Wireless-N WiFi Repeater

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basilleonardo: Connects to laptop but won't connect to internet to login page, 

DieRandomGamers: how to install i this repeater?

kritner007: Went through the setup as instructed for "Wireless Repeater Mode", selected the proper signal to repeat and entered the SSID and password, saved and continued....then a "sorry, you aren't connected" error with no further help. *sigh*

Kevin Williams: Great product

mikecash34: i dont think so , look it up on google.


Colm Mc Loughlin: Hi there, i have 2 Wireless Wifi Repeaters, i can set up one of them easy enough, but trying to have 2 running at different ends of the house doesn't really work. think i have to have 2 ip addresses for it to work, any have any ideas.?

Frank Hulshoff: Thnx man, you saved my dad from a heart attack :-)

leongoesshaving: actually it DOES, atleast with my macbook, i however keep losing the signal on all mu devices.. dunno what i did wrong

NiTroCre8ive: yes

Qaiser Raja: I bought this product and installed it as per instructions. But no idea what went wrong as the main wireless router stopped (Netgear) stopped working and repeater kept on working fine. So ended up with having wifi in one room only and lost it for the rest of the property.

anthony hague: Does NOT work on mac as a repeater. Get strong signal but will not surf the web.

Francisco Barbieri: is it possible to connect one repeater into another repeater?

GoldCoastCB: Looks like you first need an expensive router that will act as the base. The device in the video is a client. If the base won't allow the client to repeat, then it's wasted money.

Wim Nieuwpoort: Installed the device, going through instructions, picked up and relayed router signal allright, BUT after a few minutes it lost the router signal (stationary green light) and hence useless. Disconnecting and reconnecting same story: after a few minutes lost router signal. Useless so far. Any clues?

Vivek Patel: how do you update the firmware for that??

KILL4M4N: If you have installed this correctly and get a signal from repeater to computer, but no internet, THIS WILL MOST PROBABLY HELP YOU! took me 3-4 hours of experimenting.. 1. make sure your repeater is set to factory settings 2. Connect to the repeater (DO NOT set up security when prompted) 3. type in into address bar 4. Setup wizard -> AP Mode -> Save & Reboot 5. Again, Setup wizard, but now repeater mode. 6. Choose your modem, enter password. 7.When done, connect to "Wifi-Repeater 1"

Noel Cahill: How can I set-up my Steren 802.11n Wi-Fi repeater?

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Wireless-N WiFi Repeater 3.2 out of 5

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Wireless-N WiFi Repeater