HP ENVY Dv7-7212nr Laptop

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shezer19: Can anyone tell me where I can get the cover for this laptop? The hinges by the speakers have become disconnected. Thanks

Brad Ramlow: does it support sata III drives?

dobbelganger: I have this overheating piece of crap

Ivan Sanchez: I have overheating issues, even after BIOS Update!

Dylan Purcell: How much for it I can't find the price

fshbon77: Does that have a backlit keyboard?

Bl00drushnick: How do i use the Turbo Boost thing.... Just got the laptop...

Trick Daddy: how do you make the processor permanently at 3.4ghz?

Xtrodernair: Hey are you planning on ever making a follow up video. I was looking to get this laptop in the near future and have heard mixed feedback about it.

Nezhtal Patzer: I own this laptop and could not find my ethernet/LAN port, thanks for including that in your review. A pretty good laptop, fast as all giddy-up and ya gotta love the 1080p display and Blu-ray (I upgraded to a Blu-ray burner). I did have a problem with Bluetooth conflicting with all video playback, including Blu-ray, but disabling Bluetooth except for when it is actually being used took care of that. Windows 8 sucks.

Rick Heretikos: Push F5 lol

Rick Heretikos: They call it "mid range", but I'm running most games maxed out and at 1080p. It's suggested to lower the res for better gaming but I've seen no issues. Keep in mind, I'm not a hardcore gamer.

Rick Heretikos: Yeah, it's a pain to get too. But it's not that bad. Just gotta be careful or else the keyboard will get even more "bumpy" when you put it back. You can actually use the SSD for cache on a secondary HDD and use a SSD as primary.

Alexander Lukash: They say there is a mSATA slot somewhere deep inside, on the motherboard :) Thus you can have SSD + 2 HDD, which you can then assemble to a RAID.

Michael Easterwood: its a website, not channel. they actually have the most thorough review of the laptop i've seen.

zero260asap: f5

wonfeather: You need to change the batteries in your smoke detector.

Majid Alammari: the question is not for me but I think it's good for gaming search in youtube HP Envy DV7 gaming:-)

viv007jb: Hey..I am planning to buy this same laptop. Can you tell me is it good for gaming? I mean NFS MW,F1 2012,FIFA 13 at ultra (or say Maximum) settings with out lagging ? Is it runs smoothly? Plz reply me !!!!!! thnx in advance !!

Josie Perry: How do you turn on the lights on the keyboard?

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
HP ENVY dv7-7212nr Laptop 5 out of 5

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HP ENVY dv7-7212nr Laptop