How To Get Vampire Fangs

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DominosAndHearts: are the ones from cheap stores ok to use?

Lesly M: Were can u buy scarce fangs but in stores?? 

koromir: so after they set for 15 minutes...I read the directions that you had to take them off after 15. Do I need to use glue again to get them on or do they just sit on your teeth and stay? Like could I do this and use them the same day or should I wait for the next day? I tried setting them on my teeth to see how they fit and they are pretty big. Can I cut them down little so they fit better? I'm using these for a cat girl cosplay. Thanks for this video.

breannawolf1236: I have those fangs and they are freaking amazing!

ThatOneGuy: Um how long does it take to ship them.?

naomi lin: I got mine at hot topic . U can also get them there

Kattie Harrell: u are load

Ultra Violet1197: His was so helpful and I love your personality, had me laughing all the way through :) thank you

yolanda gacia: u guys should see how ugly and ridiculous u guys look.  And does that make u look kool? that's stupid! it funny how u guys believe and love diabolic things but yet u dnt make the effort to get close to god.  but always worshipping the devil.

Jennifer Burrhus: I'm debating between the small and regular fangs… I had the small fangs at one point but I can't remember how well they fit, it was a long time ago. If I had the cash I'd get both and just see which I like more lmao. Any tips as far as deciding on size? I know you use small, have you ever used the standard ones?

Malik webster: Can you get them without it being haloween?

natalie Scott: You can get them from hot topic that's where I got mine

Phillip Smith: Where did u get
the fangs

Ysabel Gregoriodesouza: I have bought those the glue tastes disgusting in your mouth

Prensola Savet: U talk to much

Mae Bear: On the package it says to try on your incisors if anything, mine are pointed and I'm having some issues.. :l

Garnalenpeller: yes bats

Irishcloth: I thought your video was cute. You're chatty but I like that :) and you're dress is super pretty.

PaintingTheLillies: Would it cause any problems if my canines are slightly triangular/pointed? Like, will they fit in the fangs?

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
How to get Vampire Fangs 5 out of 5

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Customized Vampire Fangs from {Review/Tutorial}
Customized Vampire Fangs from {Review/Tutorial}
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How to get Vampire Fangs
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How to get Vampire Fangs