How To Make And Use A Slip Bobber Rig

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Cuivre: What is the purpose of separating the two weight? Looks like a tangle waiting to happen-sort of like throwing a bolo. Use one weight of the right size and less chance for a tangle.

I never used that type of bobber stop- just the rubber (wet your finger with spit before adjusting them/sliding them to stop from friction burning) and then also embroidery thread type.

abay523阿脾: Dont bit lead directly with mouth, it is poisonous.

Kevin Jubert: Man these dudes kill me with these videos. I've used all of these bobber stoppers and they all work good. I actually like the rope bobber stops the best. They slide through the eyes of your rods alot easier than what he is using. But really its all about preference. Also the cork he is using, you do not need a bead if you use the yarn stopper.

Gene Price: what is point in using a "slip bobber" why not use any other normal bobbers, you can adjust the depth on any bobber

Steve Brock: All of the video looks good ,would like to say I use the rubber bobber stop . It's smaller than a BB & lets you slide to different depths easier. His is good too. One thing I haven't seen on these videos is the bending of the hook. I take a pair of pliers & bend the end where the barb is & bend it SLIGHTLY. Has more area to snag the fish. (an Ole Bill Dance trick ) . thanks.....

jon mitche: nice video!! I have used all brands of bobbers and bobber stops and I still like the knot ones the best. My favorite bobber is Carlisle #788 or #790. Using this bobber one does not need loose stopper bead as the bead is built in  the tube. The hole is small enough that any bobber stop can be used without it passing through the hole. I have caught stripers with this rig set at 35' depths. One other problem with some bobbers is that after a lot of use the line will carve a groove in the bead and the line will hang up prematurely. I do not seem to have this problem with Carlisle slip bobbers. They are made of balsa and more pricey than the foam floats you are using but for me they last longer and are more visible  in the water.

Bama MoonDog: Great Video. Very Informative. Thanks for sharing!

Brian Tran: Do u think I should use a slip bobber or spring bobber

Portugal Outdoors: Great and instructional video especially for those just getting into the hobby. You just earned yourself a subscriber.

SwordofManticorE: When adjusting the line length, can you slip the stick as easy as a rubber stopper up or down your line?

Dirk Thompson: What's the brand name of the stops?

CrypticDyke: do you know of anywhere online to get the bobber stop and beads at?

nogames59: I've never used the little plastic bobber (always the string type) ,if you set your bobber very deep can you reel/cast the plastic bobber stop through the pole eyelets with out  it catching on them?

fuerst metternich: I was toying w. the idea of getting the rubber ones......thanks for making up my mind for me. These lie nice and flat in the video.

Rick Kluke: good job, thanks

Scott Lewis: What is the difference between a stick float and a slip float?  Where do you get the bobber stoppers?  Do they come with the float?

Alex Fu: But, if you need casting distance, wouldn't it make more sense to let the float run all the way down to the hook. If you leave the leader dangling below the bobber, wouldn't you get a helicopter effect during the cast with the line in front and the bait may end up flying off ?

Joe Park: I thank u for video learn some

elyh777: Where is the "make your own bobber" part of the vid. Need to change the title of the vid. 

How to make and use a Slip Bobber Rig 5 out of 5

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How to make and use  a Slip Bobber Rig
How to make and use a Slip Bobber Rig
How To Rig a Slip Bobber
How To Rig a Slip Bobber
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Slip Bobber Setup 101
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Outdoor Essentials - Slip Bobber Basics
Inexpensive slip bobber rig
Inexpensive slip bobber rig

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How to make and use  a Slip Bobber Rig