Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (2013) Movie Review

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Rosa Kate: Read the book, pls.

trippleblah: I don't even associate the movies with the books. The movies are horrid and everyone who had read the series would agree.

NaiTaiDai: Wanna know what makes this movie worse? The scene where Chronos eats Luke and is then defeated completely renders the implication of a sequel pointless. They beat the main villain of the books. You don't bring the main threat into the second movie just to have him killed off minutes later, otherwise there was no point to Luke reviving Chronos at all!

Faye Stiffler: The books are awesome but the movies are TERRIBLE! Don't get the characters looks right, adds stupid stuff to it, and some of the acting is terrible.

Musketeer: I found this movie fun. I'd give it a 5.5 because like Matt Atchity I found myself losing interest by the 45 minute mark. As a classical civilization graduate I found the references (brief as they were) decently appealing. HOWEVER, these references are far too removed from ancient Greek mythology to teach a child anything. If a child did begin to pick up classical mythology and find it cool because of these movies then great, but the movies weave a confusing take on the subject matter. Conclusion. If the protagonists had to travel to Greece or through time to ancient Greece, that would be much more endearing. Does America always need to make itself the centre of the universe? I've not read the books, is it also set in the United States?

Kes Eylers Stephenson: Love the books, but these are awful! Made with no passion at all!

Dan MCV: I'm not sure that alters my point.

Slay3rPr0: I bet they haven't even read any of the books. If they did, they would've gotten all the thigs that were presented in the movie. They bash it to all hell, when they most likely haven't even read the books

D2 TheAcademik: ... If you read these books in your childhood, guess what, you're not quite out of your childhood yet, you still have a chance to build new memories!

Shanna: I laughed so much in this movie. I wasn't supposed to but I did. If you're a fan of the books please understand something, there's no way they could have all that content from the books in the movies. First of all, some of the things in the books aren't relevant to the plot. Secondly, the things that are relevant to the plot but were kept out of the movies wouldn't translate well on screen. I didn't care much for the acting and CG sucked but I thought that the writing for this movie was great...

Bertram Krogh: It's incredible how often Alonso gives these cheesy blockbusters a pass, but doesn't acknowledge a lot of the more artsy, and masterfully crafted films. I just think it's weird.

mexicanexalted1: I hope they make all the books into movies, and I haven't read a single one. Agree with Alonzo. Stanley Tucci... eh... little too much in this movie.

MrCrasyLasy37: 4,5 plus 7,8 plus 3 = 15,3. 15,3/3 = 5,1. That makes the average 5,1. It's not 5,3.

Zom: These books deserved a better movie. They turned something cool into a tween thing when it wasn't that at all.

rawrisiloveuindinify: i hated this movie it didnt even remotely try to follow the books

OcihEvE: Limited release. 1 theater in the Greater Toronto Area and it was out in butt freak nowhere. fail out of the gate,

stefers08: I have never seen the first film and didn't really know much about the books going into this. I went with my 12 year old niece who is a huge fan of the books and I found myself really enjoying this movie. I'm with Alonso on this one. 7.8 seems about right.

patchestheshark: good they SCREWED UP THE BOOKS

bazookabubblelgum43: They changed the 1st movie so much I really didn't expect another one though.... I do wish it was more accurate. They're all in they're mid to early teens in the book but all the actors are in they're 20s. The actor of grover is 29

bazookabubblelgum43: There's a bunch more flaws yet I still can't wait to see it :P

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) movie review 5 out of 5

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie review
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie review
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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) movie review