NBA 2k14 - NBA 2k13 Kobe Bryant Jump Shot Comparison NBA 2k15 Suggestions

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DEACON PAGE: 2k14 look like the basketball games that was made in the 90s. 2k13 Rocks and i am so glade I saw this video because I am not buying this game

ray bans: kobes shot is different in 2k14 lol

Jerome Baller: I like how they got the arc right 

Richard Burton: arc needs to be a little higher in 2k14 

xXxCobraBubblesxXx: Nobody's jump shot is all ways the same there instinct adjustments players will do

luis24lg89: prettiest jump shot ever

Ratchet645: In the game he shoots in really narrow and straight

Emre Cetinkaya: bis shot is flatter because the defender is jumping in his face

brain neutralizer: of course it is 2k13 2k14 is just the album

Jacquan McMillan: I wonder if he made the shot

Southphillyboy215: Sam

Frank De Ovando: It's 2K13.

DynamicUnreal: The video on the left shows that Kobe didn't get to the top of his jumpshot as usual because of time winding down and the defender jumping for the block. In other words he had to let go of the ball quicker, I would say that 2K13 is pretty accurate.

Anthony Thompson: Can't wait till' it comes out

Willy Flores: It needs a lot more arc

pokimeon4real: Yes u finally got it right

rlkeaco: chirs bosh base

Kandice Neal: Got it inthe lalway

VintageHiphopJapan: In the game, he holds the ball just a bit too long.

jocerrado: I liked his jump shot in 2k9

Michael Walker: Not exact... but it's pretty darn close

Calvin Him: the arc is alot flatter in 2k for kobe's shot

robin kung: his hands are diffrent before the release. not that accurate

Dominic Crawford: No cause he shot closer to the bucket

MrBlazzin101: Are these actually 2k14 shots? It looks Le 2k13

CyberFury8191: the ball goes higher in the real one

Holdington: Why does this video say NBA 2k14?

MurdaaCorleon: so then whats the form and base ?????????????

NiggaDaNinja: They got his jump shot down tight perfect

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NBA 2k14 - NBA 2k13 Kobe Bryant Jump Shot Comparison NBA 2k15 Suggestions 4.2 out of 5

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NBA 2k14 - NBA 2k13 Kobe Bryant Jump Shot Comparison NBA 2k15 Suggestions