How To Fix Engine Idle Problems In Your Car (Rough Idle)

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Tamara Kennedy: Oh my gosh I'm so glad I found dodge ram 1500 rpm idle revs and falls revs and falls and when I go to back up it sometimes dies or when I come to a stop it dies..once it dies in the middle of a u turn at a light in rush hour traffic..freaky..all my wiring is going out all my switches I just replaced they all went out not the fuses either it's sounds rough I got an oil change it's just a mess the radio is high pitched and some of the speakers pop so loud they scare the CRAP out of us the windshield has condensation. On the inside sometimes worse than the outside it's horrible. Help I put synthetic oil in the truck ..I'm not a rich lady I am raising a daughter my husband passed I'm trying to do what I can on my what do u think it is?

jeff rondon: Scotty did that and still have the problem on a Corolla 2013.... Goes from 1000 to 650 rpm and then back up to 1000...usually at the red lights


Tylor K: I just went back in time 9 years

Alex Harshman: I swear if that works on a 98 windstar im making a whole bunch of phone calls

Isaac Lang: 9 years ago and a month too late for me. My 2000 Grand Prix started doing this and I did exactly what you prescribed, cleaned the TB, idle air, and also the MAF sensor, all problems vanished!

shanita E.: My car started stalling after I did it and keeps cutting off what can I do

Hallphamazing305: Is there a computer or tuner that I can use to tune to raise my idle speed like a Flashpaq tuner chip? I have an 07 Dodge Charger 3.5 V6

Jevon Thomas: Hi ,i have a 2004 rav4 the engine check light came on when i scan it i got a fuel rail pressure sensor reading. I changed the sensor and am still having the same problem. When the vehicle is cold and you start it, it throttle then the check light comes on once the vehicle reaches operating temperature and u turn it off then restart its ok. Wat do u think is causing that?

JASON KAM: My 2008 accord
Rpm drops at park from 1000 to about 500 but doesnt do all time
I have noticed it happend after a long drive
And i have noticed its stops happening after turning off internal fan motor

Tht lets me conclude its somewhat related to electrical
Any one

God is my fortress VerHalen: LOL thanks

unclemurdapapoose: Hey Scotty my honda accord 2002 3.0 v6 has a rough idel and sometimes shakes and misfires what do u think and ive been watching your videos for the past year or so now since i watched your videos for firat time im subscribed brother cheers

Frank Medina: Hey Scotty I replace the iac/tps sensors on my 2003 Buick Century and the iddle still goes sky high. Also when I accelerate it hassitates. Please help me.

Chelsey Smith: Scotty Kilmer!! I need your help! My rpm fluctuates and there’s a burnt smell. The check engine light is on and it shudders every now and again.

Chanaka Ruwan Sampath de silva: Corolla ae 100/1994/5A- when on my ac rpm gose up and down.i was change iac and tps in trottle body.can you advice the reason for this ?

Pecko88 TV: @Scotty Kilmer     I've fixed my Fiat Bravo 1.6 16v gti and Seat Cordoba 1.6i with this technique. Now they both work perfectly.  Thank you very much ;)

Alex Heinzl: Your videos are great thank you

leion800: I have a puzzler for a 1992 isuzu trooper. At start up it runs good, but when it warms up the idle is rough I cleaned the entire air intake assembly right down to the valves.
It has new spark plugs, so wires, and most fo the vacuum lines replaced.
When warm it sounds like it has a random misfire, and the check engine light will come on when the throttle open, but the light turn off at idle.
I'm so confused.

Ravi T: Or maybe you can just change the oil

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How to Fix Engine Idle Problems in Your Car (Rough Idle) 5 out of 5

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How to Fix Engine Idle Problems in Your Car (Rough Idle)