Cooey Model 39 Single Shot .22 Rimfire Review

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NTycingProductions: I have one of these as well, it's very accurate rifle, and lots of fun to shoot.  On my barrel is has stamped, "Cooey Model 39m Call .22 S,L,LR  MFG by Winchester in Cobourg Ont Canada"

max4951: In 1962 I purchased my first rifle, a Winchester model 67A target rifle for $4.00, It had been purchased new in the mid 1930's as protection and a way to get dinner by a man with a bread delivery route. It was a Cooey designed bolt, single shot .22LR, but Cooey name does not appear on the gun so Winchester must have owned production rights at that time to the Cooey Patent. Great old gun, usta win turkey shoots with it in the 60's and 70s and it shoots just as good now when my eyesight works.

Charlie Vallans: I don't use them anymore yy

Charlie Vallans: That's beautiful

eat shat google plus: Very nice rifle - It's more than 7 yrs old, Cooey-Winchester shut their doors for good in 1979. It is a Cooey-Winchester as it has the plastic trigger guard. (I think). You can get a history booklet on the Cooey company online.

buddyhenderson: I recently bought one of these off an old guy for $20 New Zealand dollars. It's in amazing condition and shoots very well. My children love to use it (ages 5 and 9), and being such a basic and rugged little rifle I would expect it will last well enough to pass on to their children. Very accurate too. No problems hitting a small coffee can at 60-70 metres with open sights.

Jacob: does the 39 have slots to mount a scope on the receiver? just the dove tail .22 mount?

cornrows1978: ive got one made post 1961, has winchester on it, accurate as hell, not as pretty as that one tho

SteviePee KingofAwesomer: @kesilou thanks for that info

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Cooey model 39 single shot .22 rimfire review 5 out of 5

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2010.11.27 Aaron @ Angeles

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Cooey model 39 single shot .22 rimfire review