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Aryenis Quiroz: Quiero aaber el precio pero en bolivare soy de venezuela. Gracias

Carmen Arnaez: Your skin is beautiful! Thank you just the review i was looking for Thank you

Mary Lou: Your skin looks amazing! I just got mine delivered today! I can't wait to see results. I especially need it for the wrinkle on my forehead between my eyes. I feel better about buying it now that I see your post. Thanks. ps: your kid is adorable!

Lua Nova: Hi, dear! Your video is great! I'll buy Derma Wand and in the next months I'll be back to tell you my opinion. Hugs from Brazil!

Brenda Lant: I'm from México! And I want to know the price there used to order it because here you dan but pricey.. 

Forest Anderson: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the derma wand. I really appreciate having your opinion. I wasn't sure if the dermawand was a waste of money or a gimic but after seeing your video I feel I can buy it and try it for myself. Thank you.

kyle bleich: Great job on your first product review.. Next time I'd suggest more about product and less back story... Although I enjoyed what you had to say :-) glad u found a great gift for your mom ... I kinda want to get one for my mom now.. Anyway thanks.. Wanted to know how true the infomercial was ...apparently it was quite accurate for once :-) anyway keep up the great work PS cute kid :-)

Yani Mendoza: Thanks love 

Hung Tran: I love my husband and kids that is all I have

Matthew Brian: You're very pretty. I love the Derma Wand

Derma WD: No Brasil você encontra derma wand no mercado livre

Mele Gorh: before and after pics please. are they paying you to lie?

Betty breau: how do you get those bagie eyes out? and how long does it take? i have a derma wand also..maybe in doing something wrong,,i dont know.

Valerie Purves: enjoyed your video. I have this product. how often do you use it. ? my worst line is my forehead betwee n the eyes. i stopped using the wand for several mon ths. just lazy i guess but you ve encouraged me to return to using it thank s a lot.

Gretta Beck: The only problem I have with all these comments are: several of you said you have the product and have never reviewed it again after 5 months which makes me think this is a scam 

Mars Gutierrez: I'm 20 and forehead wrinkles run in my family, mine are already pretty deep and I was thinking of getting this to stop further aging.

Barbara Johnson: I caught the show one early morning, and I was listening to each and every model/ actress saying that they have had the derma wand for 8 years.not one of the ladies said 6 weeks,6 months, but 8 years.that is a hell of a lot of money to get temporary results, and to keep doing 2 times a day with all the extra products you have to buy to go along with the wand. I also heard, and I do believe that when they were showing just the one eyebrow that was temporary being rasied, they were using a sticky substance for the show that made the skin /eyebrow stay stretched up for that short period of time, come to think of it they did just use the one eyebrow.I had put a glue substance on my finger and did the same thing as the wand. Guess what happened.Yep, u guessed it, my brow stayed up.wasn't very pretty but it worked.And to think I almost bought it.(Almost) till I keep hearing the ladies say that they have been using it for 8 years.we older ladies know that we are not ever going to get our youthful looks back unless your one of the ones that are born with that great skin and don't age like some of us.and they are women that wishes for it to be true that they will go to no expense and buy anything that seems like its a true product, so good infact that you keep it for 30 days (no charge), and return if not satisfied. Free of charge.but do give them ur credit card info.why can't for once some one be honest, and if they know that there product is as good as they say it is really and truly help some women, like a free 30 sample, you know if that 30 day free sample is as good as you say, then the orders will come through like gang busters.

BlissfulAngie: TV infomercials brought me here

Theresa Lenson: I agree with Patti. She said it all, family before YouTube . So thanks for the info . Your child is no interruption , Made my day!! And I'm going to open my box and start using it!! Thank you 

Theresa Lenson: Thank you so much for the information on Derma Wand.

dzoni bravoo: My well being was being ruined as a result of acne pimples for countless years. I used to hide away because of the problem. I tried anything I could get hold of, yet it failed. Afterward I learned all about the Acne Executioner internet site (Google it) and I’d eventually obtained something that has worked. I like looking at myself in the mirror for the very first time.

Bianca Unedited: Thanks for subbing and sorry for not posting anything for so long, but I will, very soon. Follow me on twitter to get the information first :) My twitter name is @psyches_shelter

christian argueta: Okay Bianca, Im captivated by this product and more importantly by you and your honesty. I have bad crows feet on my eyes and Ive been thinking about it. Im a guy so its a little uncomfortable discussing womens beauty products but if it is not a hoax I think Im going to make a move. I want skin that is nice and tight. Im only 38 and look like im 50. Thank you for your review. Im about to subscribe. TY

beeb929: omg the same thing did happend to me and i by another one

Liso Sandro: yes,efect for her me no using 2x day,

Lin Ronald: Great stuff Bianca. it is a very good product.

