Real Steel Custom Robots DT Quick Punch

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DLH3002: My robot's TBR is 20,557.
Edit: Never seen better.

Alien: Carnag tbr doesn't mean anything it's all about the robot not the tbr

Silent Vortexx: M8 my robot would beat all of yours anyway

XMGPX GNASHYS PLAYS: his robot looks like clan iZ hD robot copyer

xXCarNagE77Xx: My bot has a tbr of 13959, I have yet to see better

Expeckting rock: YO TE GANO

DTPSYCHOMANTIS: Hola!!eso k me dices te aparecera dentro del juego,en el menu principal sale una pestaña k pone downloable content o algo parecido le das ai i lo tendras,lo unico es k vale 240 microsoftpoints pero es un precio mas k razonable,espero k te sirva d ayuda

wolf89inombrable: hola mira yo me acabo de bajar el juego y me gustaria saber como diseñar y pintar mi robot y me dice q tengo q comprar un kit o algo de diseño y nose muy bien como va todo eso si hace falta comprar algo y donde. Gracias x todo.

luki laschera: se puede bajar a pc

ownage PL: madman

Jesse Whipp: how do you customize to the quick punch?

shane burgess: That was boss

lacoalfredo: u font even know how to qrite in englidh idiot..........

Dom F: Who=Woah.

Dom F: Who amigo, he was just asking a question. Chill the freak out!

samili: im come from sweden and i can talk very good english and learning spanish

rengar77: you should just friggen speack engilish asshole!

David Justus: I'm fairly certain that if you still had these bots, My Iron Golem (TBR 6700) would be able to give them a sound trouncing.

Ghostrifle96: That is FAST

HereticYoshi: You're a dumbcrap. If he's speaking in Spanish, wouldn't that mean that's his main language? And learning a new language isn't easy.

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Real steel custom robots DT Quick punch 5 out of 5

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Real steel custom robots DT Quick punch