Wrap Around Ponytail By Hairdo

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MionTheLion: I've had one of these for a couple of years  but will not wear it as the pony is very heavy in your own hair and doesn't have enough clips to hold it in so it slips.  Not worth wearing on a night out as you will for ever be trying to pin it back up.  I think they need those pressure clips and not the little prong ones. Try it out during the daytime at home and see if you can get it to stay put for a few hours.

Lilly Epstein: Non of them match mine

Beauty & Hair: Hi, we'd love to help you out but can you let us know which clip-in bangs you are talking about? Just to let you know, the hairdo Clip-in Bangs are available in the Ginger Brown R830.

lilsmiley16840: Thanks for the info. One more question... Iike the color Ginger Brown R830 beaue t's the closest to my hair color now but I'm also inetersted on the getting the bangs but the color name are not the same. Can you tell me which color bangs in closer the ponytail R830 Gineger Brown? Thanks again

Beauty & Hair: Hi! You can find the direct product link in the video description above. This wrap-around pony is made with heat-friendly synthetic fiber than can be styled with your favorite hot tools. Hope that helps & thanks for watching!

lilsmiley16840: i want to purchase the one you can curl but on the link it says it's synthetic and not to use hot tools. How do I find the one on this video?

Beauty & Hair: Oh! Well, actually Jennifer is also wearing the Wrap Around Pony (now called Simply Straight Pony). It is also 18 inches long, but may appear to be longer because she's wearing it as a low ponytail. Hope that helps :)

Beauty & Hair: Hi! This one is around 18 inches long. Hope that helps, thanks for watching!

Beauty & Hair: Hi! It really depends on how often you wear it and how often you style it. With the proper care this hairpiece can last up to 4 months. Thanks for watching!

ImTotallySummer: do these tangle fast need replacements? because i dont want to have to buy 20 lol

Beauty & Hair: No :) if attached correctly this ponytail is very durable!

Beauty & Hair: Hi! The closest color we have to the 27/613 would be the R25. A darker blonde would be the R14/25, you can click on the link in the description to learn more about the ponytail and to see additional colors. Hope that helps! :)

anabellaparis1: How much is the weight? Do you have the color 27/613? I need dark honey blonde mixed with very light blonde but don't find on the hothair website...

Beauty & Hair: @72sarie the website listed in the information bar ships internationally

Beauty & Hair: @bodeguita07 My color the dark brown one is R6 and the model is wearing R14/25

Beauty & Hair: @woahmg No, you can only dye real human hair, synthetic can't be colored...

MONICA OBREGON: Hi, I just want to know what color is the wrap around ponytail you are using......thank you!!!

Baby Borgia: Ebay sell them.

Kueena: nice, but a lot of hair clip extensions...

Dear Sybersue: very cool product! looks great and Real...

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Wrap Around Ponytail by Hairdo