How To Program A Uniden Bearcat BC355C

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Jeff Sperling: Can you send me papers on how to program that bearcat 355c

daniel phillpotts: i get more action from my 20 yr old hand held RADIO SHACK scanner . im in the boonies I understand , but i hit police on my hand held /antenna out side rig/ on a good bounce day i get at least 3 cop channels , with the BC zero

George Is Straight Elite: Thanks buddy it's been a while since I programmed this thing.

Misty Pharaoh: Thank you I have a list of locals I want to program in and I still ant get anything to come through if you can help id appreciate it much

ForbidenKross: When I press "Private" the scanner will scan through channels that I don't have programmed. How do I correct this?

dan kizanis: thank you for this video,it helped alot. the uniden person from another video,did not cover information like you did. i will most likely get one.

tomorrowsangel1958: WOW thank you very much for this, even though mine is a BC355N I guess it all programs the same. I had packed ip up and was getting ready to ship it back, when I thought about coming to YOUTUBE to see if someone like you might have made a "how to" video! So you saved me from a lot of hassle! thanks a bunch!

Hector Ortega: Hey bud, and whats the diffrence between your radio on the video and a the bearcat BC550A?. thanks..

Scooters Denver: Thank you! Nicely presented and very helpful!

AlexTrc: I just bougth this one, have a question, most of time i use this to listen aviation frecuency, but sometimes i used to listen the police frecueny, all frecuencies that i found must be saved them on PRIVATE channel??? or can i save aviation channels on AIR/MRN frecuency?? (like if AIR/MRN were a bank)

Jarrett Rice: Is there a way with this model that you can scan between two specified channels only out of your programmed one's. For instance if I wanted to scan between the fire and fire talk around frequencies?

Nik dondajewski: OK so I have a question, I watched your video which helped me a lot, I got to the channels I wanted which is all of 3. now my question to now that I have them saved I assumed I press the private button to scan through the 3 channels but when I hit that button other random channels come up. so my question is how do I scan through the 3 Channels I have saved?

john savage: I have a old Uniden bearcat BC550A scanner, is the newer BC355N a much better scanner then the one I have now?

Louie Manning: Mine just came and just took it out of the box Ok I Don't have any programed in, question Can you just let scan until something comes and after it's done can it just back to scan until something comes so on and so on.So it just contentious scans? Thanks for Any information you can give me

Fireman's Life: Is this a UHF scanner or VHF

Thumper J: does this have the close call feature

Matthew Croft: Does it use ctcss repeater offsets

Andres Bideau: Do you know where can I find more info about close call feature?

John Smith: Dude, you are too methodical and understanding. :-) I think there is more to this scanner that you need to cover, however, you do a fantastic job of explaining it. Just get a better picture so it's not so blurry. Please do the rest of this scanner. Bet you can't explain the BCT 15x like that. It looks to be a nightmare. I've had scanners for 30 years now and I'm not used to this stuff. I just want something simple. You need to explain the other options of this like the "close Call" and search and whatever else. You... Can... Do... it!!! :-) Thanks. Your to young to be a hippy. That was my generation of the 60's not 2015. "private"..."cb"... "air" is a bank... 14...15.. 16 is the channel. Can you program a CB freq. into the "private" bank ... "channel?"

sub222marathon: Very helpful. Thanks for the upload!

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How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C
How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C
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Programming Your BC355N
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Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT Basic Setup
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Unboxing of the Uniden BC355N Police Scanner!!
Programming Your BC355C
Programming Your BC355C

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How to program a Uniden Bearcat BC355C