Ruger LCP Ammo & Catching A 380 JHP Bullet

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soylent green: My girlfriend is about 5'4' and 110 lbs. For Christmas I gave her a Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace laser grips because she travels a lot. I load hers with ball ammo as it is cheap and available. The gun has never failed to feed or eject ball ammo. Your video brings up a very good question: Does the .380 produce enough velocity to reliably expand a hollow-point projectile? You do excellent reviews, perhaps you could do one that would help answer this question?

faliaphotography: I'm sorry, I don't recall

denny chiero: Do you remember what type and grain ammo you were using. Your hands showed no recoil at all.

Ben Ericson: Currently I carry my Glock 19 with hydra shock rounds

amb4u: From studies I have read, hollow points just do not have enough penetration shot from a 32 or 380 cal guns. Round nosed rounds are recommended. Good video and good shooting Gasman

Samuel Ellis: Buffalo bore 85 grain + P lead free hollow points!!

telcom911: Doubletap 380 ACP 95gr. FMJ "This loading makes the 380ACP really perform like it should! There is virtually no muzzle flash.For the times when extra penetration is needed, this is the fastest FMJ on the market for your 380." Velocity: 975fps / Kel-Tec P3AT and Ruger LCP Bullet: Full Metal Jacket Muzzle Energy: 201 ft. lbs. Kel-Tec/LCP " Not pleasant to shoot out of an LCP, but this ain't no range gun!

Dan Ellis: Got my first .380acp (Sig P238HD) though I probably won't carry it much. My primary carry pistol is a S&W40c, but I believe my P238 will stop zombies. It will be loaded Hornady Zmax that I bought for the pretty green insert, but I digress.

Clayton Howell: For a .380 for me and my wife we use round nose FMJ, they will pass through a very small person such as yourself (not a likely assailant) but in a normal size male stick near the rear of the rib cage and a large male(myself) just past center point. I prefer that to 1/4 inch - 2 inch of pen from HP rounds that would only hurt a bit not put somebody down. .45 ACP I use the same, as big of a hole as 9mm HP longer deeper pen. In my opinion HP is a rifle only round, I don't use high pressure pistols.

SparksFly: Glad I'm not the only one who thinks paper plates make nice, cheap targets. Plus you can see them easier (to see if you're hitting them) from a distance.

Derek Bowers: Oh and I carry Hornady Critical Defense in mine. Great ammo for the price.

Derek Bowers: I hope that there were no ants on the ground!

DrCharliesWorld19: Hornady's critical defense ammo for me

Jtactoo: .380 glaszer safty slugs

ikfpro: Look up tnoutdoors9 channel he does AMAZING jhp testing and has some great 380 videos. I am using the gold dots.

jreina20: I've done tons of testing on .380 JHP and found that rounds with open HP cavities are prone to clogging. It may be getting washed out in the water. I carry Hornady Critical Defense now, due to consistent expansion.

VapeTime: I use pmc fmj 115 grain

faliaphotography: Yes, I still have the LCP and I've never had a problem with it.

mookster man: excellent point!

The Tactical 6 String: Ive gone with Critical Defense. From what ive seen the results are promising. I also have some DRT which is also supposed to be effective. My old Colt Government wont cycle the flat nose rounds. On a side note however, the trigger on the Colt will allow for several accurate follow-up shots, I dont think I could ever get used to the LCP.

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Ruger LCP ammo & catching a 380 JHP bullet 5 out of 5

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Ruger LCP ammo & catching a 380 JHP bullet