5 Tips To Improve Your Critical Thinking - Samantha Agoos

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jaydee10251: The moment that gas price topic was brought up I instantly shouted "DOUG FORD"

Ethan Li: I never new that there was a 5 step plan

Jitender Giri: Boring

N: Political Correctness and Critical Thinking are Incompatible. CT is about Thought In Search Of Truth. PC is about Belief as Truth Discovered. And here we have a video about CT with a PC presentation. As is evident in this video PC follows a rigid template, ie; White People Bad/Non-Whites Good. If the people who made this video applied CT to themselves they would've spotted the unconscious violation of their own logic BEFORE revealing their distorted and prejudicial propaganda to their audience. They also might have given us the benefit of the doubt, ie; that we actually do apply the tools of CT and, as a result, can detect their bias; not to mention their inability to practice the elements and standards of Critical Thinking long enough to notice the incongruence between the video's content and its presentation.

Giving thanks: Mul: To all the biewers, did the characters reflect who you are?

Myleah Hayes: i think this id great dude

Rafe Awesome: So like if I ask you a single question I'd have to wait like a week to get my answer? Critically thinking, you know? ;)

Youngjae's Dandelonie: Basically, this is the scientific method. Awesome! Thanks for this.

Landy82c: Good in execution....doesnt meant good in giving direction.

ibsio: I feel like this is just common sense. If you aren’t doing these things or at least a variation of them, then you are inept at life.

Rishabh Jain: This is really a good video. Thank you for making such a wonderful video. I will try my best to do what you said.

Idsel Seno: Too much use will turn you into a conspiracy theorist and blame everything on aliens. -9gag 2010

King's Queen: I have realized critical thinking is a virtue and a lot of people dont have it.

Juanito: For a critical thinking presentation, this is pretty vague lol

Ayush Sharma: Your voice sounds like that its in a state of meditation.

Debra Seiling: This video has some really good suggestions for further developing critical thinking skills!

Mina Bashyal: thankyou so much for the entire information 😊

João Daniel Fonseca Freire: Is our current society we need a video telling us not to be mindless idiots, that's something... Lok

Lo' Black: genuine care or live the dream of a cruel person. Sound is key to a healthier life but, who got the more money game, is what I'm having problems with.

Pooja Pandey: I didn't know I'm a critical thinker. Till now. 👑😊

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5 tips to improve your critical thinking - Samantha Agoos
5 tips to improve your critical thinking - Samantha Agoos
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5 tips to improve your critical thinking - Samantha Agoos