NIKE+ Fuelband White Ice Review

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Alex Bollmann: i thought u were better than this bryton

Alex Bollmann: what the hell is that red bar on 1:16... like dubs tf freaker

Brandon Scott: White ice would bring out the look more and black ice looked like a normal band

BrytonW: Small.

Dario Prieto: What is your size??????

droneplayer: would you recommend the nike + watch or the nike + fuel band?

BrytonW: It is fairly discolored. If you are worried about that, I would suggest sticking with the original black, or buying the black ice version. I'll post a photo to my Twitter as soon as I can.

Ibrahim Bedwan: We're ur watch the right way not on the left

Eduardo Rodriguez: Does it make any diference buy the black or white??? does it have any diference from the original black?

GoproWithStyle15: add me on nike+ " nathan Boyer"

BrytonW: I bought the White Ice for my mother for Christmas if that helps.

ucdlin: get solid black not black ice. LED is better on the original black cause it comes out of nowhere. its cooler

BrytonW: I'd go for black, I just bought the white one to review it, gave it to my mom for Christmas.

Zach Serpas: Ok but do u recommend me getting the white or should I get a black?

BrytonW: Not yellow, but from dirt it does grey slightly.

Zach Serpas: Bryton, after a long period of time with the white fuel band, with the sweat and all of the dirt does it start to turn yellowish?

BrytonW: It fades out after a few seconds, just how Nike designed it.

Poly qrstuv: Can you keep the LED on the TIME screen for a long period or any other display ?

BrytonW: Not yet unfortunately.

Flatt: No Android support??

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NIKE+ Fuelband White Ice Review 5 out of 5

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NIKE+ Fuelband White Ice Review
NIKE+ Fuelband White Ice Review
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NIKE+ Fuelband White Ice Review