IPhone 4/4s Easy Power Button Fix

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CoDGAM3RRR: so paper seemed to work with my iphone 4... since im getting an iphone 5, will i be able to use paper with that too?

Geek Sohrab: I have a 4s and it DOES fit in but it doesnt work.. maybe tips??

Lori Brininger: I have a 4s and it worked for me, no problem! First I slid my thumbnail between the camera and the little metal frame to see if it would go in and it did, so I grabbed one of my husband's business cards and cut 2 tiny strips from it so it was double the thickness. I used a tweezers to push it in securely and then tried to put the back of my phone back on. It wouldn't go, so I had to cut the strips a little more narrow. I then got the tweezers again and pushed the plastic in, put the back on again and the power button is definitely easier to use!! No more sore fingers from having to push it so hard! Thank you for your video!!!


KentuckyFriedIdiot: I went to one of those mall kiosks and they wanted 50$ to fix my power button. I asked for one of their business cards, took it home cut a strip from the card and fixed my phone.

thecanemill: looks as if you put too much pressure on the camera. How is the camera after install?

REVO REVOO: usually android is cheaper than apple and got lots of variations

HoboFraggins: I'm not saying Samsung S3 and S3 and the HTC have the same issues, all phones of all types have their own issue when used constantly. Now when that does happen, you will realize that all phones are the same and that they all have their own special issues. I'm not a part of this "apple religion" you speak of, not even close. I have one because it was the cheapest one I could afford. I don't go by quality. Hell, I would've gone with a droid if I wanted to.

REVO REVOO: maybe they can break i accept that but all other problems iPhone had is not acceptable i don't see why you support a company that clearly ripped you off, iphone 4 and S even had missing screws which means that they don't even do any basic checks. you are probably part of the apple religion. how come i never had those issues on my Samsung S2 S3 please explain also my older HTC

HoboFraggins: You seem to think all phones are inferior to iphones. When in fact all smart phones are the same, they can break easily when dropped, that's why they made the otter box. The otter box can absorb punishment and can protect the iphone.

REVO REVOO: a phone with that many problems as iphone have should not even be sold maybe you like to buy phones that are made out of glass and breaks on both sides if you drop it once or where the power button fails + the older iphone where the antenna didn't even work but i want quality you are clearly the retard that buys broken products for full price

HoboFraggins: It actually it shows how immature you are to hate on a phone. All phones have their issues when they get used constantly. No phone avoids any problems.

JPlays Mc: mine too!!

RealGamers4Ever: um, my button still doesnt work, if i push as hard as i can it is still jammed!

ryn7up: Or maybe Apple is pumping out product without testing their product intensely or they like anyone is trying to make an extra dollar on each unit and putting cheaper components in their product. Apple is just as guilty as anyone. I have had now had more problems on my iPhone 4 and 4S than i had with my 3G or 3GS. Product is definitely getting cheaper.

H22a4Vtec99: I did the full repair myself, holy crap u basically have to take the whole phone apart, terrible

YourAverageGamer Canada: It pisses me off that this issue arises just over 1 year after purchase making the manufacturers warranty void

Marcus_Mravik: model upgrade... for free??? tell me where and how

Elijah Jonespants: I've tried this many times and has yet to work

GREYGLOBAL3: @REVO REVOO. Normal wear and tear can cause this issue. A negative disposition towards apple products should not warrant such language. Quality is not the issue when referring to apple mobile devices. Like any other mass manufactured product problems are bound to arise. But with great customer service and model upgrades these issues will be obsolete in the future. Besides without this particular defect i would not have the pleasure to respond to such colorful opinions.

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iPhone 4/4s Easy power button fix 5 out of 5

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How to permanently fix iPhone 4 Lock Power Button when stuck, Easy fix!
How to permanently fix iPhone 4 Lock Power Button when stuck, Easy fix!
How to fix Iphone power button for FREE
How to fix Iphone power button for FREE
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How to: Replace the iPhone 4 Power and Lock Button
iPhone 4 Power/Lock Button Broken
iPhone 4 Power/Lock Button Broken
Iphone 4 / 4s power button fix / no new replacement part needed
Iphone 4 / 4s power button fix / no new replacement part needed

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iPhone 4/4s Easy power button fix