Ruger LCP Ammo & Catching A 380 JHP Bullet

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pwchesser: I have a Sig 238 and use full metal jacket for the reason you proved. Not enough energy to expand. .380is the absolute smallest round I would use for concealed carry. It is not optimum however, it will give someone a headache in a pinch.

soylent green: My girlfriend is about 5'4' and 110 lbs. For Christmas I gave her a Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace laser grips because she travels a lot. I load hers with ball ammo as it is cheap and available. The gun has never failed to feed or eject ball ammo. Your video brings up a very good question: Does the .380 produce enough velocity to reliably expand a hollow-point projectile? You do excellent reviews, perhaps you could do one that would help answer this question?

dsheckx: @jimmybridger I hear what you are saying and I have found the same to be true. I just think that is a bit too finicky for a self defense handgun. I sent my wife's back to Ruger and it improved performance a bit. I think I am going to have to do the same for mine.

faliaphotography: Yes, I still have the LCP and I've never had a problem with it.

faliaphotography: thanks everyone for the input!!

WillDougherty852: Here's a link to the ammo I provided my daughter for her LCP. It's certainly not the cheapest but it's very close to optimal for inflicting damage when needed. I'd encourage you to find a less expensive brand that shoots as close to the POA for practice and then use the Corbon for carry. I enjoy your videos, keep up the good work. It's nice to see more women getting out and enjoying shooting sports!

MessianicDaddy: I got the Ruger LCP-LM for my wife's concealed carry, but I admit that I always kinda reckoned that .380 ACP and "self-defense" were oxymorons. But I'd definitely rather have a .380 than nothing. My wife's pistol has JHP but if the hollow-points don't mushroom, what's the point?

faliaphotography: @Jonezin4 nope, but my boyfriend carries it in the summer

fraggle79: tnoutdoors9 Just did a review on the .380 Speer Gold Dot Ammo. His test went well. I use the 9mm version and it works great.

telcom911: Doubletap 380 ACP 95gr. FMJ "This loading makes the 380ACP really perform like it should! There is virtually no muzzle flash.For the times when extra penetration is needed, this is the fastest FMJ on the market for your 380." Velocity: 975fps / Kel-Tec P3AT and Ruger LCP Bullet: Full Metal Jacket Muzzle Energy: 201 ft. lbs. Kel-Tec/LCP " Not pleasant to shoot out of an LCP, but this ain't no range gun!

faliaphotography: I'm sorry, I don't recall

Hymangoyman: Penetration beats expansion; you chose well.

rednaxelaoen: I wouldn't use a .380 for self defense against a person. In my opinion it's not powerful enough for the average man. The .40 is my minimum. There is a line in hydrostatic shock in a 180 lb man where .40 is about the lowest energy to deliver it. 9mm works with good shot placement, but try good shot placement when the target is shooting back. A good core hit is doing good & you want "good" to end the shooting at you. CQC is hell. I favor .45acp for impact, .10 or .357 for hydrostatic shock effect.

Jerry Mac: When I carry my 380, as either a BUG or somestimes primary, depending on situation, I always carry with one in chamber , first out is a hollowpoint, followed by a FMJ, then stagger, HP n FMJ, first in with spare magazne is FMJ, staggered with HPs, IMO, the HP does not have the penetration possibly needed, windshield, heavy clothing, ect. that is the reason behind my madness.....I am hoping to get me a channel up on here one day and do some posting, love your stuff, keep up good work.

irishbulldog55: If I remember right Cor Bon makes their power ball round in .380. That is a pretty good medium between penetration and expansion. But I won't carry anything less than 9mm personally.

269sjb: I have watched some of our videos, I pitty the person who ever decides to Eff with you. Good shooting! Keep the camera rolling. Nice work.

cozmacozmy: Try shooting wet newspaper with the JHP and see if you get any expansion.

saturn2462002: @XezFourX did your parents have any kids that lived: or did the best part of you run down the bedroom wall?

amb4u: From studies I have read, hollow points just do not have enough penetration shot from a 32 or 380 cal guns. Round nosed rounds are recommended. Good video and good shooting Gasman

Arthur Sperotto: I carry watcutters (don't know if it's written right), which are the flat noses, mixed with silver tips. I carry those in my Walther PPK, WHICH IS MY BACKUP CARRY WEAPON! And that's what I think you should do too. You shouldn't carry a .380 as your primary. Carry a .40S&W, a 10mm, a .357SIG, a .45ACP, a .45GAP, or if you prefer a revolver, a .38 (but I think it's too light for the revolver calibers), a .357MAG, or even a .44MAG or .44SPL. Hope this helped you. PLEASE ANSWER!!! Thank you.

Clint Acklin: very informative video!!! Thanks faliaphotography!!!

Ben Ericson: Currently I carry my Glock 19 with hydra shock rounds

rotaryfreak3: @faliaphotography You may enjoy watching some of tnoutdoors9's testing videos. He has tested quite a few different kinds of defense ammo for the .380.

Libraeotechque: I use Hornady's Critical Defense ammunition in my .380ACP handguns. After learning of its existance, reading about its design & performance, and shooting it in my handguns, it has become my preferred self-defense ammunition.

spacemanspiff2012: Winchester Ranger T youtube DOT com/watch?v=HxpHOB132ak

faliaphotography: @bertaGSD I am still happy with it! Although I will admit I haven't shot it much lately since I've been shooting my M&P so much.

