2016 Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive Scooter Review

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James Smallwood: Left is rear right is front

Don Peterson: owned dozens since 1965 all sorts of sizes brands countries 2003 - 2016 650 models ....best EVER

Linas Ziausys: :) I went for a clutch once :))) no fan of scooters anymore :)))

TheCaracatusPotts: Paused at 4:34, 'cause I'm yelling at the screen, 'try the Power" button, you fool," lol

EL-Jay: I'm 62, riding a motorbike since I was 19. I have a back wear and I have an older Suzuki Burgman 650 from 2002. I have driven a lot of heavy motorbikes, but this Burgman is the first that I can ride that I have no problems with my back. But also in the driving experience, it is not far from a Goldwing.
Greetings from the Netherlands!

Michael Norman: You made the case for me to buy one of these. Thanks very much for your review on this super sweet scooter.

Daniel Myles: excellent review sir. my scooter is not as featured as the Bergman.

Antonino Sacaffidi: Dude its a mopped not a race bike/ and its a great mopped!

Mike Fu: it's basically THE hotrod of scooters....to the point of being a JetSki on land.....that "looks" like a scooter.....and Much faster than most cars, and plenty of bikes.

THEJEDEYEMASTER: in everywhy expect 2, the scooter is a way better ride then a motorcycle. the motorcycle has a supposed "cooler" position and faster performance. in every other way the b650 is the better choice.
-better mpg
-comfort-seat has backrest and the seating position with legs up is much comfortable even passenger has backrest and foot plates unlike pegs on motorcycle. you can stretch your legs out for comfort. the b650 has a huge seat and is super comfy
-flexibility huge cargo space under seat and in front compartments. if you can get a roll of toilet paper under the motorcycle, say thank you.
-windhshield is adjustable on the fly. rain, or shine adjust to your needs
-plastics/windshield help protect against a bombardment of rain vs motorcycle where your whole body is exposed
-heated seats and grips. very comfortable. u can add aftermarket ehated grips if you need though
-the b650 is no slouch. it has enough spped to beat harleys and it can do long rides in complete comfort and carry a lot of cargo.

Roger Smith: I own one of these as well as Kawasaki Voyager 1700 and I've owned a variety of bikes over the years and ridden tens of thousands of kilometres. The small scooters you refer to are for delivering pizza and zipping in and out of the traffic around town. These big engine scooters are for the open road and touring as well as the inner city ride. The CVT means the bike takes off quickly at the lights - there is a manual mode but it is not something I have ever used. The power mode is for extra revs when over taking. ABS brakes and twin discs on the front are good stoppers. The dash provides heap of information for the rider and by toggling one of the buttons you can get an average fuel consumption. The 14 litre tank using 95 RON gives a range of about 200kms. It is the ideal bike for the open road as well as the daily commute. Just get over the bike v scooter thing. Choose the ride you like, to got the place you want and get out on the road and enjoy the ride.

Roger Smith: The little scooters you talk about are not meant for the open road - they are for the daily commute in heavy traffic, the pizza delivery guy or the postman.  This scooter at 650 is meant for the open road - it is a touring bike.  It can hold the road at 110km/h (the national limit in Australia where I live).  It can keep up with the touring bikes, the cruisers and the sports bike but lie a cruiser it has a long wheel base.  There is plenty of storage on the bike both in the dash and under the seat.  Lane splitting is legal in most parts of Australia and the fold in mirrors using a switch on the handle bar makes this easy.  Being a CVT auto mode is the best but there is a manual mode if you prefer.  The brakes with two discs up front and a single one on the rear as well as ABS work well and bring the bike to a stop quickly.  By toggling the buttons on the screen you will get an average fuel consumption - it has a 14 litre tank and you'll probably get a bit over 200kms/tank using 95RON.  All in all a good ride - just forget all the scooter v bike stuff and ride what you like, what you can afford to go where you want to go.

Roger Smith: I own the 2009 version. I also own a Kawasaki Voyager 1700 and I previously owned a Piaggio MP 3 400 and a Yamaha XV1100 so I have had a range of bikes and scooters. The Burgman 650 is a good bike for both city riding and lane splitting (mirrors folded in) if that is legal in your area and highway riding. It holds its own at the national limit in most of Australia of 110km/h but I find that sitting on 100km/h gives better fuel economy. The CVT is responsive in full auto mode, there is a manual mode for those who like to push buttons (I never use it as I feel I would not be able to manage the changes as efficiently as the auto mode). There is also a power mode for extra grunt when you want to over take. As with any CVT once you close off the throttle the bike will almost come to a stop - there is no engine braking like a manual so this means managing the brakes and throttle to some to a stop at the right place at the lights not over the line and not too far back. The screen gives good wind protection on the chest so you're not using the grip of death to stay on the seat at high speed. The screen can be electrically adjusted whilst riding if you feel the need for some air flow. Under seat storage fits 2 full face helmets if packed according to the instructions and there are 3 storage bins in the dash 2 at about knee position and one in the centre of the dash which is lockable and contains a 12 volt cigarette lighter style socket. The addition of a top box with the passenger back rest removed gives extra storage and depending on the type of box it can be removed if you had packed a picnic hamper or something similar. The fuel tank holds 14 litres and gives a range of about 200kms before you are down to the last bar and needing to fill up. I enjoy riding mine - it is of course different from the Kwaka but in comparison to the Piaggio the Burgman has a much smoother powerband across the whole range where as the MP3 seemed to have its power kick in at the top of the band. The extra front wheel of the MP3 was a bonus but I feel the Burgman is sure footed and the suspension coupled with ABS brakes means it holds the road well and stops well. You can take to the open road and feel the wind in your face, you can enjoy the quieter back roads with their twisties and you can take on the daily commute as well. Take a test ride and forget the bike v scooter stuff just enjoy the road on whatever you choose to ride.

MO MUSTAFA: What you think of the BMW 650 gt

Ian Mann: The Burgman 650 is a freaking excellent machine ...I have been riding bikes nearly all my life and the Burgman has been a revelation ticking all boxes ..love it !!
Ps ..great review ..

Blue Marvel: Is it good for long distance trips?

Ronald Davis: I had a 2004 the manual setting went to 5th gear to get overdrive you had to go to auto up to 65mph. I now have a 2005 it is in manual a six speed. I us manual almost all the time because in town at 35mph auto it turns 3000rpm but in 6th gear 2000rpm. Better mileage. Plus in manual you can go to red line. more power. Comfort: it's great but my LC 1500 intruder beats all.

Essential G: I spent a year on a Honda silver wing. This small wheels found every crack in our Jersey highways. Over grated surfaces the steering shook to much. The bike was to heavy and with no frame or tank between my legs at stop lights I dropped it three times. Did you experience any of this?

Dark EdgeLord: Where are you guys in Tampa Bay? I live in Tampa and I'm looking to invest into a Burgman 650.

Gary McAleer: Another superb review. I learn more from your one review than 20 of the others on the same machine. They should not even call their videos "Review."

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
2016 Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive Scooter Review 5 out of 5

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2016 Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive Scooter Review
2016 Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive Scooter Review
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2016 Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive Scooter Review