B&w Cm1 Sound Test

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Oie de Etudiant: Good track. But Pac does not showcase the equipment, Lee Morgan, Ellington?

d60nikon: Amazing!

Speedy Gonzarles: My dalis beat those anytime

nnbbmm100: What amp your speakers sounded? It sounded great!

superoxnova: @TheEyeres pa8003

iMpurehifi: try quadral ;) especially the Montan MKV and Vulkan MKIV ribbon tweeters really sound airy and the tranmissionline bass is simply wonderfull!

superoxnova: hmm, In my small Fun room 6 meters x 6 meters the cm1 can go damn hard, not to party but you will get the bass in your tummy ;) And you can push them hard, make your amp strong, and your cm1/cm5 will go even harder.. because they have more controle off the unit, ass long you play without distortion you can play ass hard you like ;), the best way to test, go to A personal hifi store where you have more service ( maybe more expensive, but you can buy it at an other place .. just lissen..

TheXtremesoundz: they look beautiful

Petar Tutundziev: be4 u think i may sound silly, do they sound good loud or should i go for the cm5 ? the salesman in the store told me that i can bring my amp to test drive them but i don't want to crank up the volume there :) the amp is an Aura Evolution MK II build by b&w back in the 90s

TheEyeres: Thank you Thank you Is it a set of PM8003 and SA8003 in PA? I am sorry repeatedly.

needfordylan: echt goede speakers :)

TheMcBravo: The king!

eXECUTE: @davidbeal4 changes-2pac

theman0dam: Hey superoxnova im looking at getting these or the CM5, and didn't know how they would run without a sub. Whats your personal opinion on these? and also what speakers did you upgrade from? As nearly every shop im going to are running them on a crappy amp or running them with a sub. Thanks Beau

morgansk8: 2pac - changes

balrogtheundefeated: wow the tweeter sounds more detail than DM series.

matiDfx retamar: is good sound

Victor Maese: Your douchy comments are pointless. Buy your own, and play your own music on it.

Gerard Fletcher: do u play vinyl it sound so awesome luv the speakers i use 1520 rotel cheers and kef nice well done

superoxnova: Most of the time i play .Flac audio ( computer ) Asus xonar STX 124 db


pitoloco: MUSIC IS crap

Mikasa Ackerman: @MrSchaufensterpuppen problem?

TheObservationDeck: Search "AudioEngine 5+"

superoxnova: go to 4-5 stores and let them hook on an NAD, Marantz, Rotel, ... your ears are the boss, not the seller ;) buy what you like most.. otherwise you will regrett it later on ;)

sf2explus: wicked speakers good track as well.

eddiebaby22: beautiful sounding speaker.

superoxnova: Sorry i was wrong, Its the PM8003, and my tuner ST6003 you do not need that pm8003 to power cm1, the amp can power Cm9 ( future expens ) I want them soon :p

MrDJidZ: unreal speakers

itsruw: @theman0dam: Hi, I have both, the CM5 and CM1.The CM1 are awesome speakers, for their size,price and over all great.BUT the CM5 are in a different league.Thats not to say the CM1 are bad, no, I really like them,but everything they are great at(detail, clarity, dynamic,etc.)the CM5 is better at.The CM5 especially shines at top end detail, bass dynamic and detail,stage and they are MUCH more natural. With the CM1 u will have a great time listening to your CDs,with the CM5 u are listening to music.

kopjesenseo: nice speakers

samhamels: How would you feel about using these as 'pc speakers' ? I'm always sitting at my desk, listening to music while working, and I want to invest in great sound quality, but I'm not sure if these would be okay for a distance of only 1 meter (40 inches) from each ear... Thanks for your answer!

Michael Hayes: are craping me?

superoxnova: @theman0dam later this day i can post Dubstep on this cm1 setup ;)

superoxnova: Marantz pm8003 ;) ty !

superoxnova: @samhamels bower en wilkins have close range speakers for the computer. and they sound great ! deep full sound

TheEyeres: What is a player using? SA8003? Since it is a wonderful sound, I would like to use the completely same system as you.

superoxnova: @theman0dam In my opinion are the cm5 not that mutch better, they have only a litl more headroom. Be4 this i had no speakers ;), in a big room i would pick a sub, in a small room not ;) Ask to hook them op @ a class amp? :p

David Beal: wats the song

David Lane: No speaker will make that music sound good

ferdy030975: bel video....fatto bene e ottimo test, con musica che esalta le bellissime e impressionanti cm1...complimenti

Kahuna Lysén: Goddamn, i'm listening to a test of a pair of CM1's, with my OWN CM1's. Feels weird. But gotta love these speakers though. with the right amp, theyre the most fun small boookshelf speakers you could find on the market. No matter what you're into

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B&w Cm1 sound test 4.5 out of 5

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B&w Cm1 sound test
B&w Cm1 sound test
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B&w Cm1 sound test