How To Program A Uniden Bearcat BC355C

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John Smith: Dude, you are too methodical and understanding. :-) I think there is more to this scanner that you need to cover, however, you do a fantastic job of explaining it. Just get a better picture so it's not so blurry. Please do the rest of this scanner. Bet you can't explain the BCT 15x like that. It looks to be a nightmare. I've had scanners for 30 years now and I'm not used to this stuff. I just want something simple. You need to explain the other options of this like the "close Call" and search and whatever else. You... Can... Do... it!!! :-) Thanks. Your to young to be a hippy. That was my generation of the 60's not 2015. "private"..."cb"... "air" is a bank... 14...15.. 16 is the channel. Can you program a CB freq. into the "private" bank ... "channel?"

sub222marathon: Very helpful. Thanks for the upload!

AlexTrc: How can you save the frecuecies by Banks?

Barbara Rivas: I was able to program in my local police on private but then when I hit private to scan my channels it gives me all kind of other bands police on private example my numbers are in 155.940 it gives me frequencies in the 400's and up

Aaron “Guineaguy” Wickland: What is the Sq nob for?

Zach Newton: How do I program the police freq

Marc gabrielli: Thank You for your video. I can't find A station on the scanner. It is local. I do have it on a scanner app. Any suggestions

Howard Parker: Just bought this on E-bay for £69 can't wait for it to arrive!

TruckerJDub: Exelent video. Good clear instructions. I have had this scanner for a few years and recently wanted to change some frequancies and couldn't remember how. Thanks for sharing.

The Biggie Cheez: I programmed it like this, I put them all into my private bank, but when I press private again to begin scanning, frequencies that I did not program come on. Why is that? I don't have that close call thing on either

Dweebix: Holding the up button doesn't seem to work for me.

Steven Depew: Thank you for showing how easy it is. You did a great job of making it simple. 

James Treimanis: all of my fire/police/ems frequencies are narrow-banded. is this capable of listening to narrowband? what is narrowband?

Robert Adlington (M0BOB): Is it possible to name the frequencies and to upload them to the scanner from a PC?

Axel Bak: Thanks

charliedontsurf70: so in essence,most frequencies are already thewre,it will just scan and pick up whatevers nearest your area?

Jim Eifler: So after I add the numbers I want I then press "private" followed by the two buttons to the right when I want to scan?

Tiffany Lathrop: how do you remove a frequency that you programmed and dont want

Steve Kucheran: great video explaind a lot thanks so much

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C 5 out of 5

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How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C
How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C
Uniden Bearcat BC355C
Uniden Bearcat BC355C
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Programming Your BC355C
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How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C