Minecraft 1.6 Is OUT! Horse Basics: How To Find, Tame, Ride, Breed, Jump (1.6.1 & 1.6.2)

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Vivian Nguyen: this video helped me alot because i also have the computer minecraft and i was wondering how to ride a horse and it was amazing :)

Equestrian girls for life: Is that Xbox or computer 

Alisha Hallman: Do u always have to be zoomed in>?

DAN PARKER: how do you get off a horse 

steven young: Computer

Fathy Elhadedy: How to get out of the horse

Berry Nick: actually, you can use a Lead on any kind of Friendly mobs, except for Testificates and Bats. and an Ocelot (if you have one) so it wouldn't be running away all the time.

flaming gaming: I searched far and wide for a freaking horse. haven't found one yet -_-

Will Smyth: When did 1.6.1 come out? 

Andrea Keske: Can I use it on minecraft pocket edition? 

Pheonix Craft: Oh Download 1.7.2 is out

John Link: its on the couputer and im atchly a girl this is my dads account

love,hugz n kisses: Do you knows when the update for xbox 360 is

Jonathon Nguyen: Thanks now i know how to do it XD

jodie humphrey: What seed? 

ALI ABBAS: you talk too much

RealBlueFireProject: You're moving around too much, you're making me dizzy. Good info though.

Ryan Yap: How do you ride


jodie humphrey: What seed? 

Grace Eaglegirl: thx

woodstockpaints: U people r just dumm i got a real horse and i do not sit around all day and play i go outside and ride ( my horse is a reining horse ) :)

Anthony Goranov: I just want my murder-porn back!

Nick Olszewski: Actually don't reply to old comments because it's a freak ton of annoyingness to deal with.

Jc C: it says only i could only play the demo version

NerdyBirdy: find em in plains biome

steven St .Pierre: For xbox 360? Bet not :(

Neonflusker: Hi I make Minecraft videos and I don't really care about becoming number one or getting the most subs, I just want to make your day a little better. So if you'd like to check out my channel, it's available. If this bothered you, I'm sorry and have a nice day! :D

Tofugrass: but he can give the update to update to microsoft for approval, and it will be added to the game within 3 days or so. it's not like mojang has no say of minecraft for xbox 360

Grandtimelord: around the area where sheep and pigs are but a area with grass

Gurpal69: first 25 ppl get 64 diamonds best server ever

Jessica Ulman: Ohhhh but ugh what do you feed it

YoungFlamesz: You can make saddles not may people know that...

Futur Esport Ulla: Tio habla español Okey

TheXypho: Join ! Faction server with active staff

Robloxnoob s: xbox minecraft sucks HAHHAHAH NO UPDATES!!!!

aggirls10: WHat button or action is it? (attack, forward,back,jump,drop,chat,pick block, use item,left,right,sneak, inventory, list players, command.

Jessica Ulman: Ummm I can't ride it and I have that thing

ButterlesToast: I found a diamond horse armor in a dungeon :)

Frow Karim: Lol i made an arena two gladiators riding a horse shooting each other with a bow and hitting each other with the sword

Myedll Garay: Minecraft 1.6.2 Horse

Orosian5: I hear is awesome too!

Fire_Inspire123: can you do it on cracked because when i left click it, it neys :(im 7 aswell:(:(:(

mudermunster: everyone says mojong wrong.

Random Vids: he said you find a horse on the plains

ImVelqro: Hey dude please help, everytime i open the launcher or try to download it again, it gives me the 1.2.1 launcher.

HellsHumor: Actually Notch submits the update to Microsoft, MS then runs internal testing to verify it will not crash the current version of the game and that it meets content requirements then they put the update out.

JohnMark Johnson: hey dude your awesome

zTaqeHD: nope

kanbankid: I can't find horses help

Minecraft 1.6 is OUT! Horse Basics: How to Find, Tame, Ride, Breed, Jump (1.6.1 & 1.6.2) 4.8 out of 5

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Minecraft 1.6 is OUT! Horse Basics: How to Find, Tame, Ride, Breed, Jump (1.6.1 & 1.6.2)