HP ENVY Dv7-7212nr Laptop

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Dylan Purcell: How much for it I can't find the price´╗┐

fshbon77: Does that have a backlit keyboard?´╗┐

James Reed: Hey man nice video, i have a question and i hope you can help me out. When you downloaded the HP updates, when the BIOS update was being install after you restart the PC did you have any concerns, was it weird the proceeder? To me it was weird it felt like I yank the power plug off in the middle of installation.

Umar Sharif: Nice Overview! Waiting for the full review Thanks!

Andrew Jackson: Codec issue.

Austin Zimmet: Hey can you tell me the same thing? I just ordered the same computer from tiger direct and im going to be playing a bunch of games on there!

Andrew Jackson: Head over to notebookreview they have a very detailed review up now.

Majid Alammari: the question is not for me but I think it's good for gaming search in youtube HP Envy DV7 gaming:-)

sakib ali: Dafuk is up wit his voice @40 sec

Andrew Jackson: About 1350 FRNs from HP's site with extended battery.

Jose Emmanuel Tenorio: is this laptop available in canada?

KatiushaVN4: First, you'd better go change your alarm's battery!!!

bravaman: What did you do to the old hard drive? When you copy everything to the ssd does it reformat the old hd? Was curious to know because I want to get a ssd for the primary bay and used the old drive in the second bay. Thanks for the reply.

Xtrodernair: Hey are you planning on ever making a follow up video. I was looking to get this laptop in the near future and have heard mixed feedback about it.

Chiranth chikku: and can you suggest me which is best nvidia 650m or amd radeon graphic cards....:)

windwardpro: You might want to replace that smoke detector battery.....

Trick Daddy: how do you make the processor permanently at 3.4ghz?

Andrew Jackson: I will install BF3 tonight & let you know it goes :-)

Rick Heretikos: Push F5 lol

Alex den Boef: Got this comp but it wont let me use wifi when I push f12 it only turns on and off airplae

Andrew Jackson: Sound is really good & loud for once!

viv007jb: Hey..I am planning to buy this same laptop. Can you tell me is it good for gaming? I mean NFS MW,F1 2012,FIFA 13 at ultra (or say Maximum) settings with out lagging ? Is it runs smoothly? Plz reply me !!!!!! thnx in advance !!

Jim Davidson: I found no Youtube channel called "notebookreview".

TomTom R: does the keyboard have backlights?

Andrew Jackson: Dont know, but it has great viewing angles.

zero260asap: f5

Michael Easterwood: its a website, not channel. they actually have the most thorough review of the laptop i've seen.

Andrew Jackson: Put old HD in 2nd Bay made the new SSD Primary & reinstalled the OS on it.

Andrew Jackson: Y580 has better video card a smaller glossy screen which turns it into a mirror with background light.

Andrew Jackson: It can play BF3 & I love it! Sorry been busy.

Andrew Jackson: Yes it has Blue-Ray/dvd player writer.

MrElussive: Your smoke detector needs new batteries.

hassank968: Wheres the detailed review

Alexander Lukash: They say there is a mSATA slot somewhere deep inside, on the motherboard :) Thus you can have SSD + 2 HDD, which you can then assemble to a RAID.

Andrew Jackson: Your Welcome!

Chiranth chikku: hi thankx for uploading this video, I am planing to buy this laptop, actuallu i am staying in india and i am planing to get this laptop from my cousin who is coming to bangalore. is it worth of money and i hav a doubt about the heatness of the laptop, as i play lot of games is it worth and can u let me know abut the heatness and can u suggest me whether i can take that laptop from us or not ....waiting for your reply...:):)

Rick Heretikos: Yeah, it's a pain to get too. But it's not that bad. Just gotta be careful or else the keyboard will get even more "bumpy" when you put it back. You can actually use the SSD for cache on a secondary HDD and use a SSD as primary.

Andrew Jackson: You can verify hardware via windows 8 device manager or your can download hwinfo & check specs using that. I doubt HP will try to screw customers like that since the hardware biz is their bread & butter & their enterprise software biz is severely lacking as compared to the big boyz like Oracle & IBM.

Walter White: Got this one 2 days ago. Loving it so far.

ManiacModz: I know LOL!

Jordan Bukikosa: Does anyone know what bluetooth driver to use for this laptop on HP's driver page?

Rick Heretikos: They call it "mid range", but I'm running most games maxed out and at 1080p. It's suggested to lower the res for better gaming but I've seen no issues. Keep in mind, I'm not a hardcore gamer.

wonfeather: You need to change the batteries in your smoke detector.

andrewzila: I would really like to hear your feedback about the sound quality. This concern stops me from buying the laptop. A couple of reviews here on youbube claim good sound quality. While a lot of blogs on the internet say that Beats audio is mostly a marketing trick and doesn't add to better speakers...

Bl00drushnick: How do i use the Turbo Boost thing.... Just got the laptop...

Josie Perry: How do you turn on the lights on the keyboard?

Andrew Jackson: Ya need to replace them very annoying!

Pwnage4Life321: i saw reviews and stuff and many people who order something from hp ... they said they got the wrong gpu and the gpu is alway a weaker one than they order and all their hard drive like GB and mermorys but i will be sure to check still when i get mine >.>

Andrew Jackson: Has an extra HD bay & I installed the Samsung ssd on it. It flies!

bnccristi: How do you like it by now? I've ordered one for myself and I was wondering what should I expect. Thanks!

HP ENVY dv7-7212nr Laptop 4.6 out of 5

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HP ENVY dv7-7212nr Laptop