4L60E Transmission Valve Body Fix P1870 Transmission Component Slipping Trouble Code.

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JS Watson: Thanks for your videos they have help me a lot! But had a question for you i've done a couple of 2003 model 4l60e transmissions that I've had an issue with it going into third gear just from 2nd to 3rd once it goes in to 3rd it's fine just slips for a second going into third and it downshifts from fourth the third no problem any thoughts what that might be? 

Dirk Smithson: I flipped that converter clutch valve around like you showed. Its alot stiffer than the other three valves, is that okay? and also would a 3/32 drill bit be okay to use since it's equivelent to .0938? You said in the video It calls for a .096 but you use a .092

Hiram Gutierrez: +blackericdenice if you have a trailblazer, I don't recommend to drill the holes. It will make it feel like an extra gear. Just do the valve flip. On the late model valve body video I have. I have 2 videos on the same valve body, early and late. Yours is an EC3 Valve Body. Go to my channel, follow what I have there. 4.9L don't drill...5.3 or any other engine drill. But, if you're comfortable with the TCC feeling like another gear, that's great...drill. thanks.

MAXI MAX: Awesome tutorial Hiram. I have a delayed 1-2 shift followed by a harsh shift to 2nd on a 2004 Tahoe 4L60E 2 WD with 88k miles. It has no no check engine light on. I had it scanned and its got no codes stored. Do you think I might have this same issue even though it's not showing any trouble codes ? Some one else had suggested that it might be a broken spring from the 1-2 accumulator. I bought a pinless alinum accumulator 

Thomas Cruz: am taking on my 99 TA. ordered atsg book last night. am researching parts now. I found your videos and am downloading all now. lost 2 and reverse after hearing bang when leaving stop light. that was 1 month ago. my mechanic had it for 3 weeks and had not started it yet. after retrieving car I found out that he was going to put a bandaid on it and call it rebuilt. I lost a few hundred in the process, this will be my fourth tranny rebuild, any thoughts on parts or upgrades. I do believe you are just down the street from me as I live in deer park. wish me luck on my xmas present to me.

Hiram Gutierrez: This is a late model EC3 valve body on a 4L60E transmission.

SombraLocs: I have a 2000 Chevy S10 pickup truck with 175,000 miles. The "Check Engine Light" just recently turned on and is throwing a P1870 code. What do you recommend me do first?

blackericdenice: I rebuilt a 96 Tahoe trans 17 months and had a 3rd gear flair. The problem was the new separator plate I bought. I needed to drill the 3rd apply hole out larger. The flair is completely gone.

PINNKY: hola hiram ,te felicito por todos tus videos,, eres un profecional.,, tengo un 2000 chevy Silverado 4.8L,, hace un par de dias empezo a brincar de primera a segunda,, depues de corer bien unas 40 o 50 millas,, me dio el codigo p1817,, mi pregunta es,, se puede remplazar la valvula tcc,, sin necesidad de bajar la transmission ?? o la caja de valvulas ?? gracias.

czhou57: Great video. I had a tcc shudder during lockup, and installed transgo SK kit to fix this problem. When it switches over to lockup, it now locks up hard like a 5th gear but it still shudders/chatters. It makes the noise like a manual car was started in 4th gear. When it locks up at 45, chatter, shudder, hold down the throttle about 3/4 and it kicks it out of lockup and accelerates to about 65, then locks up again without any shudder or chatter. On the scan tool it doesn't notice any significant slip during the lock up chatter -10 to -20 rpm. Holding the brake pedal lightly while accelerating, the chatter goes away. I've installed the shift kit exactly to all directions: replacing springs, adding shims, enlarging feed holes, etc. without skipping any steps, and added a corvette servo and new transgo plate. 1-2-3-4 works well outside of the 45mph lockup. What could be wrong? Burned converter clutches? Slipping band? Even more excessive wear on the VB that the shift kit didn't fix? This is on a 96 Astro 4l60e AWD. I've replaced most of all the ignition components recently, and fuel trims are steady during the shudder.

