Matcha Lava Cake (Molten Green Tea Cake) 抹茶フォンダンショコラ

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_Kute Girl_: 🤤🤤

TheMiniJana: Tried this recipie last week and it was great! I think next time I would use less or no sugar. :)
I never thought that 9mins are enough but it worked perfectly!

Emma Bale: My lava cake collapsed when I took it out of the ramequin :'(
I think my oven isn't as powerful as yours so next time I'll probably have to leave it in for 15-20min. However it still tasted pretty good :3

🍁秋🍁: Hi, I'm french and I love Japanese culture, your cake looks delicious , nice work !
( Sorry if there are mistakes )

Frisca Ditta Salim: Hi,can i use taro powder instead of green tea?

Anne Stephanie Buan: Did this recipe! It was so easy and it tasted really good! Good job thank you!

Ashley Tran: HI! So, I just finished making this, and it is LITTERALLY the best thing ever and first time that a lava cake didn't collapse on me! I've only ever made chocolate lava cake but I made a matcha one this time! It's literally to die for!

Selene Lim: Hi thanks so much for sharing! Would you mind to enlighten us why freezing is required before baking? Some recipes ask for chilling before baking whereas some not required so i am kinda confused.

Selene Lim: Hi thanks for the great and detailed recipe. Is it possible for me to use cream cheese instead of white chocolate here?

Truc Vu: How can i know your Facebook

Retired Chand Evil: Quick tip:
The chocolate melts easy with butter.

There actually isn't a need to chill the mixture, this guy must have an amazing oven.

Caster sugar mixes easier with the chocolate than regular sugar. I prefer to mix with beaten egg first then add the chocolate mixture. You can try using less sugar if it 'lumps' together.

 If you want to reduce the likeliness of the cake cracking, beat the egg separately until fluffy (almost). Also, sift in the plain/all purpose flour.

Sprinkle a tiny amount of flour around the inside of the ramekin to reduce adhesion.

Let the cake cool for 15 minutes (as said) upside down in the ramekin on a baking rack (on a counter :P). This prevents the cake flattening and allows it to be removed easily.

Andinna Octari: Thank you for the recipe! I'd love to make it soon since I'm a matcha lover ♥

Kevin Vo: Could you please tell me the ingredients in ml or teaspoons and tablespoons? I really want to make this but I don't have anything to measure grams.

Kawaiicollection: I tried two times and failed two times. Whenever I get to the part adding the sugar it just doesn't get smooth. Instead, it clumped. The first time I microwaved the chocolate, it worked fine it's just when I added the sugar. I thought it's because I should have melted the chocolate in hot water. The second time I did melt it in water but I got the same result when I added sugar. (╥﹏╥) ಥ_ಥ

Ati Lala: O M G

yehyehIRIS: I just made this for dessert! It's great, sweet and decadent but full of matcha flavour.. YUMMY! Thank you for the recipe. 

Kevin Vo: How do I calculate grams? Could you tell me the ingredeints and teaspoons and tablespoons? Thanks in advance :D

Jochebed Addo: Love it! I made this for my catering assessment last year and my teacher loved it! Soo delicious!! :D Thanks Yutaro!! :D

Shita: すごい!どうやって英語勉強したんですか?留学とかしたんですか?

Caroline Go: Agree with Coreen, can you suggest some brand of the matcha powder?

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Matcha Lava Cake (Molten Green Tea Cake) 抹茶フォンダンショコラ 5 out of 5

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Matcha Lava Cake (Molten Green Tea Cake) 抹茶フォンダンショコラ