B&w Cm1 Sound Test

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Easyandworkproject: tight bass good vocal.


Kyser Sozu: Waste of time - told me nothing

djcrazynick: Sounds good!

Oie de Etudiant: Good track. But Pac does not showcase the equipment, Lee Morgan, Ellington?

ferdy030975: bel video....fatto bene e ottimo test, con musica che esalta le bellissime e impressionanti cm1...complimenti

Kahuna Lysén: Goddamn, i'm listening to a test of a pair of CM1's, with my OWN CM1's. Feels weird. But gotta love these speakers though. with the right amp, theyre the most fun small boookshelf speakers you could find on the market. No matter what you're into

morgansk8: 2pac - changes

TheMcBravo: The king!

superoxnova: Most of the time i play .Flac audio ( computer ) Asus xonar STX 124 db

Gerard Fletcher: do u play vinyl it sound so awesome luv the speakers i use 1520 rotel cheers and kef nice well done

superoxnova: Sorry i was wrong, Its the PM8003, and my tuner ST6003 you do not need that pm8003 to power cm1, the amp can power Cm9 ( future expens ) I want them soon :p

TheEyeres: Thank you Thank you Is it a set of PM8003 and SA8003 in PA? I am sorry repeatedly.

superoxnova: @TheEyeres pa8003

TheEyeres: What is a player using? SA8003? Since it is a wonderful sound, I would like to use the completely same system as you.

balrogtheundefeated: wow the tweeter sounds more detail than DM series.

kopjesenseo: nice speakers

sf2explus: wicked speakers good track as well.

Victor Maese: Your douchy comments are pointless. Buy your own, and play your own music on it.

David Lane: No speaker will make that music sound good

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
B&w Cm1 sound test 5 out of 5

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B&w Cm1 sound test
B&w Cm1 sound test
B&W CM1 speakers Sound Test
B&W CM1 speakers Sound Test
Marantz NA7004. NR1403 - Rotel RB1070 and B&W CM1
Marantz NA7004. NR1403 - Rotel RB1070 and B&W CM1
b&w CM1 Test song @50%
b&w CM1 Test song @50%
The Bowers and Wilkins CM1 speakers look great
The Bowers and Wilkins CM1 speakers look great

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B&w Cm1 sound test