How To DIY Installing Aftermarket Car Stereo Speakers Install Replace

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Player Top: An interesting video and good advice. This link also offers useful and useful videos:

Trevon Malik: U suck at making videos people aren't looking from your perspective it's being projected through a monitor. In other words bring the small, hard to see maintenance closer to the screen

KingRBN: nice trick with the battery

Jordan Lahy: How do you wire up the tweeters for two way speakers??? do you attach them to the mid speaker terminal as well or solder them somewhere else along the wire???

85krash: What if you don't know which cables are pos or neg ? Not from the speakers but from the wire coming it off the door. ????

the eabster: I don't know if you can help I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am the factory set up is 4 wires coming in two on one side 2 on the other two goes to the tweeter and the to go to the larger part of a 6 by 9 speaker the aftermarket speaker only has two wires coming out of it do I wire the two negative into positive and hook it to the aftermarket speaker or do i dead short one set of the wires. Of course using the one set of wires that went to the larger part of the six by nine any help would be grateful


Dave L: Thanks very informative info didn't know it but now i do i usually test the wires but this is also a great easy and fast way thanks again folks

nelson pound: will you guys post a video on repairing the factory stereo and speakers for a 2001 ford explorer sports tracĀ 

muyap muyapp: Very nice, can you please tell me why some doors has those holes? some people say if you cover those holes yoou get better bass. But i realized that the bass i getting less. I think the holes are made so that the speaker can use the doorpanel as a enclosure??

james turner: I was wondering if there was anyway to tell which wire is positive coming from the stereo,with a volt meter or somethen?

Kevin Barajas: thanks those are good simple tips

Giuseppe Ligia: whats a cross-over?

schooder: Thanks for the polarity demo I've always had to just listen for more or less bass to figure out the plus or minus. Knowledge is power

apollstar1: Very helpful video. Other videos I've looked up were no help at all. You know what your doing. Thank you. Thumbs up! Can't wait to install my new speakers

jw200: @boblizcou Ok, thanks.

Factory Car Stereo Repair: We do no aftermarket installation, only repair of factory installed car stereo systems. I'd suggest visiting several of your local installation shops to pick their brain. You will quickly find out who knows their stuff and who is just looking to make a sale...

jw200: In my home i listen music with some cheap big headphones, but the bass and sound quality is very good. The sound is clean and bass is so sweet, can't put this into words. For me it just sounds very good. But in car i don't have such good bass /sound quality. Is it possible to get better quality by installing subwoofer? I never listen music at 100% volume, i just need a better sound quality. Any general tips what should i try? My car is coupe btw. 2 spk in dashboard, 2 in doors and 2 in back

Factory Car Stereo Repair: If speakers were working, then installing the new speakers there is no sound. Check to be sure the speakers are hooked up and that the connections are not shorted by touching any metal in the door.

Harpreet Singh: Wow , what a way to find out which one is +ve or -ve. Cheers

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How to DIY Installing Aftermarket Car stereo Speakers install replace