FULL REVIEW - Applied Weapons Technologies - Long Range Precision Chassis - Rex Reviews

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chopperking1967: 1) Great review
2) I just looked it up to consider purchasing it, and the company is no longer offering the chassis for sale. :-(

Rick Riccar: Great review!!!

R2KBA: According to their website- they've "..discontinued chassis production to pursue other projects"

Erick Matta: just curious if you recorded the drums yourself at 1:30? if so, what mics do you use on the toms? sounds fantastic & punchy, yet natural.

lilbeserk: RPR has some serious competition from Savage. The Savage Arms Stealth 10 BA / 110 BA is out now. I love my new 'Beast', the Savage Stealth 10 BA (308 flavored) for a mere $1,100.

Marshall Jackson: This chassis looks wonderful and with the ruggedness and lightweight design I think I would like to use it hunting over my ar15. I do like the feel of walking with that style of chassis over a traditional hunting riffle like my browning barr mark 2 .338 mag. I may take a look at changing to this chassis for my Remington 700 .300 win mag if it is offered.

Dylan Culver: Wow, I like that!!!!!!!!!

NIGHTFOX: Hey man love your work. Will you make a bedding video? Not that I don't know how to do it I just want to see how you do it on that platform.

Matthew Duran: Hey Rex. Praying you're doing well brother. Somewhere along the line, I noted the MDT Tac 21 chassis. I'm not sure if I got it from one of your videos, so please forgive me if the question is redundant. But what do you think of the MDT Tac 21? Would you say it's worth it? Etc.

kmsnash8: Love the music!  Sounds like it's inspired by the Eagles!

Steven Ford: One question... how do you afford all of this great stuff?!! Man the scopes, the rifles, all of it... I want to hang with you brother. Seriously, I love the work you do. The music is killer, the instruction is top notch. Rock on!!

Child Like: Fantastic review, man. Hope all is well.

Deplorable Dave: I love all of Rex's videos and his music! But, I am confused guys. Help me out. I see some shooters go insane to get their scopes as close as possible(low) to the barrel. They say this is critical for the best accuracy and better firing solutions. Why does Rex have his scope on stilts? Looks like a good inch off the barrel. Yet he is shooting .25MOA. So, what is the deal?

leo ll: I've recently had to retire my red rider bb gun and Black Bart has been antagonizing ever since then. Would this make a good alternative to teach Black Bart a lesson?

spitfire1two: Being a fairly lightweight chassis, would this be a good option for a heavier hitting magnum like a 7RM or 300WM or would it be advised to just use a brake? Only 4 or 4.5 lbs worries me a smidgen for a dedicated long range magnum! I like my rifles around 15 lbs or more to save my poor like shoulder... I mean my wife's poor little shoulder......

Banyan Tree: Really do appreciate your series and actively look out for new ones. question - can you quantify the increased accuracy of a AWT with a e.g Remington short action over the original rifle. Would you be inherently limited to a factory spec? Would you look to a custom barrel to get the best out of the combo/ money ?

AppliedWeaponsTechLLC: Due to recent developments we are now able to drop production cost of our chassis system and therefore we are passing these savings onto our customers. Effective today all chassis are now only $895 with fore end. We are no longer offering it as an additional option but instead it is included in the price. This is a $100 savings over previous cost. Thanks to all of you who have made this possible by supporting our products!

MAC Cap: Great review, all the info without bias bullcrap, 

Counter Tyranny Ops: Tyrants will fall.

Jonathan Clarke: Rex,

Would you please make a video on bedding your barrel to the AWT stock? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

FULL REVIEW - Applied Weapons Technologies - Long Range Precision Chassis - Rex Reviews 5 out of 5

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FULL REVIEW - Applied Weapons Technologies - Long Range Precision Chassis - Rex Reviews