2013 TRX-42 Hydro-Static R/C Replaces Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers On Steep Hills

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Tod Wilkinson: So is is easy to control one of these.  Like could you do a perfect S shape within 3-4 inches of a pond.   Can one get perfect at controlling these and can they do it FAST.

Doug Chaney: This may be a dumb question but does it have guards to protect the blades from like big rocks hidden in tall grass/weeds? Or will rocks just destroy the blades? I bought 4 acres of this hillside property and the soil here is LOADED with rocks! They migrate to the top when it rains I suppose...I don't know what to buy to deal with foliage! Between the slopes and the rocks! ?

BushPilot444: If you are going to that much trouble you should make it FPV and put in a camera/camera transmitter for point of view operating from inside an air conditioned building.

NeilLB7: Is that just a modified Gravely ZTR?

Thunderstriker: this is so awesome i need one of these real bad for my hill when is a venture capitalist going to fund you so we can get some mass production and lower the prices!!??

Chris Feeney: Very impressive! Amazing what one man can engineer---not an entire team on engineers

david balash: I see a huge problem.......steep hills means engine will starve of oil when tilted .......Bang !     there goes that engine......

Chris Bennett: You monetized you advertisement video for your product, Marvelous, FYI, I was interested in your products but after watching the Lowe's ad at the beginning of your video, I went to Lowes and purchased a mower there.  

William Worth: UM Unmanned Lawnmower

SolarSavage: How much does that bad boy cost ?????? ill check the link out for the info, but i have to say it's pretty cool 

Wise Student: I've been trying for 20  years to figure out why anybody needs head lights on a riding lawn mower.  I've owned and used about four riding mowers in my time, and not once have I needed or wanted head lights !!!  You cant tell me that the track steering doesn't tare up the grass when turning !!!

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Aaron Hemberger: Gotcha I see now that u have a regular model with tires in the normal position. Do u have any with comercial decks and pumps?

RemoteMowersCom: The tracks are beside the deck to maximize its ability to stick to the side of a steep hill...its purpose. The deck out front (like the TRX-60) makes the front end want to go down hill. The TRX-60 would be close to 7' wide if its tracks were beside the deck making it hard to fit on a standard trailer.

Aaron Hemberger: The deck isnt wide enough to go outside the tracks? Kind of defeats the purpose

FCLC Mankato: I'm a lawn care provider... While this concept is cool, it seems impractical, mostly because the deck is inside the tracks thus leaving a lot of uncut grass around flower beds, trees, etc

Hayden Gregory: How much is a trx -42 with headlights

Hayden Gregory: Dear santa

Kent Keller: Nevermind, I just saw where it said 6v on the charge plug label.

Kent Keller: 5765 model probably? It looked like you were using a 12 volt battery for the electronics. Is there a voltage regulator being used on the radio receiver and servos, which can't handle 12v.

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2013 TRX-42 Hydro-Static R/C Replaces Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers on Steep Hills 5 out of 5

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2013 TRX-42 Hydro-Static R/C Replaces Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers on Steep Hills