Rohm RG24 .22 Revolver Disassembly/Assembly Video

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toob247: Much thanks for the vid Bronc, I just "scored" anrg 40 for50$ and an rg 23 in almost mint for 25$ it had a missing sprig behind the trigger. I went to sears and bought a spring that fit but was too long. After trimmingan d turning the end wth pliers. It fit perferct. Your vid just made it easy 

Richard Keil: I have a rg24 that is missing a couple of parts . able to buy parts. video of the dis -assembly was very helpful. thanks for posting it.

NonLearner: my trigger wont fire but when i put the mag to the side it does but the trigger wont return to the front of the trigger gaurd any help bro

NonLearner: man somethen wrong with mine it wont let me dry fire it any help bro plzz??

Colby Black: You said the spring in the trigger guard kept the drum rotator in place, I throught this spring would be compressed by the barrel rotator somehow and that is what would return the trigger, but I can't get it to latch to anything. If you remove just the drum, can you see the spring in the same hole the drum rotator is?

Broncobilly318: Sorry this is the only video I have on it, mine only has the one spring on the trigger, is yours a RG24? Some of the other Rohm models are set up quite a bit different than mine.

JOHN DOWNEY: Billy I have the RG-24 but the barrel swivels just slightly @1/8". The pin that you mentioned holds the barrel in may need to be replaced? Do you know if they sell them. Is there a special tool to remove / reinsert the pin? I won't shoot the gun in that condition but would like to be able to.

Daehawk: Have a nickle plated one with ivory hand grips. It was my grand father n law's . He got it a long time ago as a carry gun for personal protection. He was a train engineer. I cant hit a wall with the thing but love it all the same. It's a snub nose.

Dylan Doobie: Where is the safety button at. My cylinder keeps locking up

Nino SKG: Can you please email me asap i have several question i have to ask you about this gun if you don't mind.

Broncobilly318: Sorry I tried to find schematics for mine when I had it and nobody has them for the revolvers, I found a forum online that a guy said he had them and I tried to contact him but never got a response. Good luck with it, I had fun with mine but got tired of fixing all the time and finally sold it.

Colby Black: Hey, I have a Burgo Cal .22 short. Which is a newer version of Rohm. Every thing is basically the same and I'm having some trouble. My uncle had this old gun and was rusty and dirty. I cleaned it and reassembled it but the trigger wont return. The spring on the back of the trigger is fin and in place. Any ideas?

Broncobilly318: No I have never ordered anything from them yet.

Ashley Brinkley: Watched your video,and on the rg24 where can you order the parts?

Roy Walling: I reviewed your film for disassembly and reassembly of the RG24 22L. I had previously disassembled the weapon and apparently went too far. I disassembled the trigger assembly. My reasoning for this is that the trigger was very sluggish in recoiling after firing. Do you have instructions for reasembly? Roy Walling 318-929-7621. Thanks

Broncobilly318: If the spring is about 1.5" long it is probably the hammer spring that goes under the grips. The only pin that was on my RG24 was the pin that held the barrel in place, I had never removed my barrel so I'm not sure what it would look like but it's was probably only about 1/4" long.

Broncobilly318: I didn't see the pin listed on the web site. I would think you would just use a small punch to remove the pin but I'm not sure about movement in the barrel, I no longer have this gun I had several issues with it that I couldn't fix and decided it needed to go.

David Gulley: I enjoyed your video. I am in need of a cylinder for a gun like this. Have an idea where I can get one? Please notify me if you can help. Please email me at Thanks a bunch!

Trevor Dockery: Bronco, when I install my hammer it won't pull back. Do you know why?

Cambell F: thank you

Lilith Minerva: that looks just like an rg 23.. nice video.. i have to rebuild my rg 23 so maybe this can help

Daehawk: Whoops I meant mine is a RG23. Looks new and works great.

Lilith Minerva: okay i have an rg 23 and it is not like this rg 24.. i had to set the spring in the trigger guard.. that was tricky. i have this strange hook on the triger that is not on this rg 24 in this video.. i dont know what it does but i left it how it would only go and that seams to work fine. the gun is a little tricky and i could see why i would not trust it to much but then again i left it on the stove on fire and i left in in a freezer. stilll works.. better then glock.. LOL thanks

Cambell F: What does it mean when you pull the trigger and it won't return to the front of the trigger guard

Broncobilly318: There is a small spring on the back of the trigger, if it has fallen out or is crushed the trigger wont return. In the video you can see it when I put the trigger assembly back in.

Broncobilly318: YouTube wont let me put a link in the comments but there is one in the video description, that's the only place I have found that carries parts but it looks like they have just about anything you would need.

HFB11587: I could even send a picture or something to you by email if you can help me out.

Roy Walling: Where cam I get the schematic for the RG24 ROHM 22L., Roy Walling, 318-929-7621.

Dennis Darby: bryco-jennings-jimenezarms for rg 24 parts diagram

Broncobilly318: There is no safety, the cylinder locking up is from a catch just under the cylinder that locks it into place when you pull the trigger to lock it into the correct position when you fire. On mine the spring in the trigger guard had broken and started causing this.

Benito Lazcano: You are cool, my Herbert Schmidt Model 11 is much like that one you showed us. Thanks man. Where can I get a schematic?

Ashley McGranahan: I have a rg20 n I'm having trouble with the spring on the trigger guard, when I pull the trigger back it doesn't come forward n the cylinder locks, what am I doing wrong

quality auto svc.'s: I have what I believe to be an rg24 22 revolver it has all the same parts as the one in this video except the trigger guard is held in by a pin and there is a piece of spring steel about an inch or so long bent on a 90 degree angle on one end about a 1/4 inch and the other end is also bent on a 90 with another small bend of about 1/8 of an inch it was manufactured as such appears to be trigger return spring there is a small hole at top of trigger it fits into any help on how it installs thanx!

HFB11587: I have a quick question Bronco. I have a RG model 31 revolver I got from my Grandpa and was just cleaning this old thing. I have two parts that I can't figure out where they go. One is a longer spring which I think is the hand spring and the other is a silver colored pin. I can't figure out what pin it is or where it goes back at. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Broncobilly318: Their not available anywhere I could find. I could only find ones for the semi auto pistols.

Jeremy Butler: I have one of these guns and followed your video. My gun happens to have a spring on the other side of the trigger. Do you have another video about this gun explaining how to insert this piece or can you send me a message on how to do it?

kill bill: what about firing pin?

Rohm RG24 .22 Revolver Disassembly/Assembly Video 4.8 out of 5

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Rohm RG24 .22 Revolver Disassembly/Assembly Video