PMDG BAe J4100 Start Up Tutorial

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sondengehen: At what time i put the propellers in feathered position?

aceridgey: There are a lot of mistakes, gpu managment for example, avionics turned off for start up, etc. 

Davem151: @klyd971 Your engines get on fire to?

AVI8R: Thanks for this.

edbern007: excellent tutorial..i cant beleive "ellonysman" asked for a slower if he cant just pause in between....these guys are the reasons why Quality Wings and the likes don't create software to the fullest potential because of lazy simmers. They want everything spoonfed ad simplified. A passion for sim sometimes means reading a lil once in a while. This aint Xbox.

Lennyn Caro: @FlightSimCaptain Slow on the Throttles 45% Slow, slow

WH_Twisting: @FlightSimCaptain What you can do is load up the Tutorial that installs into your Saved Flights and then 'Go to Airport' this should then work as you have already got the craft shut-down

FlightSimCaptain: @runway34r I know, if you go into a flight in free flight sometimes thing don't work properly for some reason. I have been looking for a way to fix it with no success.

klyd971: Nice tuto...but mine flames out everytime. I followed yr instructions, feathered or not my torque ratio doesn't rise

FlightSimCaptain: @foxman4455 That is a problem I always have too. It defaults so the plane is in a semi flyable state. As far as i know you have to manually do the shut down procedures; then you can start from scratch.

MrSunlander: I have been waiting for my summer holiday to get on with this compicated, tempermental beast. Thank you for this.

Rick te Kronnie: I got this plane today for FSX, and havent even read a single manual of watch a tutorial, i switch the Manual Start thing to Ignite, and did the same thing as you did in this video. With the little detail that my plane burned to the ground...

FlightSimCaptain: @Keys879 Honestly, just watch/follow the tutorial closely. Or refer to the manuals that come with the product (this plane seems to be pretty finicky).

runway34r: Hey can you help me out here? I tried after seeing the video to start up on the tutorial, and it worked. But when I tried loading a flight and trying it, the starter does not go off and I see small whisps of smoke coming from the engine. Im following your process perfectly. Also, the EGT is only at like 13 C for both engines. whats wrong?

Rajj Patel: try adding the gpu on the ramp manager shift 2 i tihnk

FlightSimCaptain: @edbern007 Thanks! I know, people don't realize that learning to fly (even on a flight simulator) doesn't happen overnight. I have been simming for many years now and am now doing my real pilots license and the circle of learning starts again. PMDG planes are made to be super realistic and for the advanced flight sim pilot, people have to realize this.

DJ FOKX: I like it how fast this plane can start up, but how can you giin a flightplan ?!

Rick te Kronnie: Yeah, after watching some more tutotials and have downloaded the PMDG manuals, I figured out I didn't have the startlocks engaged, starts perfect now. But its not responding very well to controll input with my keyboard. It seems theres a few more glitches going on

runway34r: @FlightSimCaptain Actually, in the time between my post and your reply, i found a solution. Go to the avsim FORUMS, on the searchbar type in J41ColdDark, click on the first topic, then scroll to the bottom. works like a charm!

BurlingameSoftware: @foxman4455 You should be able to select the "Cold and Dark" flight and that will preset the plane in a pre-startup state. It's at a particular airport that PMDG choose, but you can always select "Go to Airport" from the menu to get you where you want to start.

foxman4455: when i start this flight its already starts with avionics on and some other instruments are ready for me.. how do i cancel that?

FlightSimCaptain: @runway34r Very good to know, Thanks.

Rick Jones: Can you remake this video but go a little slower for us newbs? I already had several engine fires trying to fire it up! lol.

FlyAtMan: @runway34r hey man Make sure your props and unfeathered, all deiceing switches are off, both genorators off, both batteries on, and start her up. Theres a good tutorial on pmdg support form under tuboprops

Rick Jones: tooo much for this guy, easy flight mode for this guy! sigh

FlightSimCaptain: @kingboby12345 Good to know. Thanks.

phillekuung: how do you start the plane with everything off?

Casey Fallen: No, it's not glitchy. Your video is flawed. You forgot the step where you "unfeather" propellers. If this is not done, the engines blow. Other than the missed step, great video. Thanks for making it! : ) To find video with the unfeather direction search for the video titled "Jetstream 41 tutorial basic flight part 1 FSX PMDG HD"

FlightSimCaptain: @Davem151 Everyone gets engine fires, I still get them occasionally.

FlightSimCaptain: No, This is FSX.

WH_Twisting: @FlightSimCaptain hey there, as far as i know, this is a slight problem with FSX. you must load any default flight, then once you are loaded, go to the saved flights and load the PMDG Flight

Daveg123us: Thanks for doing this vid,

Keys879: @FlightSimCaptain I have. Ive gone over every inch of the manual and the various videos about. From unlocking the props to refeathering them, starting on cold days, starting on hot days. Thing runs like a dream once you get her started, but dont let the engines shut down to save your life. If they go out, you go out! I cant even get manual start to work properly :( Thanks for the reply though mate!

FlightSimCaptain: Its very finicky, I doubt you could make it works with a single button.

Rick Jones: I cant wait to clean the virus out of my pc and reload this addon with fsx and get ivao or vatsim online and make it real!

FlightSimCaptain: @lucserre Honestly, I have never tried to; Sorry.

FlightSimCaptain: @edbern007 Thanks, I am doing my initial training on a Cessna 172.

edbern007: @edbern007 so true..learning to do this thing like the pros is where the accomplishment really is. Wish you all the best with getting you certification..but what aircraft are you training on though?

ruby2512: was this x-plane

bkcockpits bobby: can you set up the prop lock to a button because its so not working on my setup using external throttle quadrant ? Cant push thottles forwar without burning out engines ? Have tried F2 and all that but it never say levers flight or prop flight or whateve its supposed to say I dont now never got along the run way yet lmao

crx1299: Are you sure you are moving your conditioners to flight mode out of taxi mode? Pushing throttles forward too much in taxi mode will tend to do what you are describing

Davem151: I get a configuration warning ?

foxman4455: @FlightSimCaptain i dont have power for that... too lazy. im starting to learn on the md-11 so i will leave this plane for now.

vFS: @foxman4455 just hold Shift+Ctrl+F1

signmanbob2: Hay FlightSimCaptain, Thanks for the very good tutorial on starting this. I had been away from it for a while and forgot how to start it....dah. Your video helped me greatly. I'm going to watch all of your J41 videos. You should do one on using FS2Crew Voice Command with the J41. Thank you, Bob

FlightSimCaptain: @Daveg123us Your Welcome!

FlightSimCaptain: Thanks! Watch out for more tutorials on the PMDG J41...

Luc Serre: Important Question.... How do you put the start locks back on?? I've tried several times, as the manual says to do it...I can't get it to work. Any luck for you?

Keys879: Maybe you've answered it before, but can you help me figure this out; I can't seem to get it started. GPU connected, fuel pumps on, left starter on- The engine starts up but the starter light never goes out. If i stop it manually the engine stops too. Afterwards EGT is around 60 and you have to wait to cool for another try. Oil pressure gets lost afterwards, too. Any idea what im doing wrong?

FlightSimCaptain: @MrSunlander flying the plane can be complicated to say the least.

PMDG BAe J4100 Start Up Tutorial 4.8 out of 5

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