Oil Extractor Oil Change DIY On A VW MK7 Golf R

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Skoop000: You should remove the filter first, before you start extracting oil. The filter housing has a check valve that holds oil up top for the filter during startups. When you pull the filter, that old oil runs to the pan and you can remove that, too.

Quintin West: My brain the entire video: "Is that Rob from super speeders?????" lololol

Kwanger1: DAP I generally think your channel and service is great - but I don't think you are selling this extractor too well. As others have mentioned there really is no need to keep pumping the entire time - with these things, all you need to do is give them a quick 10-15 pumps or so to get it started and then a few more here and there to keep the flow going. With minimal pumping all oil (if properly warmed up) will be out within about 10 minutes or so.

I've got one of these extractors with a pressure gauge which shows you exactly how much you need to pump (not a lot). I think the gauge should be a standard fit as its really useful.

Otherwise, keep up the good work - will continue to use you as my 'go to' supplier for most things GTI!

Love Life: Not bad !

bandgeekforever100: Which oil is better in your opinion: Liqui Moly Leichtlauf or Motul X-cess 5W-40 or Motul Specific 5W-40 for a MK6 GTI

Matthew Beard: I know this is an old video, but I just ordered one of these funnels. It has to be better than the half a water bottle I just finished using. lol

gynads: 1:58 inflatable golf

Suga Foot: Need this pronto! Especially since I live in a townhouse.

if6was929: There's no need to keep pumping, once the oil starts to enter the extractor, it works like a siphon and continues extracting on its own. There's also no need to remove the metal rod in the hose, it doesn't restrict the extraction process. At the end of the process, adjusting the tube up or down an inch or two will insure you'll get all of the oil.

Naughtysauce: Another tip to make sure you got all of the dirty oil out is once the pump & hose makes a slurping noise kind of like when you get done drinking your soda, pull the hose out, wipe off any excess dirty oil, put it back in the dipstick, fill your car with half a quart of clean oil & pump again. You'll see that a bit of dirty oil is left over then it will run clean oil through the hose[easier to see if the hose is clear like mine]. This will guarantee that all the dirty oil is out.

Naughtysauce: I wouldn't pump the whole time, pump it 20 times, after the pressure has equalized, then go ahead & pump it 20 more times. If you do this method with warm oil, you'll have to do it 3-4 times for 5 quarts.

Michael Ganovski: sorry if i missed - what is the brand / make / model of the extractor?

Dean R English: Doesn’t seem like you can get all the old oil out. I would rather have all my debris settled and flush it out with a little bit of fresh oil.

TROY HENRY: What if you can't access your oil filter from the top? On my Honda Accord and Hyundai Santa Fe cars, I have to get underneath them and remove my oil filters. Does it still make sense to extract your oil from the top with one of these extractors, Even if you still have to jack the car up to be able to access the oil filters??? Thoughts?

Andrea: I've extracted it with a syringe cause I'm poor :)

Miguel Marquez: Looks like an extractor that accepts a compressor hook-up is a must

Wolfsburg GTI: rumor has it he is still pumping to this day....

MrTrdsmi: 5w 40 in a golf R??? what happend to the 5w30 vw 504.00 ??

cengeb: Liqui Moly and Motul I use

mwboost: Cleanest oil change lol. Soo much easier than all my subarus over the years. Looking at getting an mk7 gti or R.

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Oil Extractor Oil Change DIY on a VW MK7 Golf R 5 out of 5

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Oil Extractor Oil Change DIY on a VW MK7 Golf R
Oil Extractor Oil Change DIY on a VW MK7 Golf R
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Oil Extractor Oil Change DIY on a VW MK7 Golf R