WillDougherty852: Sorry I left off or am too old school to post a link to the ammo I spoke of. Anyway I encouraged my daughter to carry Corbon DPX. Cheers

gboyd242: @SupremeAmerican Thanks for the info but I wouldn't carry a 380 anyway. A single stack 9mm (eg. my Kahr CW9) is small enough for me to even fit in a pocket so I don't worry about 380. That being said I don't think a solid bullet is really going to do much better at busting through a rib. The hollow point would not have even have had a chance to expand before is got to a rib bone unless you are talking heavy clothing which seems unlikely during summer.

Derek Bowers: Oh and I carry Hornady Critical Defense in mine. Great ammo for the price.

Monnie Holt: 380 Auto 90 gr Critical Defense

DrCharliesWorld19: Hornady's critical defense ammo for me

Jonezin4: @homegrownsurvivor Great comment!

NerdHerderer: For game time there is no substitute, Corbon DPX. And you should carry the M&P 9. But carrying the 380 is better than leaving the fighting pistol at home!

ArseyBiscuit: I feel adequately armed when I carry Corbon DPX or Winchester PDX1 (when I can find it) in my lcp. On days when I don't feel like carrying a 26 ounce J-Frame (Model 60), the 380 in my pocket is way more useful than the 357 in my safe.

gunnut2k1: Best ammo I tried in my P3AT was Double Tap. Only ammo was able to get any Expansion with. It is the main reason I went back to the P-32 with Geco FMJ at 950fps. Eight rounds of fast 32s beat a slow 380 that does not expand. That said I would love to try the Double Tap. 380ACP 80gr. Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free. Should be gold out of the P-3AT and the Ruger copy.

dearbrummus: I don't have a .380 but I do have a beretta tomcat .32acp. I feed it Winchester Silvertips which are pretty soft, open well and dump their energy quickly. But that is carried only when nothing else will do. I shoot .45 and own six different .45 carry options and then there is always my sp101 or my keltec p11. I carry the 3032 only as a last resort. The Silvertips are good ammo for this little mouse gun.

The Tactical 6 String: Ive gone with Critical Defense. From what ive seen the results are promising. I also have some DRT which is also supposed to be effective. My old Colt Government wont cycle the flat nose rounds. On a side note however, the trigger on the Colt will allow for several accurate follow-up shots, I dont think I could ever get used to the LCP.

FreeManDan: Barns TAC XP 80 grain from double tap ammo, it's 100% copper, it will expand, but shrink your wallet

Pagansdad: At 1:44 you covered your hand. Careful! No catching .380 for real please LOL.

Win Factory: .380 HP bullets will expand much more reliably when hitting soft tissue or bone, more so than water. The primary reason you never want to carry FMJ for public defense is the penetration. You are responsible for what or who you damage or injure. If your bullet goes through the criminal and hits an innocent man behind them, there's a good chance you're going to jail, especially with the involvement of a good lawyer, even if you were defending your life.

WillDougherty852: Here's a link to the ammo I provided my daughter for her LCP. It's certainly not the cheapest but it's very close to optimal for inflicting damage when needed. I'd encourage you to find a less expensive brand that shoots as close to the POA for practice and then use the Corbon for carry. I enjoy your videos, keep up the good work. It's nice to see more women getting out and enjoying shooting sports!

Mr33806: try speer golddot short barrel personal protection.this rounded is outstanding in 380.

NYGun1: Hey Falia: Good shooting young lady. Never been a big fan of small autos had some issues in the past now I don't go smaller than my G26.However, it does appear the Ruger LCP is reliable by all accounts. Keep experimenting with different carry loads until you're satified with expansion...but remember with small autos: reliability,reliability and reliability. Stay safe out there!

saturn2462002: @XezFourX I'll see your 9 mm and raise you a 45. My main carry weapon is a Glock 30SF. Now go squat & pee elsewhere.

happyending3000: Expanding hollow point or not, this caliber seem to suit you very well. You recover quickly and get right back on target. I kind of wonder what people expect from handguns. Using this caliber, you obviously can quickly place multiple rounds right on target. And may I say, "Nice shootin' Tex!

Robert Stowell: I chose the Hornady Critical Defense for my Kahr P380. All my other carry guns are loaded with Winchester PDX1. 380's need all the help they can get to get the defensive rounds to expand. Hornady's CD ammo has a plastic tip which aids in the proper expansion.

rednaxelaoen: @rednaxelaoen cont... I know CC is a prime consideration, but it is what it is. Physics doesn't care. Bad guys don't tend to cooperate with practicalities and just fold for us, especially drugged up. You've got to understand what it takes, and understand what you're throwing. If you have to go light, you'd better be able to face fire & deliver multiple hits quick, which is extremely difficult unless you've got ice water in your veins & you expose yourself Your vids are great, you're brilliant

paris466: Glad I'm not the only one who thinks paper plates make nice, cheap targets. Plus you can see them easier (to see if you're hitting them) from a distance.

Vince Gentile: Try Hornady Critical Defense in your LCP 380

merkinya: I "DO NOT" carry a 380 for concealed carry or otherwise, I was in a Local Gun Shop when a gentleman was purchasing a new Firearm for concealed carry and told a story that changed my views on any .380 man and wife getting out of vehicle held at gunpoint man has .380 in hand as he was exiting vehicle and shoots robber in chest 4 times at that point the robber says please stop shooting me mister... I recommend the Ruger LC9 for concealed carry thanks and love your channel

Ruger LCP ammo & catching a 380 JHP bullet 4.9 out of 5

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Ruger LCP ammo & catching a 380 JHP bullet