exactly set the bar very high lol

The one time they could make a decent game for a movie tie in, and they pass. I don't get these people.

S.E.S PunK: It's freaking Cable

gd01skorpius: I love the music for Psylocke's and Rogues's bios, but the only song listed in the credits is "Crazy". I guess they could have been original compositions for the game, but they sound too awesome not to be full songs!

Nick C: Narrator: "Today the 'Merc with a mouth' travels the globe in search of fortune and chimichangas!"

Me: You forgot women

Tuna Sub: WHO THE freak IS THAT

Zeinab Elmahdi: Guys i want to tell you something deadpool is this awsome kick ass psyc... Deadpool:who the freak is that he is a man out of time who the freak is that he likes to fight crime who the freak is that he hang out with the pool. But he ain't a fool

Andrew Shuboy: It's a little disappointing that they didn't give bios for Arclight, Vertigo and Blockbuster.

Danish Farrell: Opening a safe....
Deadpool vs Payday 2
PD2:"use the Thermal drill"
Takes ages (and a couple of gunshot wound)
"No more than 20 ounces"
"I hate the metric system,how much in American???"
"Lets see,you take the seven....*mumbles"
"Dude freak math,lets just use all of it"
Insta-open (no wound included)

Monkey Invader: he is wearing his x-men costume

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Deadpool Game - All Character Bios 5 out of 5

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Deadpool Game - All Character Bios