Bianca Unedited: Thank you for your nice words. Now to your question: I have no clue, sorry. It depends on the country I guess,Try out Google "shopping" to find the best price.If you are looking for sth less pricey, you might try out a Derma Roller. Uses the same principle, teasing the skin into producing collagen but is a little more painful (just a little) I am trying it out, there will be a review in about 3 or 4 weeks, maybe less, depends how good/fast it works. The first two times I used it were quite good

delen4eva: Hi! I was wondering if it can help tone up your chin and neck?

debderecktor: You are so cute! I really love my derma wand kids get involved with my videos sometimes too...very funny. Nice video!

Alex Pope: How long do you use it for?

Asta Video: My mother was from Germany and we spoke German at home growing up (actually we used 1/2 English 1/2 German) and my German wasn't as good as your English Your daughter reminds me of me, and Thank you for reminding me about my Mother. Is she singing "In den Walde Stehdt ein Haus?" My German spelling is very bad. Thank you for reminding me of my childhood. Happy memories. God Bless you! Your skin and bone structure are BEAUTIFUL!

Joanne Tran: Thank you so much for the review!

Marian Ford: This woman looks just like one of the women in the infomercial. EXACTLY like a woman in the infomercial.

Christie Mickle: Bianca you and your daughter are so cute and I love your candidness! You are so real and that is really what makes you beautiful. But like any woman we want to look our best and have our outside appearance match the happiness and joy inside us. I have been seriously thinking about getting the DermaWand when I stumbled across your video. Very helpful! My question is what is the best way to order the DermaWand and what is the total cost and can you make monthly payments?

Suzy Bell: I love your review. It would have been good to have before photo. Your skin looks gorgeous and you don't look like you have any lines on your face. I have just started using it and I hope I get good results I am 45 years old, so fingers crossed.

bronxbonbon: sorry but you are too young and pretty to give advice on wrinkles!

Angela-Bianca Stecher-Thiel: I have set it on strongest, meaning 9

AMY4829: I just wanted to say I totally agree with you. This product is awesome. I've been using it for five months. And, had some start of wrinkles. And, old acne scars. But, this is doing wonders on my skin so far. I've also been getting compliments on how my skin is glowing.

urcaligirl4ever: Your little girl is adorable

gloria schray: Thanks Bianca. I am looking forward to that. I just placed my order today. Can't eait to try it.

duvyduck: Thanks for a great review even though your kid was making some little noise. Thanks for taking time to share this great info with us. Appreciate that.

Trakehner20: You remind me so much of the exchange student we had from Germany many years ago! Cool! You look really similar, and sound similar, but I think her accent was stronger. I love your accent, very pretty. Im glad you provide the customer service info, that is good to know. Did you buy it from their website? I'm only 30, and already have BAD skin, sun damage, adult acne, scars, wrinkles, etc. Seems to be a real helpful product- might buy it! YAY!

redvet2415: I don't have a problem with the mom or child part, I too am a mom, my point is when you are delivering information that is suppose to be informative its better not to have any distractions around so it doesn't take away from the message. As for me, I won't watch again and I'm sure there are others who feel the way I do. Good luck with your video.

Bianca Unedited: She is my sun!

Bianca Unedited: No, I didn't instead there's a whole video called "How I use my Derma Wand" I recorded where I show how I use it and the products I use.

Alex Pope: What setting do you set it on?

Frie Alan: Love your skin and hair anddd your accent! I will so get this device, thanks for your vid!

Bianca Unedited: Thank you, I will have a look if I find some old pictures. And I will do another review on the Glamoxy Serum soon, as well as a video on skincare in general. So stay tuned :) I would love to find you amongst my subs :)

Bianca Unedited: Oh, if only you would have tried the customer service... ;) In the past couple of years I think a lot of customer services have improved so much, just had really fun with the girls from FAB, they too are supernice. So next time something goes wrong, call the help line for support. :) But if you still have the broken one you can still try it, then you have a spare.

Bianca Unedited: And I love your comment. :) Stay tuned for more :)

Review Derma Wand 4.3 out of 5

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