Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review

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Troll Master Gaming: Is it spring action

toneknob: I am loving my buck mark URX!
crosman pointed hunting pellets and gamo lead round ball are my favourite projectiles to shoot in this pistol.
the lead round ball fits perfectly thanks to the design of the breach.

Prevost Damien: what is the maximun distance we can shoot with this pistol ?

Aaron Ross: Is there some kind of rail adapter/connection so that you could mount a light or laser under the barrel?

Paul Mason: I would be a little skeptical over your results because its a gun they sent you and for sure it was hand picked.

Jonathan degli Orsi: The worst umarex product ever

Rylee Rogers: I like this pistol alot can u do a review on the umarexdx17 I am thinking of getting one so I don't have to use all of my com and blowback pistols and Dave on co2

Chromosomes O' plenty: Is this gun co2 powered?

Justin H: I heard you mention that you didn't wanna dry fire the gun. Does dry firing damage this gun or similar ones?

Amélie Renoncule: Although we own 7 other air pistols (& 5 rifles) this device continues to be my times of leisurely plinking.  I love to, often, place ze pellets in the barrel, 'backwards'...skirt-first. Then they really open the aluminum cans!

homer simpson: Could you kill small pests with this?

Atirador Jon: Hello. It is true that this gun directs the pellets far to the left? I can accurate shots with it at a distance of 15 or 20 meters?

Robert Simons: can you shoot a .177 cal dart from this gun

RandomCanEHdian: Any good non-break-barrel, single-pump pistols that you know of? If there's none, then I'll just pick this up.

kokotiism: Mine shoots too much to the left, I have to move back sight all the way to the right, and it's still not enough. Sad.

Pedropal Hu: Just came back from an airgun competition. I was shooting my Buck Mark @ 10m, open sights. 1st place! ;)

Tony Bert: For frequent use, how do I do the maitenance?

tanner honor: Do you keep the guns that Umarex gives you to review?

Pedropal Hu: I love this gun!

Despite it's low power and fps, this little gun is a miracle! Now I'm training with it for open sight spring air pistol silhouette shooting! It's perfectly accurate at 20 yards (18m)! And I also do plinking for hours just for fun! Best deal ever!

BushcraftBritannia: God I hate UK gun laws. I've fired the carbine version of the buckmark(not the long barrelled pistol). The carbine is perfectly legal in the UK but the pistol version isn't. Apparently because it's easily concealed, though when did criminals ever use legally held .22 pistols? The only people who use legally held weapons are mass shooters and they generally don't bother with concealment. Regardless of that, it's really easy to turn the carbine to a pistol, all you need is a saw and a file.

Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review 5 out of 5

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Q540 23 NB MP 380
Q540 23 NB MP 380

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Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review