Ball Python Tank Setup

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Mr sparks Jnr: its a cool tank but ball pythons come from africa not asia

SAVAGE308SNIPER: If that was El Chapo's snake it would find a way to escape...

Ariel Chunn: What type/wattagd of heat emitters should I get for a 55 gallon tank that is 48"L, 12"W, 20"H. Basically a long rectangle. And does anyone know of good quality thermostats or thermometers to use that will be accurate?

2strokemoto man: great video bro love the Buda

Dominic Mumford: where did you get your background from?

Amber Lamitie: I've got the same Buddha in mine too :p balls love that buddha xD

Fenu Ediripolage: Nice statue of Buddha

TJ Niculcea: she is a good size ball python

Kat Ferguson: wow shes so pretty

Visesh Velagapudi: Do they like to climb??

openhop1: how did u get the budda statue?

PastyWhites92: You sound exactly like Bill Hader in Hot Rod haha good vid btw

Soulflyz78: @skaterdude1553 it's just a cage I bought at petsmart for $110 a few years back :)

skaterdude1553: how did you make that cage man? plexy glass? im making one myself soon but im not exactly sure how.

Soulflyz78: @cloeeeey at Petco if I remember correctly :) was made for a fish tank

Jamal Cain: The music in this video is like the resident evil save you progress/typewriter room... Very relaxing... Even if a crimson head just chased you.

DownKrownKlown: Yeah its crazy sometimes, my female is pretty big but still sometimes I'm not sure she can handle the huge rats she does but she always does and once they get on rats they grow fast

ms381: @bamf64 I have an idea that may work for you. What i have done is to buy an exo terra made polystirine back ground (about an inch think and looks like cave walls) and place it in the middle, securing it with some thing at the back. I used some spare rocks i had for decoration and aspen, it is secured well. This will half the size of the tank and then you can adjust the size as the snake grows. You can put some background on the outside to cover the part of the tank that is not being used :)

Jonathan Conklin: does my snake(male ball python )need whn gts adult a 40 gall or a thirty

drinkarrowhead: freaking mad sick

Ball Python Tank Setup 5 out of 5

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Ball Python Tank Setup