Savage Axis .308 200 Yard Shots

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Bud Geisewite: I completely believe you pulled that last shot, but also you shot those 5 rounds pretty quick. If you take longer(let the barrel cool down) in between shots, you're accuracy may increase a bit.

Scott Raisch: Waiting for the truck to blow up....

SykoDady: People give me crap for shooting a 70 year old mosin nagant in an archangel stock and a cheap 3-12x50 aim scope. Id put a hundred bucks on it that 5 of 5 shots would be inside the center circle on that target at 200 yards. All I shoot is Russian surplus steel core 147 grain. I love when I outshoot people that give me a hard time about what I shoot.

durflust: dude, i can't see past your massive ass.

Mike McCauley: Just got one and lookin forward to it, enjoy your videos! Changing subject, was wondering if you have tried freedom munitions ammo? Crazy good prices for these days and free shipping first time buyers.

Eric Preuss: you have a fine ass

Dminkov Zaitsili: Very nice shooting! I have the stainless steel version of the axis .308 sitting inside a Boyd's maple laminate stock. Beautiful shooter she is!

Lennon0740: From 200 yards out did a fine job 

Maddawwg45: looks like 6 dead deer too me  and I know a lot of comments are saying that's not a good group but that's at 200 yds and again those shots are all in the boiler room

mike fielding: I bought a axis 308 will not shoot different ammo consistently sent back to factory said burrs in barrel sent back shot 150 grain fine put a 168 federal in it shot was 9 inches high 6 right then the 150s were off sighted to the 168 grain 150s were off paper worst gun I ever purchased . bought weatherby s2 25-06 drives tacks no matter what I put in it at 200 dollars more than the axis . savage factory just gives me well it is designed to shoot 168 grain well with ammo the way it is it had better be able to soot a little of everything . I know different rounds will shoot maybe up to 3 inches off but this gun is nuts

craigslistrr O: I think I would tighten up that group Just a bit before heading out.

Paulitics EightYourSoul: Bought one today can't wait for tomorrow so I can pick it up!

thebudgetarmory1: I've seen the mags go for somewhere north of the $60 range. That is, if you can find them.

James Main: I have the camo 308, did my own reloads and did the poor mans trigger job (cut the spring). I have 3 holes touching at 100 yds and about the same groups as yours at 200. I'm a happy hunter. Now if I could find a metal mag.

thebudgetarmory1: It depends on what you're going to use it for.

thebudgetarmory1: Mosin's just weren't designed to give that kind of accuracy, plus many are arsenal reworks that are pieced together from parts. Don't let the "matching numbers" thing fool you.

Marine052191: Trading two M44 Mosin's for one at my local shop. Didn't like how I couldnt pull my groups in with the Mosin's.

aux1z11: Can anyone tell me what would be better as im looking to buy either a rifle that takes 308 or i kind of like this marlin lever gun that takes 44 mag , i just cant make my mind up.

thebudgetarmory1: One of the best purchases I've ever made in my life.

3093Andrew: Just got my first Savage Axis in the .308 today

Savage Axis .308 200 Yard Shots 5 out of 5

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Savage Axis .308 200 Yard Shots