How Does Google Search Work?

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Rich Williams: what language is the scraping done in?

Afrose Mamoon: alhamdulillah it's great

Nelson Pun: how big is googles index? Storage wise.


Nan Deng: I wish to learn more about index & push data out phase near 2:00

Micah: How does Google Search work ... it doesn't. It is obvious that Google ranks the sensational, dramatic, popular, and advertisers that give them $$$ ahead of what is actually relevant. Type in [any large city] weather and you will often get non-weather related dramatic news articles featuring who was shot, went missing, or was killed in a car crash ON THE FIRST PAGE. That has no business being on the 1st page since it is not relevant and has nothing to do with weather. When I was looking for health insurance, I typed in Health Insurance Marketplace and the actual government website came up FIFTH.

0:59 is laughably wrong, because Duck Duck Go has Google beat.

BTraine Ztraine: At what point in a process do you scrub all the negative content on Hillary email scandal?

Taghreed Aboutaleb: your videos are really great thanks a lot for your time.

Swapna Parsam: Thank you for the great explanation.

corporate headquarters: Hi Matt could you please explain how google manage the google maps business listing I have my business listed very low and if I click on the ranked filter my business jumps to the top.

Anitha Ajaien: What should I have to do to show my website in Google search results...

Kapil Kumar: Feeling sleeping after see ur vedio

Ricardo Santos: Reputable or Popular. Not the same thing.

Popular is easy to quantify, but how do you quantify reputable?

For example, the CNN of the world and the New York Times of the world, both have being caught pushing false narratives on daily basis. How exactly are they reputable?

Furthermore a source "reputable" on one area may not be "reputable" on other areas.

I wouldn't trust a "Scientific American" to give me advice on law. I would trust Cornell. But I wouldn't trust Cornell to give me advice or science.

Reputable is a subjective term. As it involves who you personally trust.

Thus what is reputable for you might not be reputable for me. So my guess is whatever your company ideology tells is "reputable" is what your company put as "reputable" in the algorithm.

Which would explain your company "American Inventors" search results and "Idiot" search results. Your sources are biased on what you determined what is "reputable" and when your "reputable" sources lack integrity, your company algorithm suffers from it.

Rogue Maltron: How does google index all those sites

nnn u: Is auto blogging wordpress through RSS effects SEO badly
Please answer

E E: Hey, nicely done. No trouble holding my attention, informative, interesting, motivating. Answers big questions about the new way we live and learn. Maybe future shock won't be so bad.

sumit das: thank you sir

wildpolo: but its not enough to understand google :)

Private: so yall pretty much created microservices that remain as up-to-date as possible?

Prateek Vyas: do google use OCR technology in images to search for something

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How does Google Search work?