How To Replace The Door Latch Module And Lock Cylinder On A Passat Jetta Golf.

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benji shi: If I saw this video before I tried doing this on my Audi TT then I would have had soooooo much less trouble

Al Salazar: Thanks Brian! Years later your video is still very helpful

Alf Bittner: Long story short I've got a 97 Golf mk3 without keys, found a wreck with key. Do I need that door module that you have so meticulously  removed for us, so I can use the remote on the wreck key.

Taja West: Thank you for the video and information.  I know this was posted awhile ago and not sure if you work on Volkswagens anymore but I am living overseas with my spouse and having a lot of issues with the vehicle I shipped (2007 volkswagen Jetta) The car runs great, but experiencing electrical issues with the alarm going off randomly and the console light coming and door's open light on the dash when I'm driving and eventually going off on it's own or when I slam the drivers door a few times really hard (not running the battery dead but very annoying as well).  The alarm seems to only go off when it's really wet outside or raining so I have been parking it in the garage most nights, but it's inevitable to avoid driving during the day and when it rains this issue becomes a pain for me and my neighbors.  I have gone to four different places over here and the dealership tried to screw me and my spouse over and said it was the motor in the door that controlled the windows and would cost over 1000 to fix it as they would have to replace both motors as the passenger door will not register with drivers door, but couldn't guarantee that would fully fix the problem.  The windows work fine, it's the door that's the problem and we felt they were lying to us. No one is giving us specific answers or believing us when we say that we do not believe it's a major issue, but water getting in there somewhere.  We are living in a country where people are very lazy and trying to pull a fast one to get money out of us and my spouse and I are at our whits end on what to do.  When we tried calling the dealership that we bought the car at 5 years ago in the US and serviced there until we moved overseas, the technician hung up on us.  Very discouraged and if you could help us out we would be very appreciative.  Any advice would be great.  Your video explains a lot, but I am wondering if we need to do everything in the video, more to the drivers door or less? We have narrowed down that it's the drivers door that's causing these issues. I just cannot bring myself to pay another garage to diagnose and either lie to us or refuse to help us becomes the systems are just showing a fault in the alarm/door but no other specifics.

Eric Medellin: Well let me tell my story so u understand what im going thru I changed the batteries on my 98 passat and as I put the new one in the alarm started to go off I don't have the alarm key so I tried to turn it off by the door as soon as I put the key into the door the key went in circles so by replacing lock the key will shut the alarm right or is there a way I can take the alarm off where do I locate it also? Because the car wont turn on unless I turn off the alarm

TheBeardedMan: Hey Brian. First off thank you for this video. I've been looking everywhere for something like this. It's given me hope. I need some help. I stripped the T20 screw, is it possible to remove it and replace it? Also what are some signs that the module needs to be replaced? Thank you again!

George Lawrence: Is there any fix to a broken cylinder lock retaining clip? Thanks.

Freddy Hayward: Hey, thanks for the great video, i've seen a few different tutorials on changing the window regulator, door lock module, cleaning the sensors inside the module, and also fixing the lock barrel. Yours has by far been one of the most helpful. I am currently in a position where i've nearly fixed my lock barrel on my drivers door, i've already had to fix the window regulator as I broke it while I was trying to remove the door lock module. So next step is getting the working lock in place, and putting the door lock back on. I really needed some help as I couldn't figure out where the piece between the door handle and the door lock module sat. But now I know what to do! Thanks very much! Hopefully I will finally be able to lock my Golf and stop getting in through the passenger door! lol

Jennefer Rocha: I believe your voice is very relaxed and it makes it easier for me to understand each step. Thank you for the helpful video. My 2000 jetta's door latch just gave out on me so I'm looking into replacing it myself. It is a manual and not electric windows, however i'm sure I can use this video to guide me through just fine. Thank you again. Great video!

Rich Lesnik: I replaced the window regulator (99 Passat, passenger side) -- lost the "rivets" that hold a platic disc to the window regulator panel, and the pull-tab list wire. The door is now permanently locked (the lock never worked, but the pull-pin and lock cylinder would lock and unlock the door). I need to replace the lock module, and get those rivets and the pull-pin wire. Any idea where I can get them?

Kelsey Nunemaker: I have a 99 jetta and the back passenger door does not lock/unlock with the remote key portion. My dad and I have been inspecting it, but we are not able to get the metal inside panel out. It seems that there is something holding it in making it impossible to see to the right inside where the handle would be. Do you have any tips for getting the metal panel out?

Brandon Peltier: Last night I opened up my door plate that separates the window to the door panel. Put it together and the unner door handle wire let go of the hole the hook was supposed to stay on. Found this video on the internet, and was ready to get out there n do it again! This video was informative and encouraging for someone who lacks the confidence. Good job homie!!!

Nicole Hartmann: Does the lock cylinder come with the module? or do you have to get the cylinder separate?

Jeff Shaddock: I haven't tried this yet, but I think this might explain the VERY baffling battery drain we have been experiencing. The symptoms certainly line up. I really appreciate your making this video.

Ken Sransky: I have a 2001 Beetle that has the common problems of no interior lights as well as the alarm going off erratically when starting the car.  Does the module need to be programmed in some manner so that the remote functions with the new module? Great video of how to replace the module. I tried to repair mine, but it didn't work so I am familiar with what you are saying.

Vincent C: Even though you look like your recovering from a hangover you were very helpful. Downside in my case..the new lock module I installed when complete seems to now leave the cable longer than it was previously. When opening the door from the inside the handle pulls almost completely back to open the door. From what I can see, everything is in its correct place. Any ideas?

Evan Ott: My door just recently will not let me open from the inside or the outside from the inside it feels like it's caught on something it's very hard to pull but the outside feels like the door is locked (no resistance)

Daniel: Hey Brian, i tightened up the lock cylinder clip to much and it broke, now nothing holds it in place how can i fix this?

Mike Picone: Literally just happened to me as i got to work and i have the same car...let me know if you end up getting a response/figure out what the problem is!!

FlyisFoEva: hey brian thank you this video helps allot i have a 98 passat and the left rear door opens from the inside but not from outside, when i pull on the door handle it comes out about half way then stops and idea what it might be?

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How to replace the door latch module and lock cylinder on a Passat Jetta Golf. 5 out of 5

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How to replace the door latch module and lock cylinder on a Passat Jetta Golf.