Toni Stroder: I hope you might help me i am trying to replace my transmission in a 2005 gmc envoy xuv 4x4 4l60e 5.3 motor i have everything apart but it seems to be stuck right above the starter area it will not seperate from there did i miss something please help anybody

destiny johnson: i did the flip on my 2002 chevy trailblazer do I still drill the holes or should I not drill them?

El Ocho Fierro: Hola amigo para aser ese trabajo se nesesita remover la transmission? Quitarla? Gracias 2000 yukon 5.3 p1870 y p0712 gracias?

Fidel: Am I able to use a 4l60e valve body out of a 2006 avalanche and put it in a 2002 avalanche?

jc mcdaniel: I got a 97 chevy c1500 with the 4L60e and I get the p1870 code after I drive for awhile say 25+ miles and then I get a hard shift from 1st to 2nd and it's also running at 2100 Rpm's at 70 mph and it used to run at 18-1900 at 70 is it gonna be the valve or a solenoid if it's the valve how much does it cost to get it fixed I'm in Houston tx 

steve rohaley: Really good video man. When I rebuilt mine I left the valve body alone. Mistake. Going back in it this week. Good info 

Buddy Holbrook: Your transmission repair videos are very informative and very professional- Thank you for the time you spend doing them... I am an Master ASE tech but not too much auto tranny work- about to take on my 2000 Trans Am Ls1 with 4L60E. I believe I have 3-4 clutches bad- get a funny shift almost like going into the same gear even though I feel the shift and then eventually get to 4th. Any tips beside the valve flip and hole drilling-going to change out cam for a bit more performance-staying stock pistons and chip.. thanks again..Nhtrailcat

jystrauss: Great job, Hiram. Where are you located? I'd love for you to do the work on my 2002 Blazer. Got a P1870 with some slipping and some jerking. My mechanic says I need a full rebuild but after seeing you I'm not so sure. Any chance you can do my work? Where you located??? Thanks so much.

Maria Elena Gamboa: Buenas tardes amigo! Con que limpia las piezas???

george thibert: hi love the videos but I have a question when your driving and just lost all gears in 2004 gmc envoy how can that happen if you can explain thanks george

RagingWhiteman: Have you had a plug in the valve body that holds the valves in be stuck and not come out when you remove the clip? My plug is stuck and will not come out. The back part of the plug groove is catching. What can I do to remove it so I can clean the valve body? My 4l60e trans is a 1995 4x4. Thank you and your videos are a blessing.

blackericdenice: Its been 3 months after the valve flip and all is cool. I now drive with the trans n 3 n the city because the tcc put the rpm to low. If I was to flip it back around, do they make a stronger spring for the 04 Trailblazer. I was thinking about putting a ball or something between the valve and the spring to make it stronger.

ryan butler: I have a 2000 chevy truck that doesn't shift into higher gears. I have had the transmission rebuilt and just replaced the wire harness/ tcc solenoid. It will take off strong then I loose all gears. 

Tomasito Gonzalez: my car is not locking up, and the p1870 came up. would doing what you did fix that problem of the trans not locking up??

DoubleChinRooster: thanks for the video. some stupid Mexican sold me a Jimmy with a hard 1-2 upshift that I did not notice when I test drove because the transmission was cold. why the usa is an ally of mexico is beyond me. DEATH TO MEXICO!

blackericdenice: Why did you drill into the plate?

blackericdenice: My 04 Trailblazer jerks when ever it's time for the tc to lock up. Don't have a code but plan to try your fix this week end.

Rex F: What type of WD-40 are you using for lubricating the valve bodies? Just regular old WD-40?

