Glock 18 & Glock 17 With KPOS Conversion Kit

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0zfer: Not one shot hit the targets! Amazing

John Smith: Irish people in Thailand?  Wat!

Counter Tyranny Ops: Yeah.. Imported by the CIA, Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro & Janet Napolitano  

Hitlery Rotten Crackhead: Too bad Guns are banned in Australia huh blok? We love them here in America and NO ONE will take them PERIOD!

nathan Oiler: Is this legal is nazifornia? Lol

lovingmyglock21: Steve one question only the Law Enforces and Militart can buy guns????

epyonO9: I hope I can afford to go with you on one of these trips one day

Robert Ward: Where do you get that mongrel dog, shot half the clip in the Glock he like a pig

2bit MarketAnarchist: You know I'm ethnically Cambodian ( ALL 'MURICAN on the inside ) and had a distant relative who was pretty high up ... should've taken advantage of it when I could .

33jammaster: were can i buy a conversion kit for my glock

zack lawson: 2 dislikes one an anti the other is absuperman

NzMaze: so its a good case for the Yanks to look at and say "do we want to end up like that"

steveleeilikeguns: Im sure they would but Asia has a lot of Government control and the corruption is out of control so only the privileged few get firearms.

Shelley Broadway: Holy Crow! That was awesome! First gun I ever bought myself was a Glock. That would be AWESOME to fire!!!

NzMaze: I would of thought that after the killing fields that the civilians would want firearms to prevent another chance of genocide

MrWilberbeast1: This makes me happy!

Jedi Majic: Ya ! That's how you do it !

Tim W: Awesome stuff Steve, definitely missed out! looking forward to your next tour.

Rastance Choi: That was great rapid fire xD

Ralphgtx280: wonder how controllable the 18 would be if you put in a glock 17 barrel (with out the compensation)

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Glock 18 & Glock 17 with KPOS conversion kit 5 out of 5

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Kit Roni . Adriano
Kit Roni . Adriano
22 Full Glock Install
22 Full Glock Install
JNC Update
JNC Update
Comment choisir les gants tactiques d'intervention et de tir
Comment choisir les gants tactiques d'intervention et de tir
Camino y Meta (G9.G18. G19).mpg
Camino y Meta (G9.G18. G19).mpg

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Glock 18 & Glock 17 with KPOS conversion kit