Matcha Lava Cake (Molten Green Tea Cake) English Ver. とろける抹茶ケーキの作り方 英語版

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bro1818: If I'm making 4 at once, do I still bake it for the same amount of time ? :) 

Sandy Ng: I've tried's freaking amazingly GOOOOOOODDDD. thanks for your recipe

kenkotea: Looks amazing, I've got to make a matcha lave cake some time!

Woomi Toona: thank you i love match. where can i buy hi quality match in US i try to buy on Ebay but the dont turn out as green as the one u have. Plz tell me the brand u use if i can find it on Ebay or Amazon Thankss

hinh vuong: can you make eng sub pl? 

NAWITTHA P.: I'm wondering, is it possible to keep them in the fridge overnight before baking. I kinda want it for breakfast though ^^ 

Melanie Applewaithe: Youtaro-san…I know this has nothing to do with macha…going to have a mini-molten cake evening. Remember the butterscotch?…where can I get that in Nippon any ideas appreciated. Getting sick of paying 送料from the US for some things. Even the Mikitani, supposedly "raku"…heavenly peeps let me down.

Rachel Lane: Can you post more videos involving the green tea matcha powder? I recently got some and dont know alot of easier recipes than this.

Coreen lee: Could you suggest some brand of the matcha power? some of them are too many sugar in the matcha power, and looks kind of white you know what i mean? Thank you^^

Fuzzykit: I'm making this now!! Actually I'm at the part where you leave it in the fridge to chill so I have to wait 'till I can eat it. T_T Yutaro, can I feature this recipe on my blog? I'll link straight to this video rather than writing the ingredients down and post tempting pictures =D (I'm also doing a hojicha-ppuchino post to go alongside it ^^) What do you think?

Melanie Applewaithe: Youtaro-san..gomen after this demonstration of skill…様を付けます。Perfect for a New Year Soiree with my hardworking, cake and matcha loving man. Next stop butterscotch molten cake….

Amin Ruslan: Can i please ask how many portions does this recipe make?

403def: great recipe. amazing cake.

sergiodmartos: Hi Yutaro, thank you so much for this recipe. I am a great fan of matcha desserts and I tried this one yesterday, so good! For the next time, I will use a small pitch of salt; as we are using some flour, it will be a bit tastier, cheers from Spain!

MsReina93: This is amazing! I've been obsess with matcha in a very long time and because of my obsession it has become contagious between my best friends and my family xD totally going to try this out! Btw what if I want to bake more than 5 servings of the matcha lava cake, how would measurements work then? :D hopefully you can help me with this question!~ ありがとうございます!!!!

MagikarpDaMan: ¿ IM GOD¿

yutaro5296: Yes, that's delicious!! I'll try and make new videos too, so hope you check them out! Thanks for commenting :)

yutaro5296: コメントありがとうございます^^ おいしかったです!!日本語ver.を現在制作中です^^

yutaro5296: Nope! Remove the bowl from the heat as soon as the chocolate is melted :) Thanks for asking! I hope you'll enjoy making these cakes XD

Taehoonger: うまそううううう!

yutaro5296: xD

yutaro5296: Thanks for your comment. It's about 450 F. However, every oven is different, so bake for the shortest time. Only if the outside is still not firm enough, let it bake for another minute or so. Underdone is always better than overdone!

TheFawziAsraf: ooh I see

Yamashita Seimu: how u funny lol

Brittney Williamson: It shows you love baking and its fun watching you

Itss vyy: That looks soo good

Michelle King: Hi, the cake looks delicious! Can I steam it instead of bake it? ;)

SUGARxPRINC3: i would like to try it!!本当ね

yutaro5296: Thanks so much for watching, trying my recipe, and commenting!! I'm really happy that yours came out great! I love baking :)

mook p: Thank you so much im like it :)

Brittney Williamson: Awesome trick with the melted butter! Can we say delicious??? I just made this no more than 20 minutes ago, and it was soo good and had such wonderful flavor. It is wonderful

MagikarpDaMan: Thanks!

yutaro5296: Thanks for commenting :) It's very easy to find matcha in Japan, but maybe not in some countries... which country are you in? Thanks for watching xD

yutaro5296: Thanks so much for watching and commenting! :)

yutaro5296: Ramekins are actually used to serve a variety of dishes such as creme brulee, souffle, and ice cream :)

yutaro5296: Thank YOU for watching it! I'm glad you like it :)

MagikarpDaMan: What temperature do you cook at F*

yutaro5296: Haha that's true! At least ramekins are pretty cheap (I see them at one-dollar stores in Japan). I hope you can find them to bake some :)

yutaro5296: Thanks for watching, and I'm very happy that you commented in Japanese xD Where did you learn it?

yutaro5296: Thanks for watching! This recipe is only suitable for baking, and temperature and baking time must be exactly accurate :)

TheFawziAsraf: I live in Saudi Arabia I might be able to find some I guess I'll go looking ;P but I also need to buy some ramekins! lol! anyway I love lava cakes because they're so simple and easy and the worst that can happen is if you overbake, you get a cake. XD

Yu Jung Euh: omg!!!! ooeyy goooeyyy xd

ra.y ❄: crying

kellaayyy13: Oishii desu! Lol It looks absolutely delicious!

TheFawziAsraf: I really need to figure out where to buy some matcha :o anyway good job c: yay for guy bakers! high five!

TheFawziAsraf: thaanks~ :)) I actually have no clue what ramekins are used for other than these lava cakes!

Ruozhuo Li: love your vids!

Cynthia Cheung: I've finally tried it!!!! Who hoop!!!! Thanks soooo much!!! It was a blast!!!!

Govern Yiu: just made the batter, gonna try it tomorrow night after dinner... cant wait ^^ . however the butter I used is the salted one, does it make a big difference ??

Caroline Go: Looove youu...r cake :D

Holiday: We don\t make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new. Don\t give up!
Matcha Lava Cake (Molten Green Tea Cake) English ver. とろける抹茶ケーキの作り方 英語版 4.9 out of 5

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Matcha Lava Cake (Molten Green Tea Cake) English ver. とろける抹茶ケーキの作り方 英語版