How To Connect IPhone 4S To TV Using HDMI

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Sanketh S: can it displays home screen

Nikunj Solanki: Something off-topic, can somebody let me know which is the song in the background music in this video ??

Alyson Cairns: I've been using the same hdmi cord /adapter for a couple years now on my old iPhone4...and now when I try to play movies on it from Netflix it doesn't seem to receive "the signal" anymore and just keeps playing on the phone instead of the tv ..:/..super bummed anyone know if it's a bad cord now ..or adapter piece??..uhhh

IamAnoobiecheez: Can it downstream 720p or 1080p video from youtube to display on TV? The iPhone itself does not support this, I think it only plays youtube video upto 480p but not greater. With the adapter can it do 720 or 1080p?

George Wain: Dont get no sound or picture. Says no input conection. Ive seen u say check display settings. What exactly should i do step by step? Do i need jailbreak?

Adam East: I've just ordered one of these to my 4s. The problem is, only after I ordered, I found some informations about an app called jailbreak, which apparently is really necessary to make it happen.
Could you explain how it works, please? Even reading some forums I couldn't still figure out how it works, how it's done and the real necessity for its usage. Is there any free version available? My iOS version is 8.3
Thanks in advance, dude!

x.lisa.x: I don't have any sound or picture when I plug it in :( do I have to do something in settings or what? Any ideas?

0172wolf: This would be great if you could charge the battery at the same time!

WWEACEffects: I have no picture or sound at all i have an iphone 4s

Bagsic16: Is there a way to fill up the black spaces when playing a video?

Shelby Wallace: When I plug it in it's says accessory not compatible with this phone but yet it worked yesterday... Any thoughts?

AyazWWE: When I plug it into my TV it only plays sound and doesn't show anything on the screen I don't know how to fix this on settings what do I have to do in settings? Also I have an iphone 4 is it because of that pleaseeee help!! Thanks

Denis Nedorezov: Can I use Iphone camera for stream video on TV with this cable?

Qurratulain Saleem: I have a samsung laptop which has an hdmi port
can I use that to connect my iphone 4 ?

MissCandii22: I don't have an input 3 plug on my tv /:, just hdmi and it doesn't display my iphone stuff

George quintana: FHELP I can only hear sound not see the video or anything

Lilia Cabrera: I tried to connect my phone to my samsung tv and I couldn't I also have the iOS 7 does that affect it in anyway to have the iOS 7 ?

Kayleigh Gutierrez: for some reason i cannot play anything but netflix? it wont let me view pictures, play youtube. what am i doing wrong

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How to connect iPhone 4S To TV Using HDMI
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How to connect iPhone 4S To TV Using HDMI