LTE 4G Fully Hacked Running On Pageplus

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Prem Krishna Chettri: I hacked it too. Free voice / Data Unlimited.

MochaChocolate68: hello do you still do page plus service

Dana Dane:  how do I get 3G on my Verizon Lucid 4G LTE????  I have had it flashed through page plus before but it eventually needed reflashing they said cause it stopped getting 3G and went to 1G one day, so I didnt wana pay again and now have a 3G phone on my plan

Tracy Mays: page plus does not have unlimited 3g data...

Tracy Mays: how do you get a Motorola xt912 to 4g with page plus??

todd jones: since pageplus DOES NOT have 4G, you must have an active Verizon 4G account and are using that sim card in the phone for data.... idk why you would pay a high price on verizon just for data, then talk on pageplus.... doesnt make sense.... when in the end you can get unlimited 3g data on pageplus

HamidReza Nasiri: Hi, I bought a LG 4g LTE (verizon) from ebay. it requires a sim card. currently pageplus does not support this phone. do you know how we can get it work on pageplus? how much it will cost?

thomas g: no only 3g. sorry

thomas g: this is pageplus with a verizon lte card installed as well

thomas g: Fyi, the phone is on page plus with an active Verizon LTE sim card installed, call b.s.if u want but that is the Ppc after hours message. Page Plus Corp uses our flashing services exclusively nationwide. Cheers.

thomas g: Sorry currently Verizon is not offering 4g for any prepaid carriers.

thomas g: yes the note 2 can be flashed, no 4g on page plus this video was with us using an active 4g verizon LTE card to pull the 4g, when the card is not installed it will pull a 3g signal.

thomas g: yes we can flash the charge but its a real pain and the cost vs the flash we can offer its not worth it, plus it has an extremely bad problem with battery life when flashed over.

thomas g: Sorry for the really late reply if your still interested in our services yes we can flash both of those devices so they will work on page plus cellular.

todd bogataj: i call BULLcrap....PAEPLUS DEOSNT OFFER its connecting to verizion CS not PP CS

Greg Saxon: hey do u flash the phones to get the 4g to work or do u know anyone who does. just let me know thanks.

Steddrick Wakefield: Hi I just recently bought an Samsung Galaxy Note II.. recall that I'm with Page Plus Service on the $55 plan.. and I wanted to Know if you flash this, will i get Talk/TXT(MMS)/4G(since your thunderbolt has a 4G Logo for data....I need to know ASAP if you can!!!

Jason Walker: Can you flash Samsung Charge to Page Plus? Please let me know. Currently on Verizon. Thanks, Jason

zalmonet: Can the Samsung galaxy note 2 be flashed on page plus to have 4g internet

Brittany Murphy: I have a Verizon LG Lucid does your program work on my phone?

LTE 4G fully hacked running on Pageplus 5 out of 5

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LTE 4G fully hacked running on Pageplus