How To Program A Uniden Bearcat BC355C

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charliedontsurf70: so in essence,most frequencies are already thewre,it will just scan and pick up whatevers nearest your area?

krazyhippy: @songshadow it will not wipe the memory when you unplug it from a power source.

Tiffany Lathrop: how do you remove a frequency that you programmed and dont want

krazyhippy: @Thomas Biagiotti….The best way to is find out what freq. your local pd/fire use and hit the band button and locate what band they are using. I have noticed that the pre-programmed channels in the pd/fire are no longer used by those agencies anymore.

krazyhippy: @dot matrix This scanner goes for about 80-90 dollars based on where you look to buy it from.

Steve Kucheran: great video explaind a lot thanks so much

Jon Doe: too complicated thanks i buy something else

David Bohanan: thank you

Joao Araujo: This video really helps! Congratulations.Easy to understanding.

griffin fortney: this did help thank u

Jim Eifler: So after I add the numbers I want I then press "private" followed by the two buttons to the right when I want to scan?

docwilkey: Thanks!

barbara s: if I put a wrong frequency for my private how can I remove it? or you cant? n yes this really helped me understand how to use it I just could not figure it out on the little paper it tells what to do....:)

Nick Akerson: how can I tell if my scanner is actually scanning. when I turn it on all I hear is static and that's about it

Benjamin Richard: Do you know the difference between this scanner and and bc355n? Besides the 10 dollar price difference. 

Mark Utting: Very useful, thanks. This is a great little scanner for the price!

Adde Tre: i need to put in 78.41250 but the unit only takes 78.41150 78.41260

Adde Tre: how do you search all band and banks at one butten? all, not specific, all air, police, marine. 

Songshadow MaxC: Howdy! Will my 355C lose its programming once the unit is unplugged from the power source? 

Karl Vollmer: was such a big help thanks for sharing!!

M Arnold: Can you tell how to delete a channel.

Joe Abdilla: May I ask if the scanner starts scanning again if left scanning when it was switched off? Reason is that I am looking for a scanner which easy to use for a blind friend of mine and it would make life easier for him. I understand that to have it start scanning the programmed channels all you have to do is press the private button really. Please confirm. Much obliged as this would make a great starter for this friend of mine.

Texas Music: I have the 450A model which is very close in programming to this unit in the video. What is the Police button used for that the Private button doesn't also do ? I will use my specific model for only four local channels always.

Roland Acosta: does this scanner bc355c have the ability to perform trunking? thx/

troublemaker2933: awesome! thanks!

Jeff Arrowsmith: thank you very informative

krazyhippy: A great website to get local frequencies is radioreference there u will find every frequency for your local area.

xXTheSpoonm4nXx: How do you reset the private channles?

krazyhippy: Np, Glad i could help ya out.

ladii luck: any body know how to pick up apoc-25 on th

savgal1211: This was nice of you to show folks!! It is HARD to program scanners!!

MajorDiezel: Very good video, I was thinking about going for one of the more expensive ones maybe the BCT8. But for my truck I think I might go with this basic one and get a better into keep in my house. Thanks for the info.

kb5wqw: Is that computer programable, also?

krazyhippy: All you can program is the control channel for the trunking system.

nutmegger1957: Great instructional help!! How many "Private Banks" are available in this model? What is better or newer or whatever about THIS model, -vs- the BC350C version?

SHAD0Wc0n: It seems like one that would require a PC interface cable. Huh. So on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate this scanner compared to others?

savgal1211: Gimme a HOME PATROL!! Worth the 500 bucks!!

TheKyridgerunner: Awesome Video.!!! i racked my brain trying to figure it out how to program this thing. Thanks...

Rob: This vid saved me but I will say that to anyone to has the problem in which when you hit program it says "Pr9-Loc", Hold Prgm for over 2.5 seconds and it should say the same msg but with off in front of it. This is a safety measure of uniden to prevent unintentional programming, any questions just PM me, Rob

KF7MGT: Its common sense, and being a ham helps!

james moment: my bc350a says prg-loc. how do i get it off

Thomas Fish: Thanks . I didnt waste my money after all

Railrodder: I have the BC350c public service scanner. I use mine mainly for railway and aircraft monitering. Police and EMS in our area have long since gone to a digital system, so cannot be received. I agree that the manual provided is a bit confusing. Your instructional video really helps! Thanks for posting this!

mike wazowski: hey, do you know if the BC355c channels can be programmed with a specific name? example. on private i have 470.000 on channel 1, is it possible to name it (SPD 1) or ect, on the display?

krazyhippy: Cool and thank you for adding that information.

krazyhippy: the difference is really just features. The bc355c is a 800MHZ and the bc350a is not 800MHZ scanner.

savgal1211: You STINK!! Go away, Obama!!

krazyhippy: I wish i knew really.....the problem is the makers of this digital encryption will not allow any maker of a scanner to put the technology in the scanner. I hope one day soon a scanner will be available bc scanning is a big part of my radio hobby. I am part of the SkyWarn weather team and being able to listen to emergency broadcast helps greatly with what i do when i comes to storm spotting and chasing.

krazyhippy: @tjobcorp most police are in the 80mhz band. You do this by hitting the band button and selecting the 80Mhz band. The kicker is a lot of police have gone over to digital radios switch can not be picked up by any scanner.

nuclearthreat545: when will they be able to get one on the market? :-/

How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C 4.9 out of 5

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How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C