Rohm RG24 .22 Revolver Disassembly/Assembly Video

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Craig Roberts: You gun is missing the hammer safety link (it looks like a bent paperclip) that has to fit on the left side of the hammer, then go up in front of the hammer. It is to prevent the hammer from being knocked forward by accident and hitting the firing pin. It's a bitch to put in, which is why someone probably left it out. The RGs cost $79 back in the early 70s, and no police agency would allow one on the range or to be carried.  We recently inherited one and it is non-functional. I use it to demonstrate in our handgun classes as what NOT to get! The Rohms were the original "Saturday Night Specials."

Alex Alvarez: I have a Rg24 .22cal and ive taken it apart but now my tripper and hammer dont wanna work currently now. Any way i can send n pay you to fix it?? PLEASE HELP ME $

Ricky Marlowe: lm looking for a main spring guide for a Rg23 22 long

Eric Pennington: I have one just like that it worked fine till I took the drum off now when I pull the trigger it has up and I have to push the drum rotate locator out of the way evertime

B Clark: Thank You! :)

Zach P: I need help with mine. Plz comment back

Ingo Hiller: the spring on the trigger guard is the problem on my gun

Ingo Hiller: why it's not that easy I work the whole day on it

Ingo Hiller: I have a snub nose RG 23 22 caliber very hard to put the trigger back in with the trigger spring took me a whole day almost impossible

DerpSlayer9001: I can't figure out where the long bent up tension spring like thing goes

Robbie Mitchell: how you take apart just the cylinder that holds the shells

Familia Barrios: Thanks alot for this video!! im in the processes of reassembling mine n seen alot of bad reviews on this guns firing pin

Familia Barrios: Thanks alot for this video!! im in the processes of reassembling mine n seen alot of bad reviews on this guns firing pin

Mr_Wizard: that looks like an RG14 with a larger grip frame and larger grips
I wonder how many of the internal parts, might be the same
i know the the 14 has a rebounding firing pin, not a hammer mounted rim fire pin

Jamie Wallace: i have rg 59. but should be similar. drill that bitch out with grinding stone and re sleeve with. in your case riffled 22 cal. sleeve

Jamie Wallace: my friend. there should be a whole. in cover under grip. take off grip. take off panel insert spring into cover. then metal pin. hold in place with mini hole. use paper clip. in cover and re assemble and remove pin from hole. it holds spring back and pin in place. I hope i got right spring for ya.

Brian Conway: bronco it's a 22LR right? my friend inherited one but it's hard to read

Chevy- Schultz: I cant figure out how to separate the crane from the cylinder. Any help?

Rod Z: I watched your video to disassemble clean and reassemble my RG24 handgun .I think I got it back together right,I didn't see washers on hammer spring nor did u mention a spring on trigger assembly about 3/4 in long.Gun misfires the same before I took it apart.What next?

Chelsea Smith: what about rg 10 I need the the disassemble and re assemble

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Rohm RG24 .22 Revolver Disassembly/Assembly Video 5 out of 5

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Rohm RG24 .22 Revolver Disassembly/Assembly Video