Knife Review : Victorinox Secretary

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EcchiSpud: I remember having a Pocket Pal (pretty certain that was the one -- one main blade, one short blade, red plastic scales) when I was a kid; probably the best non-locking knife I had back then.  Don't know where it is now; tempted to get another, or (more likely) this one.  Thanks!

Lightning1ab: lol cats

BrotherBeard75: On my wishlist :-)

MrWekiejed: It's Alox not Alex

FrostBlade: The Excelsior evolved into the Secretary and Pocket Pal/

DrUmRbOy67: I wanna knife so light in my front pocket that i ask....'where is my knife" and this is the model i'm buying next.

DrUmRbOy67: the perfect EDC knife in my opinion....why not go in class everyday??Hey,if they find me dead-i wanna at least have a nice knife on me right?!

xxWolffe36: It's actually 'alox' but yeah mine too haha

M1L03: That little blade can be excellent atack, or, in certan scenario, self defence weapon, because you can open it while it is still concealed in your pocket, with a little practice, of course. Personally, I use little blade for common purposes and trying to keep my large blade razor sharp.

krazy4knives: @cutlerylover hey man, do you like the secretary or pocket pal better?

CurlyWurly: @samstterhamstteer It's called a sentry from what I have gathered :) Try google to find it.

JoeDurobot: @Cutlerylover7 Fire her.

zanuha: @samstterhamstteer It's a Solo.

PhillieBRidin: @BrainSalad212 nut SAK. lol

samstterhamstteer: Anyone know the name or have any information on the victor knife posted on my page please let me know thank you. LOOKS VERY SIMILAR TO THIS ONE BUT JUST THE SINGLE LARGE BLADE

smohmand: my Secretary has cut me like 5 times in the first day i had it

ThePhantomBlacksmith: I carry a Victorinox for the philips screwdriver (instead of the corkscrew). My only complaint is they don't seem to use a good steal for the knife blade. I'll sharpen it, use it once, and it's dull immediately. The Philips though is just too handy.

fidgetingfinch: I saw this the other day and liked it. Might pick one up when I go to get my Leatherman squirt.

manx1324: i looking fo a sak that is like the super tinker but without the parcel hook and has a saw. does anyone have any suggestions.

joaquindcj4: Thats a big box for a very small knife.

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Knife Review : Victorinox secretary 5 out of 5

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Knife Review : Victorinox secretary