Glock 18 & Glock 17 With KPOS Conversion Kit

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0zfer: Not one shot hit the targets! Amazing

John Smith: Irish people in Thailand?  Wat!

Counter Tyranny Ops: Yeah.. Imported by the CIA, Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro & Janet Napolitano  

nathan Oiler: Is this legal is nazifornia? Lol

lovingmyglock21: Steve one question only the Law Enforces and Militart can buy guns????

epyonO9: I hope I can afford to go with you on one of these trips one day

Robert Ward: Where do you get that mongrel dog, shot half the clip in the Glock he like a pig

2bit MarketAnarchist: You know I'm ethnically Cambodian ( ALL 'MURICAN on the inside ) and had a distant relative who was pretty high up ... should've taken advantage of it when I could .

33jammaster: were can i buy a conversion kit for my glock

tactickle_bubba: 2 dislikes one an anti the other is absuperman

NzMaze: so its a good case for the Yanks to look at and say "do we want to end up like that"

steveleeilikeguns: Im sure they would but Asia has a lot of Government control and the corruption is out of control so only the privileged few get firearms.

Shelley Broadway: Holy Crow! That was awesome! First gun I ever bought myself was a Glock. That would be AWESOME to fire!!!

NzMaze: I would of thought that after the killing fields that the civilians would want firearms to prevent another chance of genocide

MrWilberbeast1: This makes me happy!

Jedi Majic: Ya ! That's how you do it !

Tim W: Awesome stuff Steve, definitely missed out! looking forward to your next tour.

Rastance Choi: That was great rapid fire xD

Ralphgtx280: wonder how controllable the 18 would be if you put in a glock 17 barrel (with out the compensation)

Julian Laurens: Looks like a kid in a candy store. Look at that grin on his face :)

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Glock 18 & Glock 17 with KPOS conversion kit 5 out of 5

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Some fun drills and challenges.
Some fun drills and challenges.

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Glock 18 & Glock 17 with KPOS conversion kit