Homemade AC Arc Welder

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Xen Ali: 30v AC and how much amps you got for what you said high current??

chew1047: Do you think you could get the same results using a neon light transformer ?

Christopher Jones: I had to click the Speed setting on this video to make sure it was set to "Normal" and not 1.5... Dude talks like he just did an eight ball.

and my God... I never saw ANYONE touch the transformer with their bare hands.. and that many times!! Just because its unplugged with no power running into it.. doesnt make it safe.. especially to touch! Christ. It was on the news a kid died recently, when messing with a transformer from his microwave trying to build something on youtube... Im guessing this mightve been what he was trying to do.. Gotta be careful man. Even If I had gloves on I still wouldnt touch that thing more than I have to...

also theres some really toxic funky stuff on those transformers.. you dont want to mess with.

David Leon: de trabajo mínimo 60 volt

David Leon: ponle un trasformador mas para que alcance el voltaje

mr.random videos: Should have used 8 gauge stranded 6 winds hugh and 3 deep

Lucas Dunne: I have a feeling the drawing this much current from your house without a variac might be detrimental. I mean how did it not trip the breaker

yougeo: The heated galvanized pipe is poisonous to breath and with no advanced warning will creat a fatal lung disease situation that there is no cure for and is an extremely painful way to die slowly. Noone should ever heat galvanized metal period . There is no warning. Suddenly you have the disease and die a horrible death.

noah he: Of the transformers are in series why did you say that the primary was in parallel

Mecha-Tronics Channel: does it shock you when you attemp to touch the ground clip and the electrode?

felino jcincua: Rechargeable welding machine do you have?

andreiruiz143: to get higher amp put thicker wire remove the plastic cover of the wire and put spagetti tube

Abror Tairov: you used two 110V transformers to make more power, whereas my region 220V so do I still need two transformers or just one will be enough?? Thanks

Warrior Portable Welding: that's zinc coated pipe , its not weldable and the fumes have the potential to be dangerous you shouldn't weld in the shop like that . I am a professional metalworker .

AlphaTroniks: hey! nice video! how good are the welds?? I just learnt to open the Microwave transformer.. Now I'm curious whether the Microwave Transformer welder is a real good n cheap alternative or not.. Pls inspire me more!

Chris Graham: Is this a 220 or a 110

kedwa30: I'd like you to go into more detail about the phase. You say you had to wind them in opposite directions or same direction? I will watch this again, but the first time watching left me confused.

Jubee Tobbe: Could someone please tell me how do you put two transformers in phase???

jaxel26: How do you figure out how many turns to take with whatever gauge wire you're using?  If you had used a single strand of 10ga, how many turns would you have taken, and how did you get to that number?    I understand that there's a fair amount of trial and error, but you must first decide on a starting point, and what's the math / logic / thought process that gets you there?

Marcelo Stanger: Nice, but please, put some insulation on your feets, that is a "NO NO", when you are working/playing with electricity, just for your protection (safety first :) ) .

Homemade AC Arc Welder 5 out of 5

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Homemade AC Arc Welder
Homemade AC Arc Welder
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Homemade AC Arc Welder