Canon 550D On Steadicam JR First Test

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Jean Mathis: Sir you have a lovely Garden !

Emile van Zeeland: @smarius70 Ligt aan de Lens. Ik heb een 50mm 1.8 erg licht dus gebruik geen gewichten, light stopblock en de Z 0 draaien. #5. Met een 18-105: Heavy stopblock # 8 2 hw Z -10 turns belangrijk is droptest. Zie hiervoor filmpjes op Youtube. Van het midden naar beneden min 1,5 seconden, liever iets langer. Let wel: veel oefenen is de truc. IUk heb het ook nog niet onder de knie. Kijk eens op en zoek op steadicam jr van o.a. Jan van der Meer.

nicholas manriquez: How mcuh?A

RielWoodBoards: @hitechtonicleader thanks a lot man

nicholas manriquez: How much

KarameloKaramelo: Hij zwaait een klein beetje. Voor de rest, ziet er prima uit zo.

Sergey Huts: 1:18 Who is it?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dev Zaveri: you sir, have a lovely bathroom!

Emile van Zeeland: @skreim Check Ebay. Prices vary.

hitechtonicleader: @RielWoodBoards i think it should also be possible to upload it quicktime(mov). but maybe try it out with a drifferent setting, for example wmv. it's the smalest file you can work with and still get a decent quality. and it's ideal for people who want to upload in hd but their internet connection is to weak( like mine^^)

Alfred Teh: you said you used AF for video recording for 550D. I tho canons' cameras doesnt have Auto focus on video recording? Any specific settings that you used or set? mind to share?

Emile van Zeeland: @picklecatcus Thanks.

Emile van Zeeland: @ARCUS1200 The Steadicam JR is the predecessor of the Merlin and also made by Tiffen. Invented by Garret Brown who created the steadicam. Look on Ebay as they are sold from time to time. For more info about the JR look at the Tiffen website.

Emile van Zeeland: @bbllaakkee5460 Check, they sell the mini motion cam for approx this price.

Emile van Zeeland: @TheDigitalTavern See your vimeo inbox.

TheDigitalTavern: I may have sent you a message through vimeo, but incase not, I see you've done much better than me with my 60D on JR with 17-18; can't get the thing to sit straight, it just dips down forward, lens to ground. using stop gap light med and heavy and no extra weights. thing is driving me crazy, it's not even usable until I can get to the point where I have it so it's at least level, from there I could adjust the fine thing and try to get rock steady. any tips, what settings and things to look for?

RielWoodBoards: @hitechtonicleader either quicktime or h.246

Alfred Teh: and also what aperture you used for the video? for a better focusing, i guess it has to be greater then f4 rite?

QwAdr0x256: 1:16 - haha, surprise.. daddy is here... no privacy. ;)

hampshiretoday: porn music lol

Emile van Zeeland: @bbllaakkee5460 Sorry for this. I paid € 200,- for this but sometimes you can buy them cheaper or more expensive on Ebay. I normally shoot everything on auto. In dark I use manual aperature like 1.8 with my 50mm 1.8.

picklecatcus: Nice shots, music sounds like a intro to a soap Oprah

Emile van Zeeland: @alfredteh You can use auto settings or manual settings. For more info see learningdslrvideodotcom for all video settings.

skreim: Where did you bye it and how much did it cost? :3

Emile van Zeeland: @mactuna Yes, I have found the correct settings now but also practise is the magic word with any steadicam. Thanks for watching.

hitechtonicleader: @RielWoodBoards which format do you get when you exported it?

Santiago López Sami: Great house and cute... daughter? Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

MOPIC: Isn't the Drop time little too fast for it? It should be in between 1.5~2sec to get back up right.

Emile van Zeeland: @nick18man Sorry not fore sale. Look on Ebay for possible auctions for the original Steadicam JR.

tueybooo: Nice house.

RielWoodBoards: I need help.The footage from my 550d wont upload to youtube in hd. Why? I use adobe premeire pro. maybe i'm exporting it in the wrong format? I don't know. Thanks

Emile van Zeeland: @alfredteh In the evening I use 1.8 with my 50mm lens. I'm not sure what aperature I used during day shoots.

ARCUS1200: It's based on the Steadycam Merlin right? I really want the original, but i think the price they ask is pretty high (probably end up crafting one myself...if you have some construction plans available or a website where you can post them i would be very happy ^^).

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Canon 550D on Steadicam JR first test 4.4 out of 5

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Canon 550D on Steadicam JR first test
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Canon 550D on Steadicam JR first test