Sig Sauer P238 Problems.

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Sam Bonz: Look at your mags! I have had nothing but problems with my $50 mags......Dollar store quality.

Alejandro Portilla: I would clean, oil the hell out of it and run FMJ, at least a few hundred to get it broken in. I guarantee they will run fine. Then I would polish the feed ramp. Then I would retry your ammo. If it still doesn't feed right then change it.

Damian Q: got to be the ammo buy some cheap fmj

haji abu: Ive had mine for a few months and mine double feeds a lot. Im not sure if its the ammo that I use or what.

Adam Vondersaar: Sucks and surprising you're having issues. I've owned 3 sigs, including the p238, have shot well over 1000 rounds through them and have never had a jam, not 1. Hard for me to buy anything else anymore.

Ken Lett: Had problems with jamming and misfired. sig repaired it.I put 200 rounds with no problem...

Guy: You are indeed a very loyal Sig owner if you continue to carry the two-tone after the serious problems you have experienced with it. Either that or you might be overly confident or roostery. It boils down to Loyalty or Life. Easy decision to make from where I sit in my silver years. I am NOT trying to be a smart*** here. Think about carrying something more reliable until Sig gets their act together. One malfunction during the Real Deal could easily be all she wrote. Also, think about carrying something with a bit more hitting power, because unless your aim is spot-on-incapacitating under severe stress, the 380 is more capable than most of just pissing certain big dudes off when they're highly agitated, and their adrenalin is ramped up 5x normal, or worse -- they're on drugs that tend to interfere with pain signals reaching the brain.

Just two cents worth of food for thought. 'Happy shooting', and thanks for the excellent video!

Ben Dover: They don't like any hollow point or flat nose rounds. Polish the ramp will take care of most of your issues

Natedoc808: Any body having any issues with your Sig P238 slide locking open as though it is empty even though the magazine still has rounds remaining? Just got one of these for my wife after test firing one at the range and she loved it and was very accurate with it. Took it out and put 25 rounds through it with the slide locking back after each shot, no jamming issue as you depress the slide lock and it chambers and fires no problem but locks open again. Tried new magazines yesterday... same exact problem. Shot hornady XTP JHPs, Sig Sauer brand JHPs, Winchester White Box FMJs. Tried these same ammo through my Ruger LC380 without issue. I haven't found any info on the interwebs on this problem any help? Not intended as a thread hijack, just seemed like a related issue and plenty people on here with experience with this firearm.

berkmanyt: Get a different carry pistol ! You do not want a gun that fails Any follow up ?

Ron Farinetti: Just Purchased a P238 Equinox from Bud's Gun Shop, Haven't got it yet but from what I'm reading sounds like Good Ammo and Newer Magazines are the way to Go.... Was Planning on Using Hornady Critical Defense Rounds, so hopefully I won't have a Problem....

Justin Gill: I just purchased the sig 238 spartan... love the way it feels and just went to the range and it jammed up outta 50 rounds jammed bout half of that. wtf u pay top dollar and get crap... sorry for language but sig u need get head outta your ass and start fixing your problems. I'm very upset for have purchased this gun! would not recommend to anyone unless u want Unreliable weapons!

Dennis Mohney: I bought a brand new Sig P238 and have the same problems you do. And if the mag is full, it jams for sure. I have to send it back as well.

Bingo Tanuda: I got one a couple of weeks ago, a Scorpion. I ran 120 rounds without any problem right out of the box.

Kevin Bellamy: I bought a brand new one.. and have the same exact problem..
Sig Saur fix it? Min is brand new.. bought it a few months ago.. misfeeds 1 round out of every 30 or so... for the money I was hoping for better.

Ray Houthuysen: Current production is flawless. Sig is on the third generation magazine, second generation recoil assembly. An occasional gun needs its feedramp polished. Best ammo is Hornady Custom XTP for sd. Other SD rounds wont consistently meet FBI penetration and expansion tests. Gold Dosts were inconsistent, other simply failed.

Jason Baek: that towel looks soft as hell.. 

n4ktz: spurs only occur in people as they get older, not in guns!

mx72sss: My wife also has the rainbow. We shoot every weekend and haven't had one issue with it.

Gilbert Gough: I have shot a 100 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense through my new P238 and not one jam. That's what carry. Also, I have had only one jam with some fmj ammo that is cheaply made. I love that gun.

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Sig Sauer P238 Problems. 5 out of 5

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Sig Sauer P238 Problems.