Roxies Poxon: Hi Hiram, I just watched both teardown and rebuild a couple of times and I don't see anything about the park paul removal or install. Do you have a seperate vidio for that or is it just a no brainer? Just wondering. Thanks, Dale

juniorcarterlumber: I have a 2000 gmc jimmy 2wd . I was going down the road at about 45mph and went to pas a semi and hit the gas after passing semi truck will not shift into 3rd shifts fine from 1 ,2skips 3 and goes in and out of o/d. If i push the tow/haul button it shifts hard from 1 to 2 ,3rd still not there goes in and out of o/d. I checked solenoids all good but the solenoid marked b. Got new same prob. I now have valve body out and checking. Just need to know if im on right path or throw in the towel and get

William Scherba: Hiram, Thank you for this video, my 2000 Firebird is giving me P1870, I know i need to work on the valve body but do i need to install a whole new body of just the TCC valve, How much of the above work needs to be performed to replace just the TCC valve with a sleeve?

Hiram Gutierrez: Yes, its comming.

Flavio C Velasco: have you repaired an A4LD?

Keenan Kaufman: i got this code on my 97 blazer, but i dont feel anything wrong with the tranny, no slipping or hard shifting, what could this be?

KeshkaKotera: Hiram, Thank you for going through the trouble to create this video and share your knowledge. I just returned from a 700 mile trip (first long trip in my little 1998 Blazer I purchased and rebuilt from a wreck) So far I love the little critter but during the trip she threw the P1870 code several times. I am relieved to see that the repair is so strait forward and does not require the removal of my tranny. You saved my bacon! Thank you SIR!

Quinlan Shanley: How much would it cost to have a repair shop do this?

Nick Brittenham: Excellent videos, where was this video when i did my first 4l60? I'm starting my second one now and your teardown video was so helpful. Keep up the good work!

Andrew Tetrault: i have a 4l60e in a 1996 gmc z71 6 inch lift on 35s have 4:56s in the axles for less strain on tranny and somehow seems to still go out. had it rebuilt a year again and ever since ive been having tranny problems, ill get into overdrive it will lock up and as soon as i give it some gas but not enough for it to downshift rpms rise and fall repeatedly until i either let of gas or downshift. its been in the shop 4 times in past year and a half and still inst fixed, do u have any suggestions. HELP ME


Leo B: hey thanks for the info. and my 98 blazer goes forward in neutral, park , reverse, 123 what could be the problem? any info would be appreciated thanks

Geoffrey nesmith: wow, this guy knows his stuff!

RobM1AK: Have a quick question; for the installation of the 3rd and 4th clutch backing plate retainer ring grove in the input housing. My input drum has one tab broken off. Only prob with the transmission was 2-4 check ball stuck in separator plate-caught it way erly and no other damage. I think the tab broke during disassembly. Should it be replaced? Thank you greatly! Rob 4L60E GMC 1999 Suburban K1500

Hiram Gutierrez: Ok, I'll get it together. You'll have it soon.

posjoey: i have a 99 chevy silverado and its throwing the p1870 code. but it also has codes for the MAF sensor and the fuel cap code. if i were to fix those could i avoid messing with the tranny? i was told take care of engine problems before tranny problems. PLEASE HELP!!

JUDGERAMBO: Is a full rebuild video available?

Hiram Gutierrez: That is one of the symptoms the P1870 trouble code will cause.

juniorcarterlumber: A new trans. Thanks for any help you may give. And thanks for the videos

SS Maro: Thanks for the vids Hiram!! I got a question for ya.. I recentlly had a 4l60e rebuilt and it only has forward gears, even when its in nuetral it goes forward. I also have abs,parking brake, and traction control lights on that wusnt on before.. Can U help me out any? Thanks again!!


bash5995: This is better than sitting in a classroom, you are not only an awesome mechanic, but a great teacher as well.

4L60E Transmission Valve Body fix P1870 Transmission Component Slipping trouble code. 4.8 out of 5

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4L60E Transmission Valve Body fix P1870 Transmission Component Slipping trouble code.