How To Make Your Own GLOWING Perk-A-Cola Sodas!

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Brain vs Brawn: What is perk-a-cola

Sgt. John Remairez: Have you done any of the Side Soda Perks? (like Flopper, Staminup, Deadshot, Who's Who?m ETC.)

Royal Flash: OH MY GOD !!!! do they work ?? 

Brenden Davis: One question: where do you buy the bottles?

Thomas Franks: Intro was the beginning of the zombies game in MWII. 

Silvestros Vitolas: I don't get it ... what does jugerrnout soda does ?

czar trak: now to make real life zombies

Soheer Kamel: EPICCCCCCC

Henry Miller: Yes, YouTube commenters, this is a girl, now please stop going: "UR A GIRL?!?! WHAT'S THAT?! I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THAT BEFORE!" - Pretty much half of the YouTube community

Kevin Dudgeon: can u drink it?

Heaxx: I am trying to make electric cherry but I don't know if the cap color is blue or red can anyone tell me 

Erik Carey: don't care what you say it may have been called sleight of hand but everyone knows it as speed cola nobody even sees the slight of hand label anymore 

moonsovermysun: the link for the labels is not working, and i cant find the correct ones. could you link them again in the description?

Antavalon: i need to do this to make glowing nuka cola quantum.

Luiyo Ramirez: People be sayin if they can drink them. Like bitch its a freakin drink uhhh freaking people these days are dumb as crap 

FATLEGOMAN: I got jones but drank them, so I had i fill them up with printer ink and water

Natasha,Lorraine Davidson: that was very good

Ethan Malensky: When i print the double tap label it it ginormous. PLEASE HELP! It is normal size for all the other labels.

David Tennant: for people who can't find henry weinhard's get virgil's orange cream soda at whole foods looks *Identical*

luke Ford: where can i buy the brinks ?

Seth Knoxville: Im not one for the the Black Ops and Black Ops 2 Storyline (I liked WaW's though) I still loved playing as Tank Dempsey,Nikolai Belinski,Takeo Masaki,and my favorite Edward Rictofen as they blasted their way through zombies,Cosmonaut Monkeys,HellHounds,and Teddy Bears.

PkmnMasterWesley: At 6:12 you couldve grabbed a sharpie or marker of some sort and write on the tape then put it on the bottles so its easier if you have clear tape.

Khale Sweetso: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlienCannibalSexOrgy: Do you sell these?

Tortoise619: that looks so badass 

Karley O'Hearn: I'm so doing this. 

joey lapoo: thats prob on of the best vids on youtube bless your soul

Spartacus4119: Now make the PHD Flopper

Tommy Coreleone: thanks for posting, this was one of the most simplest ones i ever had to do. :D 

TheFainixKing: Your a girl

Excuze MyLag: Those Look Sick ITS AWESOME

Javier Valadez: Nahhhhhhhh, i really thought they glow in the dark without lights!!!!!!! But they are still pretty awesome

TheKillakam64: Yea i seen what you mean when u said other people make the labels to big

XxXshoopdawhoopXx: How do you get the Quick Revive to that color? It looks super legit an I want to do it!

Luke Dalton: How are they so bright 

Ben Black: i have a dalema. i live where i cant get those glasses and the oly one i can get thta is close to it is j20 but they have the tops that you have to open with a bottle opener. how do i do i cover the top so it does not come off. PLEASE HELP ME

Brenden Davis: lol

TheFainixKing: What #WTF

Luke Dalton: How is the blue so bright

TheFainixKing: #incest

Xavier Neal: I took one to school and my teacher(who is a gamer on black ops) thought it was a beer until he looked at it. 

xXxCALLOFDUTYGAMERxXx: are you a girl or boy

Connor Mcvicker: I don't like how clear the speed cola looks is there any way to make it look more solid like the others 

Norman Tangedal: Is it drink able

M3DevilNutz: your a freaking GENIUS!!!! 

Nick Mito: I don t really like speed cola because is transparent an the other one are pale 

Jesse Estes: Can you drink it

James Vovos: Ur a girl 0_0

Holden Caninhas Cruz: Juggernog, quick revive and the orange one (i forgot the name) look thicker than speedcola

Joseph Hixon: did he just say hes an old school kinda girl?

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How to Make Your Own GLOWING Perk-A-Cola Sodas!
How to Make Your Own GLOWING Perk-A-Cola Sodas!
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How to Make Your Own GLOWING Perk-A-Cola Sodas!