B&w Cm1 Sound Test

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Виталий Смирницкий: Your myc doesn't catch bass, it's really weak. No chance to record the sound of B&W.

Bunty Simmons: Is is impossible to test speakers over the internet, you are the only person who can hear them live.

northside lunatic: Im not in the mood to hear this bitch, all his freaking ass does is whine about everything

Easyandworkproject: tight bass good vocal.


Kyser Sozu: Waste of time - told me nothing

djcrazynick: Sounds good!

Oie de Etudiant: Good track. But Pac does not showcase the equipment, Lee Morgan, Ellington?

ferdy030975: bel video....fatto bene e ottimo test, con musica che esalta le bellissime e impressionanti cm1...complimenti

morgansk8: 2pac - changes

TheMcBravo: The king!

superoxnova: Most of the time i play .Flac audio ( computer ) Asus xonar STX 124 db

Gerard Fletcher: do u play vinyl it sound so awesome luv the speakers i use 1520 rotel cheers and kef nice well done

superoxnova: Sorry i was wrong, Its the PM8003, and my tuner ST6003 you do not need that pm8003 to power cm1, the amp can power Cm9 ( future expens ) I want them soon :p

TheEyeres: Thank you Thank you Is it a set of PM8003 and SA8003 in PA? I am sorry repeatedly.

superoxnova: @TheEyeres pa8003

TheEyeres: What is a player using? SA8003? Since it is a wonderful sound, I would like to use the completely same system as you.

balrogtheundefeated: wow the tweeter sounds more detail than DM series.

kopjesenseo: nice speakers

sf2explus: wicked speakers good track as well.

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B&w Cm1 sound test 5 out of 5

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B&w Cm1 sound test
B&w Cm1 sound test
The Bowers and Wilkins CM1 speakers look great
The Bowers and Wilkins CM1 speakers look great
B&W CM1 speakers Sound Test
B&W CM1 speakers Sound Test
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B&w Cm1 sound test